Regional Airline Pilot Job | How To Pick A Base

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Regional Airline Pilot Job | How To Pick A Base

In this video I talk about 4 things that could potentially influence the base or domicile you would like to fly out of.

I hope that the information in this video is helpful for you and thank you so much for watching!

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hi pilots and aviation lovers and welcome to my regional airline training vlog we had to decide on our base priority list and the struggle is real they're under process of picking a regional airline to fly for you probably most likely have already thought about what the basis that you want to be flying at and if you want to know how I picked the region of that I want to fly for I did do a video on that and I will link that in the description below some are in the cards up here but today I wanted to talk to you about picking that domicile or base to fly out of before we went on our two-week break we actually had already had to fill out a priority list one through five of the basis that we really wanted to fly out of and we had already got an award in the base and I got my second pick which wasn't bad I'm not gonna complain but it wasn't my first pick so I wasn't too happy about it now yesterday Thursday we got to hear that we have to pick our bases again because something went wrong or they didn't have all the choices that there were so we had to do the whole thing again make a new priority list of where we want it to be based out of when we're done with training lots of people in the class we're kind of shook by this they have to you know make the choice again including myself we were struggling a little bit with which base to choose it is more than one factor that comes into play when picking a place to fly out of there's I think four things that I can think of right now first thing being if you pick a base where you have to sit reserved a really long time that that can be a real drag the time in which you can actually be off Reserve and hold a line that could be something that's very important about picking a base and holding a line means that you can actually kind of make your schedule and that is especially important for people like myself that are going to commute to their base because none of the bases that are at the airline that I'm going to fly it are gonna be in Florida where I live so I will by default have to commute and that brings me to the second thing that you can think of when choosing a base it's is it commutable like some places will have more flow it's on more times during the day going back to your home so the commute ability of your bass can be very important to you now if you're planning to live in your bass and that will clearly dictate where you want to be based out of so that would be I think the third reason if you have a family that doesn't want to move or if you're that flexible that you can just pick up and leave and go to whatever base you get assigned to then I guess it doesn't matter that much where your base is going to be at least not for where you're going to live but the other reasons can still be important to you and one of those other reasons would be for example the time that it takes for you to upgrade from first officer to captain most of this junior basis meaning bases were people go when they just get started so the bases where you really need the new fos the flow through to captain would be a lot faster you will probably also get off reserve a little bit quicker in those junior bases so that would be something that you can consider as well when you're picking your base the time that it takes to upgrade to be a captain everything in the airline is a seniority based and if you have a real senior base where there's not a lot of new people than a chances of you getting a chance to upgrade are gonna be less and then in the case of my airline we can also kind of base our decision of where our where we want to fly out of so our base base our decision off our base right you can base your decision also on the equipment that you want to fly because there's certain bases that will fly or certain airplane and other bases that won't fly that airplane and you can choose an aircraft that you really want to fly for and then have to deal with wherever you're gonna fly out of and then for us there's also this thing called the equipment frozen list which means that if you are on that list in whatever equipment you're in whatever airplane you're in that for the amount of time that that frozen list exists that you cannot change your aircraft but you can still change your base if that aircraft flies out of different bases as you can tell there are multiple things to consider in choosing your vase and that made it a little bit hard for some people to pick where they wanted to go even though we've already made that decision a few weeks ago now it's a little bit different now it's a fingers crossed that I get what I wanted or pick number two or three but I'm really hoping that I'm not gonna get picked number four or five or six cuz ya know the top three that's what I'm really hoping for today we had a day off which is fantastic so I could study more and you know not gonna lie during my vacation I did study but not as much as I really wanted to and it seems that everybody else in the class is really studying ahead and trying to be ahead of the class which is kind of funny because in class they said don't study ahead and I'm just gonna make sure that I will be up to speed with everything that I have to have done for Monday and I will focus on that this weekend so I am NOT going home I said I was gonna decide if I was gonna go home for these for the three-day weekend and I am NOT because I know that if I go home I probably will not get as much done as I would if I'm here at the hotel by myself without my husband without my puppies there's absolutely nothing better to do for me to study when I'm here if you happen to be going through regional training as well then how did you pick your base to fly out of or if you actually fly already for a regional how did you choose your base or how would you choose your base to fly out of leave your thoughts on that in the comments below I would love to hear from you I will be back with you on Monday thank you so much for watching I really appreciate you spending time on this channel don't forget to give the video a like it really does help the channel make sure you subscribe notification bell all that good stuff so that you can keep posted on when I upload new videos hope you guys have a wonderful week and see you in the next one

17 thoughts on “Regional Airline Pilot Job | How To Pick A Base”

  1. Hey Nancy, this vlog was great. Wow it's pretty crazy how you guys had to choose your bases all over again, totally not right. Hopefully you get the base you want. I have heard some airlines go by age in the class, eldest gets first preference down to the youngest who will get the worst base!! Was that the case for your regional? Commuting can be rough especially folks with families, but I guess you try your best to make it work. I missed your live vlog, will have to watch!! Thanks again

  2. Can you make a video with a list of cities in which you were able to choose from? Also if you get the time, tell us what cities were on the in need of FO list? Finally, can we know what you got the first go around with your city choice? I'm just starting the flight world so I would go anywhere just about as long as I was able to get a job, I just would have to make sure the wife was OK with it as she's a doctor.

  3. I believe studying is like flying be in front of the plane, or like chess always plan 5 moves ahead. I finish my coffee and fly out of my back yard every morning my home is my home base but officially KCIC

  4. I chose my base, based on time to a line and commutability. Consider time to upgrade and time on reserve after upgrade. I had a great line as an fo. As a captain if you ask me about my line I’ll answer: What’s a line? I should have one in 3-5 months.

  5. oh man im so sorry, they are doing that to you guys, that's a killer . bad enough couldn't get number one pick , git second , and resigned urself to it. And im sure ur mind was going a million miles a second figuring out logistics ,life etc and then they pull that out, and heaven forbid u can get worse UUGGHHHHH!!!!!   I can understand to a degree,as a nyc police officer  in last few weeks of academy you can to fill out a dream sheet precincts to work at, of course got send to one didn't even consider 🙂  but I didn't have to uplift my whole life, I feel for u and hubby and doggies.     good luck getting your number 1 pick now,positive thoughts!    Kinda surprised ,would of figured florida would be a big hub for airlines u will fly for, and would have plenty of locations,   good luck !

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