One Force – RSAF Fighter Pilot

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What’s it like to be an RSAF Fighter Pilot? Watch this video to find out now. For more information, visit

I'm major Benjamin feu from one-four-five squadron I'm a fighter pilot and I fly the f16 d-plus there's nothing quite like being a fighter pilot in the RACs it is a career that's challenging exciting and rewarding all at the same time as a fighter pilot I want to front our defense protecting our skies everything happens very fast at four knots good thing is all of our crew go to a very rigorous systematic and progressive training this ensures that all of us are ready for any situation happens in the air it is very exciting flying a state-of-the-art combat aircraft like the f16 more importantly it gives me a very strong sense of satisfaction to be able to contribute to the defense of the country it makes every challenge along the way with it this is an element of skill aptitude and spatial awareness to be a good fighter pilot no fighter pilot works on fights alone everybody contributes to make sure every mission is a success we share tactics and techniques to make sure everybody in squadron becomes a better and stronger fighter crew more importantly my dupatta is one who is resilient persevering and a strong leader to learn you you

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  1. @Syazwan Zainudin I am glad that you feel that way. Good for you. But trust me I know how they do stuff. Lets just say I work with them quite often. But I hope to clarify, Not all fly boys is what I described them to be. There some whom are great friends of mine great guys, humble, kind etc. But of course there are black sheep everywhere, I just got a feeling that the amount of "publicity" bestowed upon them played a part in cultivating some undesirable behaviour and attitude they have towards others. I believe the top brass understand that and you can obviously see some shift in emphasis on other airforce vocations, which in my humble opinion is the right first step. In fact I advocate the current "recruitment" or "recognition" initiative whatever you call it to be expanded to the other 2 services.

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