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We’ve been following the stories of three young people hoping for careers in the RAF. They’re undertaking an intensive nine-week training course at RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire – which they have to pass if they are to join the Armed Forces. Three weeks into the course, how are they getting on, and how will they cope with their first big challenge – the drill test?

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now an update on the three young people we've been following who are hoping for careers in the RAF it's now week three of their intensive nine week training course at RF Holton in Buckinghamshire they have to pass if they're to join the Armed Forces so how are they doing and how will they cope with their first big challenge the drill test Victoria Smith reports preparing for the big day when all they've learned about marching in military discipline will be put to the test a test they have to pass for AC zealous and white things are taking shape they've made it through the first challenging weeks where others have faltered five of their intake of left either voluntarily or for health or fitness reasons and for AC Ellis promotion he's been made senior man responsible for looking after the morale of the rest of the lads in his flight last three weeks been really enjoyable I know he's not what I was expecting Neely was a bit of a culture shock the first few days I am the early mornings we're a bit tough to begin with but I'm used to them now I on phrase why I'm here on my RTS training at the minute she's been to the gym so I'm quite tired nice hard session there last few weeks have been quite fun there's been high in low points the high points being having a good laugh with you mates made a few friends as few low points it's general service knowledge lessons they're quite long bits live but what of AC louder being the only woman on for flight proved too much she couldn't keep up with the lads physically and she's been moved again to a group of men and women it is good being on the mixed intake now – funny and a bit difficult to see all my friends progress on and my first flight is on the last week regimen and it seems like ages ago since I signed up but life and training at RAF Halton goes on relentlessly here graduation practice for those who've already made it through their training course but for our boys that's still a long way off [Applause] whether the lads of for flight it's the first big hurdle today the drill test inside this hangar you can hear them being put through their paces they're being scrutinized to see that their legs and arms are in the correct position for marching and to see if they're salutes are up to scratch it's a tough and testing twenty minutes as twenty-seven trainees have paraded around this aircraft hangar watched carefully by the experts not all of them make it but a sees whitened ellis is successful we've just had the drill test which i was successful on a pasta there all the preparation I did paid off I can't wait to get in a little bit late to run them off duty and made me daughter and tell about Ireland the best that we family I'm sure that they'll be really proud of me I just passed and I was feeling a bit nervous about it and start but I thought I would pass it and I done well I've passed it and now I've just got my general service knowledge has to look forward to tomorrow but with another six weeks before graduation there are many more tough tests in store and our trainees will have their work cut out to succeed Victoria Smith forces moves RAF Thornton

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