Qatar Airways is hiring Cabin Crew/ Air Hostess in India: Job Vacancy Update

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hello everyone welcome back to my channel I made an army so Panther Sharma or coffee times I make a video update te karere who what the reason is I've already updated the same on my Instagram if you do not know the reason then you're not following me on instagram licking somebody from my family is on leave for a very short period and the next time I'll get to see him is after five to six months that's why I'm giving my complete time to the person making me happy it should ease the urgency psychic international airline has you cabin crew higher career India means we can see there for both men and women so I am stealing the time out to make this video the NWA the–sorry Co and it each September those are at our Co Kolkata main cabin crew K position Kelly just may up Co Doha relocate when a padega or a Qatar Airways clear him mrs. Appel October 13 key event canopy hey hey Taj Bengal Hotel Kolkata 34b Belvedere Road le pour Kolkata pin code is seven double zero zero two seven West Bengal India yeah a dress up notice dr. Haeger appear in typically genuinely hate history Quint of unit super knob position Japan's budget sucks it's my reporting time given here though as a man kitchens I think a up Cabarrus a Doba jail bar Abuja he leakage earlier 12 p.m. cest Pelle he report can I am hastily up online offline don't know that he kept like a sec name online up like on this app quick polka number miljacka just a man a girl online apply Kia or mu J on so number car token number Mila who comes second made a number behalf it fixed oj i go keep an so v v 502 candidate will be called will be me and if I go there offline to other mister by Paulo theme or sub super exactly stick or a theologian open online district here I won't give a direct mirror numbers except Eliza totally a different saga are basically online offline guru Tanika supply course actinium I got a pollen apply cannot poke at the railways careers PHP jockey waha say like an auger up Copley South toughness CV and it is Jumilla conahey up in a passport a photocopy lakeyanna here dream keepers past Putin here we're playing anchors acting hey you know new passport Kelly apply Kia we're gonna keep askin second application here the city Malaga scale up like a sucked in a passport photograph leakage Anna he is making business attire me a formal attire me he or a photo little Anaya colored full-length qey had – oh this map nomura formal panda who or up exam formally theory any opinion style silica cap a Footwear except coach well sign you just have interview major thing that would tie up Catawba highest education joby up qualification highest so if the Kapolei kijani him solid documents Lee Janek is a rotten he/him/his Khilafah up ki KI requirements when teaching a minimum wage icky icky salvo tiptoes pay up kita height a year those over a centimeter Pancho Yannick is above shoe Siddhartha here or a poppin a para cubicle a what I am super those about a centimeter PICC line catch your vehicle cortical pine aapke saamne recruiters bad keiichi's notice calcium happening um second twelfth clear Keauhou up key English water chill agar quick ball failure to carry 12 me supplementary or to care 12 me a kissy bit last me like an octopus finally 12 ask a certificate of of eligible help like an Inca name app English before the chouno important it up courage would be mi has been given and it can up kabir my a terrace advice on a tree be mi casa calculate cutting up a skipper me already video of an hour check even description with my post a link read only outgoing personality to a boy be persons about social Hojo Bautista Lucas at mingle car fine he's re skinny requirements a Qatar Airways say related coaching important videos many banana just say con sabor factual question say Qatar Airways editor job said pooches are sickening him they say what do you know about Qatar Airways yeah what is the logo of the Qatar Airways and what is the significance of it what is the color of the uniform any five international destinations any five destinations of Qatar areas in India it's the wreckage of equation says you ops my interview cheaters active skipper manic video when I hear description was calling hey I got up interested in a meta objectively exactly him earlier video a like you to please ask alight curry is kosher can yep new friends kiss out his channel go subscribe cutting is the Ricky all videos Kelly Hoey be doubted how much you come in section we put saktha hain instagram paragraph miracle follow garnacha theatre media idea am cylinder shown thank you so much for watching this video guys and take care

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  1. Mera bahenki name arpita uska5.1hight or Uska age21 to plz boliye meri bahen hight baranekeliye o kiya Kare plz plz plz plz o airhostess try kartihe to plz plz plz plz

  2. Mam please tell me that minimum qualification for cabin crew in international flights is graduation but u said in this video that even tha 12 pass students can also aply for this …please mam clear this…..

  3. hii gdmg mama. jse khte h hm AGR interview m fail ho jaty h to uske 3 month bad hi dena chiy ASA kyo? agr hm dety h interview to kya hoga .wo hmse puchte h tb unko pta chlta h .AGR hmne bena btay dediya interview to kya hoga

  4. Aap mujhe reply q nai krti😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.. Nose piercing se koi prblm hogi kya..? Interview me nose pin remove kr k jaa skte hn kya..? Plzz reply

  5. Hey
    In my previous comment I told you about the problems of crude oil n all
    But I am tensed because I want to become a cabin crew as I complete my 21 and it will take more 3 years
    So at that time do you think the value of cabin crew will decline ?

  6. Mam please help…I really need your suggestion…I have no passport is there any way that I can give this interview …I can apply now also…If there is any way please help me…

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