PILOT: A Simple Method To Find Courses, Degrees And Study In Australia For 2020/2021

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Do you want to study Pilot in Australia?

I’m sure you do

Find the best Aviation And Pilot courses and degrees using this video
You will follow an easy step-by-step guide

These are the links mentioned in this video:



Now about Pilot and how you will benefit by watching this video

Do you know AU$71,885 is the average salary for a Commercial Pilot in Australia?
This is according to payscale.com

So what about you?
As a Commercial Pilot you enjoy doing things in a safe and efficient way
You will do preflight planning
You will analyse the weather and check your aircraft performance

Popular skills for a Commercial Pilot include:
-Safety Compliance

If this sounds like you then keep reading and learn what websites and apps you can use to find the best universities, TAFEs and schools in Australia

Okay, YOU will see how to use 3 websites and search apps:
2. untoaustralia.com

Whether you are looking for:
-A Diploma in Pilot
-A Bachelor of Pilot
-A Masters in Pilot
-A PHD in Pilot
-Or TAFE courses
You will be able to find the best institutions and universities

You will also learn about the cost of studying in Australia and how to compare different institutions

See the light

If you are an international student and you want to study abroad, then this is the best place to start because you will find the best TAFEs and universities in Australia for International students in cities like Perth, Sydney, or Melbourne

Use the tips and tricks in this video to find courses like:
-aviation science
-bsc pilot studies


Let me explain how the 3 websites work:

1. CRICOS (Australian government website and search app that lists all the courses available in Australia)
2. untoaustralia.com (Search app based on CRICOS data – designed to be user friendly for quick access to the CRICOS data)
3. QILT (Used to compare institutions and courses)

Imagine the facts!

About the untoaustralia app ranking system:

Our app uses a UNIQUE method of ranking the top 26 universities in Australia
We take an average from these 5 ranking systems:
(1) 2017 QS World University Australian Rankings
(2) THE Times Higher Education Australian World University Rankings 2018
(3) US News Australian University Rankings 2018
(4) ARWU Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities Australian Rankings 2017
(5) CWUR Center for World University Rankings
See more details here www.australianuniversities.com.au/rankings

Using our app you can:
-Check the price and the cost of courses and universities (see study in Australia costs)
-Review the university rankings
-Choose the right state (NSW or VIC etc)
-Choose the correct level – Diploma, Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral (PHD)


Why study ABROAD in Australia?

Read more about the reasons why at out website
There are lots of videos and articles on things like scholarships, PHD in Australia, migration, training, and much more
Plus there is a FREE course on ‘Studying in Australia for International Students’

M’m, m’m, m’m, m’m, m’m…sweet!

We hope you succeed
Have fun and ‘Go Study In Australia’

today Rd McDowell from on to Australia calm in this video I will show you how to find the best pilot courses and degrees so you can study to be a pilot in Australia and it will show you some tips and tricks on the best websites and apps to use do you know seventy one thousand dollars is the average salary for a commercial pilot in Australia this is according to payscale.com so what about you as a commercial pilot you will enjoy doing things in a safe and efficient way you will do preflight planning you will analyze the weather and you will check your aircraft performance popular skills for a commercial pilot include leadership and safety compliance if this sounds like you then keep watching and learn what websites and apps you can use to find the best universities tapes and schools in Australia there is a lot to cover in this short video so we will be quick you can press pause at any time or repeat a section if you need to you will see how to use three websites creeks us on to Australia comm and quilt the first is Creek us it is created by the Australian Government it lists all the courses offered to international students in Australia first thing you need to do is click course search it will bring up the search screen here you can use some useful filters you can filter by state course name course type and field of education after you have set your filters hit start search a list of a list of courses will load you will see columns for course name provider level and duration Kri course only displays 20 courses at a time you will need to click the next button to load the next 20 courses this can be time-consuming it is the main reason we created the onto Australia search app and we will show you how to use it next now you need to click the course that you want to display it will load the course details screen you will see four tabs course details course locations Institute details and contact details the first tab is the course details the most important details here are the tuition fees and the duration you will also see a location map the next tab is the course locations the third tab is the institution details and the most important details are the website and the total number of students the last tab the contact details the next website is on to Australia calm we created this search app because the Cree cost app was hard to use the data in Nice in this app is based on the Cree cause data at the moment this app only lists university courses and it only lists the top 26 universities first let's look at the filters you have course name state ranking average cost level and duration we created a unique ranking system you can find out more about it in the description below after you have set some of your filters you will see the results set decrease in size there is no submit button it just happens automatically you will see a list of universities you can click the green View courses button to see a list of the university courses you can follow the links to the University website for more details on the course the last site is called quilt here you can compare different Institute's or universities it is based on thousands of surveys of real students you can compare up to six institutions first you need to click on study areas now click your study area we will select nursing next choose your level now you will see a list of institutions you can filter the list you can filter by institution type course level or States now you need to select the institutions to compare you can select up to six after you have added to your list hit the compare button you will find some charts and tables here you can see some of the chart types there is also a handy video created by quilts you can find the link to the video in the description below did you like this video if you did please hit like check out the links in the description below also for more information check out our website there is a free course with tips on how to study in Australia until we meet again bye

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