RC plane Funfly

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A flying session at Sembawang Singapore where the majority of Pusher Jet Planes are scratch built. All the planes you see flying in the video are scratch built from plans from www.parkjets.com

17 thoughts on “RC plane Funfly”

  1. Go to parkjets dot com to find out more. All planes in the video except the BAe Hawks are scratch built from FREE plans at parkjets dot com. I believe they sell kits there as well.

  2. Theoretically as high as you want until you go beyond the range of the radio transmitter which is about 1km, but usually we don't want to fly that far and anything beyond 300m we can't see the plane already.

  3. There isn't any hard and smooth surface big enough for these planes, but they are more than capable of taking off with wheels. The larger planes with big landing gears can take off from the grass.

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