RAF Typhoon Airshow Display – In-cockpit – Narrated by Pilot

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The full RAF Typhoon Display sequence from the Waddington Airshow 2006 DVD. Including views from our 2 cockpit mini-cams, onboard sound and narration from the display pilot.

so the jet obviously very highly proud aircraft and very maneuverable but still even in the temperatures of the other day at Waddington it's still fairly tricky maneuver to get a leap and take off out of it just because the weight of the aircraft we've got about five and a half tonnes of fuel in there in a 12-ton jet so that's what 17 17 odd tonnes of aeroplanes to get around the sky with 40,000 pounds of thrust going vertically up so I'm just kicking off there to the left-hand side because the display line at Waddington is actually further to the biscuit that's right further to the east than the runway itself using it to kick off get out the way of it to get onto the line it's actually just about where the taxiway is you see those you up so coming over the top of the you might hear on the other tape it's got some speedily recover coming in from the airplane itself it's just warning me that I'm coming down towards the lower speed boundary but quite happily the jet goes over top of my nostril and back down and actually levels off at about a thousand feet coming off the loop so you gain a thousand feet in that maneuver which is just shows you how much performance here eight o'clock coming straight towards now a judgment call really as though how close to the line I get to the – 30 metre line and then to then turn back on to the 45 axis on the way out the runway then goes straight into full afterburner to climb up at 70 degrees nose-up and around about 170 knots and then really now just one day to get back in terms Drive Herald our property at them to 300 knots through the oblique so all that is really is an easily on a 45 axis horizontal not at mid radius Turner's dollar first probably just hopefully shows the aircraft off in its platform as it go round aiming to Apex at around about 1500 feet and they come back down 4 to 3 to 500 feet back up crowd the end of that we can run a 270 flat turn just in dry power now point back a crowd center then what I'm looking to do is to do a 270 reversal picture reversal for the Crown Center again the judgement day because at the on crowd witness to see how early or how late you do that picture yes get close to the ground and not get too close to crazy your paper lines on there we've gone to about 70 nose up before a reverse back round again which means it's stopped the hall meant of the airplane and stopped it going across the 230 liter line from there only out and then just getting the speed back up to 350 knots to start squirrely then straight to the vertical until I get to 3,000 feet and then back stinking it onto the vertical a stood holding around about 4,000 4,200 feet and 200 knots just slowly about 200 knots then the aircraft tracking the inverted you might hear the aircraft talk to me and say speed low recover at this time or as she says fuel low as well as effectively visually inverted has got any unlimited amount of fuel that inverted attitudes or sub stages that's perfectly fuel the jet and then pointed straight back at the ground again and as perk forward through it too my truck safely coming towards the end now just reversing out for another reversals ejector background on the ground you should see that with the back end of the airplane just skidding around their terms looks quite impressive from the ground a bit of lead and then back on now for a low pass down to 100 feet again they are said to vertically pull up start that maneuver around about 500 knots which actually accelerates in the pool so still doing vibrant lots of the vertical at 10,000 feet if you're going up and then as you go just to 360 twinkle rolls you will see just to show the jet off as it goes up monitor the Jets coming in to land there when holding up literally the whole thing's flown on alpha so I'll fly the jet in at 12 units of alpha an angled attack which equates at bats of a fuel weight of around about 160 knots and you put the nose of the aircraft the threshold the runway and then just hold the pole the alpha on the power which is sort of sat down the power of holding 12 units as you come over the threshold just check to about after he knows down close the throttle to idle the jet will settle quite ourselves normally

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  1. Why has some of the comments here gone on about ww2 most nations thought in it and it ended eventually at a cost of many good men and women and civilians on both sides and just to add no Brian wouldn't of won the war on its own yes your right There Americans. But the Battle of Britain was thought and won before you entered and are naval forces where still over wheeling to the German so threat to Britain pretty much faded away

  2. The Overwhelming Majority of Jet to Jet Kills in the Modern age Is Missiles and what Gives them an Advantage is Stealth,Radar,Firing Systems etc.And a Pilot however good he is can't make up for not having these qualities in his Aircraft.

  3. I Said its not so much these days,as Computers have taken over Aircraft.Its more know who has the best computer that can lock on Further,faster etc.The only real cases in which a Pilots skill might out way the aircraft is in a Dogfight,and those are super rare.

  4. It is the angle between the wing and the flow of air across it (between the mean chord line and the airflow would be more accurate still.). The ground doesn't enter into it unless you get the alpha wrong and fall out of the sky – something which the 'phoon will do its best to prevent.

  5. lol did i just hear the pilot tittle tattle with the plane computer when he said "ohh not now" when there was like a beep sound and the female voice said something lol superb video – no other words for it!!

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