Regional Airline Training| Studying in a group

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hi pilots and aviation lovers and welcome to my regional airline training vlog let's talk about studying in a group but first I wanted to show you what happened yesterday it's incredibly ironic that on the day that we did lights in the airplane and I left the lights on in my car all day it's Friday today and a week of systems training is behind us and I am happy to say that I'm doing pretty good so far haven't fallen behind yet and I feel like I can keep up with the material that is being presented to us like I said in the intro I wanted to talk to you about studying in a group in most of the comments that I've gotten from you guys and also from emails and thank you so much for all the encouragement that you guys have been sending me it really does help getting all those positive messages that it is very much beneficial for us going through this airline training thing to study in groups benefits of studying in a group are for example getting motivation from your peers when you really don't necessarily want to study but it's always good to get that peer pressure to do the thing that you don't really want to do so group studying is a good thing for that when you have questions that you can't answer yourself then there might be somebody in your class that does have that answer and that can help you through it or if you're falling behind a little bit maybe somebody can help you get back up to speed with whatever you falling behind with I had spoken before about the people that study ahead let's call them Group A and the people that are going by the pace that the instructors are giving us let's call them Group B if you do want to find a study buddy then you need to make sure that you're in the same group of them are you in Group A that's studying ahead or Group B that's just doing what we are supposed to be doing according to our footprint now so you do have to find a group of people that you can actually study well with in order for this group studying to work and since I'm in Group B I did have to find people that are taking the same approach as I do with not studying ahead but just doing what the instructors are telling us so yes I did study with a few people this week but honestly I have not studied with other people as much as said I've been studying by myself what I found that with bigger study groups is that there is a chance that the group will get off topic or off-track real quickly and that people are just going to be chatting and having a good time together which is great getting to know your classmates but that's not very beneficial for for studying it's not as efficient the loss of focus is just not that productive second thing that I didn't necessarily like that much is the distractions that might happen now I've made a point not to bring my phone or have my phone on me when I'm studying whilst others don't mind having their phone with them so you're studying the group and all of a sudden the table starts vibrating because somebody's get a message on their phone or this one person is looking at their text messages or email whilst the other person is trying to get a question answered and then they'll be like looking up oh oh oh what did I miss well if you were to be distracted by your phone you wouldn't have missed anything and in that case it again brings the productivity down a little bit that's another thing that I don't necessarily like about the study group and then last but not least this study environment I think here is not all that great people are studying in the lobby downstairs in this hotel which means there's a there's also a TV on downstairs and you can't really ask people to turn off the TV when other people are watching that TV right so and you have to study when everybody else has time so maybe that's not the right timing for you to be studying I personally like getting up early in the morning and doing some work before I go to class instead of sitting downstairs in Lobby late to be studying but again these are my preferences so I've done both in this week I have studied on my own and I have studied in a group and I can see get things on both sides of this strategy however I have found that for me studying by myself has been a little bit more effective than studying in a group my question to you is what do you prefer with studying you prefer to study in a group or do you prefer to study by yourself please let me know in the comments below I always love to hear from you and I am learning a lot from your comments so I really do appreciate them even though I prefer to study by myself I do realize that for the sim sessions you really do have to work together with your some sim buddy and I want to want to make sure that I can actually work with the guy and I was hoping to get that chance today because we do have a three-day weekend and we were done with class a little bit earlier today but unfortunately he is going home I'm staying here to study and we will not have time to work together before our first FTD flight training device event so I am excited to see how that's going to go on Tuesday but also a little bit nervous because we will not have worked together before that event think of this that's not the sim itself the sims will actually be after we finish with systems but we do have these flight training device events in between our classes for systems I'm hoping that Monday is our Tuesday actually I'm hoping that Tuesday is gonna go well even though we haven't worked together yet I can get along with them great and I think that he's been studying really well as well as I've been so I think it's not gonna be a problem but if I would have preferred to at least sit down together once and ghost' go through the flows but you know it is what it is we'll see how it's gonna go on Tuesday for now thank you so much for being here I appreciate you spending time on the channel make sure you give this video a thumbs up if you liked it or a thumbs down if you didn't either way and if you do give it a thumbs down let me know why if you are new here make sure that you subscribe if you want to see more about this regional airline journey of mine and don't forget to ring the notification bell all the good stuff have a wonderful weekend and I will see you in the next one

22 thoughts on “Regional Airline Training| Studying in a group”

  1. Hey Nancy, great video!! I like to study alone but I can see why it would be really beneficial to study in a group setting at the regional airline level and beyond. Everyone is different but as you said before…… being flexible is important!!! Thanks

  2. Still studying for my private pilot license. Question: how do you feel about using flash card that are out on the market? My call sign is deenice my profile will it my company etc….

  3. Hi Nancy…Great show!!.. I found an older show of Mentour Pilot that came out : May 17, 2015 in it he talked about "My typerating" that was was the name of the show! in it he goes into detail about the the use of the "paper tiger" and the importance of having a good partner when you "Chair FLY" the Paper Tiger!!…for calling out Procedures and flows..and muscle memory.He seemed to stress a lot!! And the training on the c.b.t.(computer based training) From what I got from him he did a lot studying by himself on certain things like flow an d memory items!! but he got with a group to study other items!! so it was a mixture single and group study !!! Oh and if you get a chance to… check out the show by Jon Fly "Shared cockpit with a real world 737 Captain" I don't know if you have access to X Plane 11 flight simulator!! But it goes into a lot of detail on multi engine jets!!! there is a lot of stuff in these programs!! anyway ….I thought it was interesting how the 737 Captain interacted with Jon Fly and they were in two different cities flying two different flight sims that they merged together…the 737 Captain could actually flip switcjes on Jon Flys simulator.. I thought that was pretty cool…!!! Got to go …..the library is fixing to close!! Keep em Flapping!! C ya!!!

  4. I just found this channel today, I don't know if you have a video in the subject but what obstacles have you found with your tatts? I'm getting ready to apply to a regional and have some ink from my previous military life. Other than wedding band tattoo it's all above the wrist/below the collar. Thanks

  5. Hi Nancy. Can you make a video in general about pay and benefits while you are in training? I'd be curious to know how you survive and get thru the training process which may take a while.

  6. Oh, I love this topic. Stay in group B & use the “study ahead time” to work on flows and such. Group studying is great for weak students, and fairly useless for strong ones, and can be truly ineffective & even destructive for some in the middle because valuable time is wasted. I personally learn by slowly and diligently reading through the material. At times painfully slow since I vary the speed to make sure I understand and absorb each topic. I generally don’t repeat sections I have read. If I focus well in an appropriate environment and end up with high levels of retention. We are all different, and if time is of essence it’s important do stick religiously to what works for you. My experience of group studying is that I contribute greatly to weaker or lazier students, while I gain only partially. However, it’s not at all lost time. The best learning is done through teaching, and if you find yourself explaining a lot you are learning a lot more in depth. Once again, it’s a matter of how much time do you have available. I favor finding a local university library. It’s a quiet place of learning, with numerous students around you to inspire focus and concentration. I would rather drive half an hour to an efficient learning environment than sit in the lobby with others. Take them with you and discuss problem topics during lunch if you want the group inspiration benefit. I don’t really think anything in flying is particularly complicated and can’t be understood on face value. It’s more a question of remembering huge amounts of information and to be able to understand how separate bits are linked together. Either you have a brain conditioned to process the logic of FAR’s and regulatory lingo or not. If you do, it’s just a matter of dismantling each rule and memorizing the gist of it. The tech manuals are easy if they’re well written. If they’re not it’s my experience that you can only get proper answers from an instructor, or if you have access to the engineering manuals. Once again, for most pilots it’s not an issue of intelligence, but one of volume of information, and that’s more related to time available than anything else. So, if group studying is a time thief, stay away; if it’s adding value to your learning, do participate. Somebody mentioned CRM. I personally work on that CRM in the bar, not while desperately trying to stay afloat in the barrage of word and letters poured over my head.

  7. Sounds like individual "study" works best for you.

    This is semantics, but how about "Group Review Sessions" with select others, vs "Study Groups". In the former, there is more intention about the purpose of getting together, vs just "continuing to study" in a group.

    My idea of Group Review Session is to role-play, challenge each other, run through "flows", drills, etc.

    As for your SIM buddy, it appears that he is physically away during the weekend — maybe you could schedule an online conference (skype or something) and run through a group review session (just the two of you). Idea being that you're not delaying the concept of communicating with each other.

    Disclaimer: All my comments are just stream of conscious in the moment. I'm sure you've thought of all this stuff. Continued success.

  8. Your observations about the groups are valid. Still find that match and study with them as much as you can stand. Multiple benefits not mentioned: others experience and the fact that this group study builds CRM skills.

  9. Ok. Time for the next tip. You did right staying. Your sim partner …meh. You need to practice flows and callouts together in the paper tiger. If he won’t then do it with anyone who will. In real life you will fly with others. ALSO multitask why practicing callouts outside the paper tiger. Play a flight sim or other game on your phone while doing the callouts. Bounce a ball. Play catch with someone while doing callouts. Stress yourself with an activity while practicing callouts.

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