Quiet Supersonic X-Plane

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Supersonic commercial travel is on the horizon. Lockheed Martin Skunk Works® has partnered with NASA for more than a decade to enable the next generation of commercial supersonic aircraft.

21 thoughts on “Quiet Supersonic X-Plane”

  1. So the pilot will be looking at a camera screen because the forward section doesn't fit a cockpit… What's the point of manning the plane in the first place? Everything can be done in a ground station.

  2. Okay. This is really…sad.
    Why? Well. I remember reading this crap in Popular Mechanics and even American Scientist, back in the 1980's. Yip. I said…"The 1980's." Oh, the delusion of grandeur was that everyone at every airport around the globe, would have supersonic (even hypersonic travel), by the year 2015.
    And look where we are. No significant advancement in commercial airline delivery in over…four decades. Pathetic. The only advancement to commercial aviation, is over-priced flights, noisy cabins, arrogant airline staff, and constipation food.
    What's needed are modern-day #HowardHughes' that can deliver such a fantasy to commercial aviation.
    Expect no phenomenal speeds, for about…two more centuries.

  3. Question is: is there a sufficient market for quiet lean low capacity supersonic wallet unfriendly transport that will need to compete with not so quiet supersonic competition currently under development focusing on over sea routes with potential to take away a large portion of the limited wealthy customer base able to pay for a one way ticket money in region of high-performance mobile workstation laptop?

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