Roles in the Corps: Aviation Ordnance

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Marines in Aviation Ordnance are responsible for the acquisition, safety, storage, buildup, delivery, and subsequent loading and unloading of ammunition for any aircraft. Much more than a job, the Aviation Ordnance role is crucial to Marine battle-readiness. Responsibilities include the maintenance of aircraft weapons systems, guns, missile launchers, and aviation ordnance support equipment.

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The Marine Corps defends the people of the United States at home and abroad. Within every Marine is the willingness to engage and determination to defeat any adversary, and it is this fighting spirit that allows us to fight and win our Nation’s battles. To those seeking to fight alongside men and women for a common cause worthy of their service, the Marine Corps offers the opportunity to pursue and earn victory for our Nation, our communities and our Corps.

The mission of the United States Marine Corps is made up of three promises: We make Marines, we win our Nation’s battles, and we develop quality citizens prepared to fight and win battles.

You don’t join the Marines—you become one, forged in the crucible of training aboard our recruit depots on Parris Island, South Carolina, and in San Diego, California, or through the dedication required of officer candidates at Officer Candidates School in Quantico, Virginia. Beyond the physical requirements, aspiring Marines must prove they have the honor, courage, and commitment to face and defeat any obstacle.

Today, more than 180,000 enlisted Marines and 23,000 Marine officers serve in active duty or reserve forces on bases and in communities around the world, proudly carrying with them the core values of the Marine Corps.

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My name is Jorge Galvez. I'm a Corporal in the United States Marine
Corps. I'm a 6531 Aviation Ordnance Technician. I work on the AV-8B Harrier. The Harrier is what's called a jump jet. It can go from perfect flight to a 90-degree
hover within a few seconds. Our unit fits into the bigger picture of Marine
Corps' mission by being able to move expeditiously and support Marines on the ground. A day in the life of an ordnanceman would
be whatever the flight schedule entails. It can be loading 500- to 1000-pound bombs
so the pilot can go fly. An ordnance Marine, not only do we work with
the weapons systems, but we do some maintenance on the aircraft. My job when I first started out, I was a team
member. My job was pretty much to learn as much as
I could as fast as I could to get to the position I am now. It is a pretty technical job. When you first check in, you are learning
every day. You're reading all our publications, making
sure you know what every weapon system is. A typical first assignment, it would depend
on what kind of squadron you go to. If you go to a deployable squadron like I
am, we would go on deployments, our pilots would get trained and we would get trained
on using all different kinds of ordnance. As Marines, we are always training for combat. We are ready to go at a moment's notice to
anywhere in the world. My most fulfilling accomplishment in the Marine
Corps would be going out to Iraq. While I was in Iraq, I served as security
for one of the bases there and kept the Marines on the base safe. I do get a great sense of pride from being
a Marine and just being an ordnanceman, being able to know that I'm helping out other Marines
throughout the world.

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