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An Introduction about life in the RAF Reserves
Live A Challenging Life .

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it doesn't matter what your job is you can expand your horizons by joining the Royal Air Force as a reservist it brings new challenges that are both demanding and rewarding in so many different ways in the RF reserves we tend to look for stuff that you've never doing civilian life and you actually feel like you're doing something which is worthwhile you'll find that being an RAF reservist offers you the best of both worlds working and training alongside regular RAF personnel in the UK and overseas provides a lifetime opportunity to take new skills back to your full-time job as an RAF reservist you'll develop a passion for the service dedication in what you do and experience real team spirit it doesn't just stop there you'll become more self-confident adaptable and able to cope under pressure dealing with whatever challenges life brings just like the regulars the RAF reserves role is to defend the UK and its interests as well as strength and international peace and stability this supports the RAF smishing to provide an agile adaptable and capable air force that person for person is second to none as an RAF reservists you'll strengthen your leadership abilities communication and practical skills you'll learn from practical training further develop your coordination abilities and attention to detail so this benefits both you and your employer within the RAF reserves you'll be able to realize your full potential constantly adding valuable personal skills and practical qualifications becoming an RAF reservist means you are investing in your future and at the same time you can be proud of serving your country within the RAF reserves you'll meet like-minded people from all walks of life who enjoy the unique traditions and culture of today's Royal Air Force although it's not all hard work there are many social activities from barbecues to formal dinners for those with families there are also events to enjoy being on the squad room and the flight that I meant the camaraderie is is brilliant I've met some with friends as a member of the RAF reserves you find there are things you wouldn't otherwise get to do this is all about stretching your mind and body as hard as you can there are expeditions an adventure training there's plenty of opportunity to discover new activities once a year we have the opportunity to go adventure training for a weekend it can be from cycling to climbing to walk into skiing whatever you really you're interested in getting involved in you don't have to be an elite athlete but you do need a good level of fitness to carry out your work effectively whatever your role you'll be expected to stay in shape but there's plenty of support for you and every base has its own free sports facilities the RAF physical training instructors are there to offer training advice and tips fitness is important because you need to be able to do your job if you're not fit then you're not going to be able to perform to the best of your abilities you'll also receive a tax-free lump sum known as a bounty provided you complete your annual training once you join you'll be paid a daily rate which is determined by your rank your role and your level of experience as a reservist you'll need to do a minimum of 27 days a year which includes a two-week block and one weekend a month you'll be fully integrated into the RAF from day one like regular RAF personnel you can expect to be mobilized on expeditionary operations at some time usually you sign up to the RAF reserves for 12 years but shorter periods may be approved you could be filling in for an RAF regular on a base in the UK or serving with forces carrying out operations around the world you could do a tour of duty which can be anything up to six months plus pre-deployment training and post-deployment leave when the tour is over so the maximum time you're away from your employer is about a year as part of the Aria family there's a network of support for your partner and family while you're away from home which includes practical advice and assistance you'll need to tell your employer that you're joining the RAF Reserves there are a variety of measures in place to support both you and your employer should you be deployed speak to a recruiter for more details RAF reservists serve across the UK each location contains squadrons which are the basic fighting units of the Royal Air Force different squadrons offer a range of RAF reservists roles that also includes the RAF regiment who are world leaders in err minded soldiery some squadrons recruit on a national level so where you live needn't necessarily limit your choices to minimize the impact of your reservists activities on your employer most of your training will take place outside normal working hours whether you join as an airman air woman or an officer you'll train alongside regular RAF personnel initial airman air woman training begins with your squadron and culminates in 15 days continuous training and re f Holton in Buckinghamshire the training covers an introduction to life in the RAF reserves general service knowledge drill field training and team-building you'll need to pass this course before you can move on to your specialized training with your squadron Reserve Officer initial training takes place at RAF College Cranwell and consists of a two-week residential phase with additional distance learning you'll learn the skills that are needed to command and support noncommissioned personnel to join the RAF reserves you'll need to be aged between 18 and 50 or up to 56 if you have previous military experience medically fit and a citizen of the UK or the Commonwealth previous military experience is not necessary most civilians enter the reserves as an aircraft number from here you can work your way up to noncommissioned officer if you have specialized professional qualifications it may also be possible to apply for a vacancy as an RAF reservists officer since I've joined the RAF Reserves I've become a great deal more confident I've definitely improved in my fitness levels and I've gained a wide variety of skills that I'll be able to use in the future you get great comradery out of it you learn social skills leadership skills major skills and then you can take that out into the civilian world when I work alongside regular RAF personnel I feel like I am part of their team we've undertaken the same basic military training and I'm working along the same course it's very rewarding and at the end of the day you feel like you you've actually achieved something be an RAF reservists fit it around your life embark on adventures and be part of something special for more information search online for RAF reserves

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  1. I served in the RNR for 12 years until they disbanded the squadron and made everyone redundant who were sea going. One question does the Raf still have a marine section? And run its own squadron of ships.

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