Ricky Gervais Gets Annoyed by Noisy People on Planes and in Restaurants

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Ricky Gervais talks about some of his pet peeves.

so you just came in from London yeah yeah do you like to travel back and forth enjoy it I mean yeah it's fine but there's always someone that ruins it for me listen well so last time I was flying we're about to take off and there's a guy that's sitting there and he's yawning like this he's going yeah that's that have I let him do about 15 times and I went sorry do you have to do the noise after right I think and don't sit next me for seven hours now so it's all good there's a woman on the way over typing right which is fine but she was wearing bangles I'll take the bangles off so it's like it's like Morris Dancers I just want I just want peace and quiet always earplugs on me in restaurants I take earplugs my girlfriend Jane says that's sociable but I can't in restaurant yeah just in case there's someone slurping soup that we were in a restaurant in and San Francisco lovely restaurant and the waiter kept doing this and I kept looking at him and James girl he doesn't know why you're looking at well he should know I want to stop doing that it's horrible

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