Pompeo calls oil attack an “act of war,” airline mechanic suspected of ISIS ties l ABC News

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Sec. Pompeo calls oil attack an “act of war,” airline mechanic suspected of sabotage may have ties to ISIS, Trudeau apologizes for brownface and more.

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38 thoughts on “Pompeo calls oil attack an “act of war,” airline mechanic suspected of ISIS ties l ABC News”

  1. Did the Saudi Sodomites do it to themselves to raise oil prices?

    SODOMY ARABIA Yes it is Friday and so those long lines of young men robes up around their waists, on their knees, pants down around their ankles, mouths open and wearing the Kings bejeweled knee pads spill out of the narrow streets and alleys of old Riyadh, blocking traffic… .Sodomy is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia, but gay life flourishes there. Why it is “easier to be gay than straight” in a society where everyone, Gay and otherwise, lives in the closet.

  2. — > The Saudi ideology, Wahhabi-ism is ISIS: an alliance between followers of ibn Abd al-Wahhab and Muhammad bin Saud's successors (the House of Saud) . Let's not fight their wars for them or help them unify Islam under a caliphate. STOP the war in Yemen by cutting off military sales to the Saudis. Then, send in Christian missionaries.
    What Do ISIS & Saudi Arabia Have In Common? /watch?v=staMI7DoO-E

  3. I find the LGBTQ agenda that's forced on us by our Government to be a infringement against my religious freedoms and rights and if we say anything about it we are shut down and shamed and called a bigot and their sexual beliefs and practices are their business and has no place in our education curriculum targeted at impressional CHILDREN!

  4. Pamper, Trump are VERY QUIET about Saudi committing GENOCIDE of Yemenis for YEARS,

    and Blocking Humanitarian aid killing babies, children from starvations.

    Now they are working overtime, talking like US has been attacked.

    Is this Power of Oil MONEY in their wallets?

  5. Yes. The last thing Pompeo is going to tolerate is an attack against a pro torture, murdering, paedophilic, anti-journalist, pro propaganda dictatorial regime. Attack Iran, where they have elections where even women can vote! Misogynistic Pompeo must be furious. And where would Jared Kushner go for his hols if the corrupt Saudi royal family were toppled?

  6. The problem is US sales a lot of so called advanced missile defense system to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but even a drone and old style missiles can not intercept.I'm sure if a hypersonic missile fly to these system, there is no possibility of interception. 🗽

  7. Pompous, Pompous, Pompous. Act Of War coming out of Flying Monkeys Mouth?! Kiss Saudi A$$ Much?! Administration doesn’t even hide their Treacherous Intentions anymore and The World holds their breath awaiting ramifications for blatant disrespect for human life factually shown by “ Leadership “ Actions towards Mericas Enemy’s that they Themselves Created by Ignorant beliefs of what Truth and Justice even means.

  8. Yemen took responsibility for the attack why continue to blame Iran it's the same thing as accusing trump for what Obama and bush did they need to stop there war mongering and they need to stop destroying America with there hate speech and there Nazi ideology and blaming trump for it we need to stop worrying about everyone elses problems and fix ours

  9. What does it mean to go through life damned to the world? I can only see it from my side but I believe you have to ask the far right. They have to live on alternative facts because reality will not support their logic. They have to sell their misery as capital gains to get the humor they need to go through life as a fool. They have to be bullies because if they had feelings they would know their own doesn't matter anymore. They have to shave their heads and wear tattoos to show they are still members of a family even if it is the Beast of netherworld being sons and daughters of death. They are owned by the computer and they know it. You can't show them pity they will throw it back in your face. You have to laugh with them (as sick as that is) holding on to this meaning from the Bible " It will be the meek that shall inherit the earth"! All they are doing is passing life by on their way to never-never land.

  10. The white house says it was saudi arabias "9/11". WEll Im sure 9/11 was there 9/11, seeing as how 15 of the 19 hijackers were saudis, and saudi royals paid for the operation.
    Screw them and their oil. No war for the Saudis or Israel!!!!!!

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