Oldest Aircraft Wright Brothers First Flight Ever 1900s Louis Blériot Aviation History Collectibles

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100 year old aviation trading card set that features the Wright Brothers, Louis Blériot, Zeppelins, Airships and much more.

Card set title: Aerial Navigation (S1025)
Manufacturer: Liebig Meat Extract Company
Year of Issue: 1911
Number of cards in the set: 6

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do you like flexing please subscribe to my channel and don't forget to click on the like button because it does something very special it makes you younger Oh Maisie severes here is a very early aviation trading card set there is over a hundred years old and was issued by lemic the cards came out just a few years after these flying machines were invented just think without the aircraft illustrated on cars like these weekend service and space well here in the UK anyway and space travel very science fiction most importantly I had global barkis rely on the aircraft to exist and so the pillars of modern society were locks away like dominoes we'd lose a heck of a lot more still anyway the desire to fly probably dates back to prehistoric times when our ancestors decorated their cave our galleries with bird pitches the true age if aviation started later in 1783 with the Montgolfier brothers first air balloon flights although this was certainly progress later but still firmly in command of the direction for these air balloons flowing a steerable device was so defenses to reduce their dependence on the direction and the that the wind blew jean-pierre ploshad is credited with being the first person to incorporate such an innovation in a balloon flight in 1784 again slightly off subject tokens were extremely popular in the light Northy in st. Therese around the time that the hot air balloon was really taking off and I've done quite a few video reviews all these interesting missile cleanses items on my youtube channel so please don't forget to check them out and would it even be bold enough to say that the tokens were the trading cards and cigarette cards of their time except of course they were made of metal instead of a car so could this light their car cousins were issued on a huge range of subjects and were extremely popular with flexors even in the 18th and 19th centuries when they would be an issue one token was issued to commemorate a hot-air balloon flights in 1823 by Isaac Earl easement Sparrow Sparrow was rich businessman who paid for the privilege of travelling in Charles Greene's bloom Charles Green was a famous aviator during that period like the billionaire Richard Branson Sparrow broadcasted his daring a venture far and wide TV didn't exist in those days of course and I forget newspapers were a bit primitive to say the least and so Sparrow issued tokens instead so you let everyone know about his life threatened him adventure probably the first ever IV Asian cigarette card sets of feature heavier-than-air aircraft simply called aviation was issued in 1910 by WD & h o wills limited i've already reviewed that particular set on my youtube account so um like with the token videos please don't forget to check out that video when you've got a spare moment ok the leap the Liebig meat extract company if she cards on a VAR array of subjects like with the tokens they brought out this sets of aviation trade cards featuring heavier-than-air craft in 1911 includes several military airships as an aircraft model designed by the Wright brothers who are credited with flying the first truly heavier-than-air aircraft ignited a free this also includes an aircraft designed by Louisville aerial who completed the first flight across a large body of water in a heavier than air craft when he crossed the English Channel in noise low line just two years before this concept was actually issued so our great save cars this please don't forget to check out my transport and iev ocean card sets and of like I said I've done a whole host of other interesting and quirky collectibles thanks for watching if you'd like to find out more about this particular item or other such items please feel free to pop by my website at cream of cards calm

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  1. Santos Dumont made first airplane – a machine capable of taking off and flying BY IT'S OWN MEANS, in Paris, 1906. All further arguments against this fact ignores DOCUMENTED HISTORICAL TRUTH, in this case, abundant on world press, then. Surprised? Just bother to check on Google…

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