OASC RAF Cranwell – Part 1 of 2

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A short RAF commissioned documentary detailing the Officers And Aircrew Selection Center part of the application process, which takes place at RAF Cranwell, Lincolnshire.

standards in the royal air force are high commissioned officers are given rigorous and expensive training in preparation for defending the United Kingdom and to act as a force for good throughout the world wrong choices in selecting our officers could prove costly in the future the candidates we select must have the potential to achieve our exacting professional standards Tony Gary Emily and Kevin are all keen to join the Royal Air Force they're about to find out if they've got what it takes to be commissioned officers I wanted to join the Air Force because you watch films like Top Gun and things on your kid it's probably every boy's dream to go on to become a pilot it's undoubtedly going to be the most challenging career that I could choose and there'll be a lot of hurdles to overcome I consider joining the Royal Air Force because it would give me an opportunity to do a job in varied environments with different challenges I could be an air traffic controller operating at a unit which is fixed or I could being in the field and country that is totally foreign well I've decided that the Air Force is really really what I'd like to make a career of so I'm quite apprehensive that you know this this is my chance to show that I've got what they're looking for I want to be a pilot because I get to fly aircraft and to me it'd be amazing and to do that your job would be great and to do if the RAF there's some of the best aircraft in the world there's nothing more than once d good afternoon ladies and gentlemen welcome to RAF Cranwell and to the officers and air crew selection center the next three days we'll see how candidates tackle a range of tests to assess whether they have the vital qualities the Royal Air Force is looking for back to the candidates mess then and have a very pleasant evening and we'll see you all here at 7:15 tomorrow thanks for your attention and good luck everybody come on e everyone welcome to altitude the first challenge for the candidates is aptitude testing if you already figure I like to begin please the aptitude tests are a method of measuring innate skills skills of the candidate is born with to see if he or she is able to cope with professional training and be successful there are various tests that we give the candidate first of all psychomotor skills where the candidate has to deal with a trace on the screen for other tests the candidate is fed with multiple inputs he has various and tasks to do at the same time the candidate has to have spatial skills where the candidates fed with two-dimensional information and then has to interpret that information in three dimensions it was a total of 18 tests over the five hours and although it was enjoyable it was mentally challenging and draining this concerns the aptitude test that you took earlier all of the day I believe you're just looking at air traffic control am i right yes a.m. but I'm pleased to tell you that you've passed the air traffic control tests your new receiver certainly above average once the tests are complete the candidate is reviewed and told of all the results in particular we would concentrate on the level of skill they've achieved before the branches for which they've applied mr. Harris can you come to the front desk please there you go if you could take your notes please go through this following aptitude testing the candidates undergo an occupational health assessment okay if you could lean forward put your chin on their forehead against the band at the top and look straight in front the idea of the medical here is just to check basic medical health and vision the key difference we have to make between aircrew and support staff is that although air crews still have to be as fit and healthy they also have to have very good levels of vision and levels of hearing your finger on top your thumb like that and then click the other three fingers so they're out the way we have to measure everybody coming through here as though they might become faster aircrew in the future because of the parameters of the cockpit we have to base a check that they're not too little and then not too big not the longest arms and legs in the world but they're long enough and that's all that matters okay so fit pilots on that one I just checked through the rest of you medicals I was only just okay on the reach my functional reach was just within limits but ER there's a cut-off point and if we're over it then that's fine so this big relief and hopefully we'll go on from here so if you could take this through back to medical reception and then they'll sort you out from there okay remember that's for sure later in the day they will also undergo a fitness assessment Todd sees itself with the scene gets harder and it's hot in here say it's difficult test quite hard physically but I enjoyed it certainly gonna need to go get a shower now thing results now will be will be taken by myself and sent over to needs selection HQ and you'll decide whether they think the fitness join up on it before for some of the sports training that I've done I reach a couple levels higher than that so a little bit disappointed but just put it down for a long day after a tough day it's time to relax in the candidates mess miss Finn please hello miss Finn how are you on secluded town I slowly start living here isn't it Emily's been called for her formal interview this is Miss finsih I understand how are you do you have a seat buddy on this side of the table there and relax how you feeling well t better little bit those understandably and where have you traveled from to get here today have from bath and have you found life in the candidates mess so far it's pretty good very pleasant in the first part of the interview she was relaxed and appeared quite confident and was well able to express her thoughts clearly she also was and it's important is she was herself she didn't try to be what she thought an officer in the RAF should be she behaved naturally and she came across very well so as an engineering officer what aircraft would you like to work with probably the tornado we use the tool Meadowvale and there's two variances the grout out reconnaissance and the air defense area in addition to the tornado I made sure I broadened my own outlook spent a lot of time on the Internet both for RAF background knowledge on the Air Force website and on newspaper websites looking at their archives and to build up my current affairs knowledge it was clear that she'd done a lot of preparation giving a lot of thought to why she wanted a career in the Royal Air Force and she had a lot of the qualities that we were looking for there are many many reasons I think there were some questions I just didn't know the answer to and it didn't seem to be a problem they just moved on I said I didn't know and I felt that was definitely a better option than trying to bluff my way through mr. Jones yeah could you come to reception please you're gonna go through for your review now okay after the part one of the selection procedures the interview medical and the aptitude tests all the candidates data is analyzed and some of them at this stage will go through to part to others I'm afraid won't and it's the ones that aren't going through to Part two and I deal with as a review officer okay well I gather you've just had some very disappointing news from the doctor yeah they said that I was later cited but they haven't actually said well that that means okay well I'm I'm afraid to say that what it does mean is that I'm afraid you're not fit for pilot training in the Royal Air Force I mean it's obviously nothing it's not your fault nothing you can do about it I've see how as devastators it's a dream that I've had since I was very young and it's all I've wanted to do what say I've got a lot of kind of thinking today what to do next or everything else the thing now is you have two options and you're going to have to make a decision one is if you wish to you can withdraw yourself in the procedures at this time and just sort of pack it in and go home if it principle what you're really looking for is is to be an officer in the Royal Air Force then there is no reason why you shouldn't put another branch down on this stage thinking about my options I've see I've done some research about being an officer and at the moment I could say that it's something that I'd like to do so it's a case of deciding whether any of the branches I could see myself doing is occur

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  1. Eyesight??? I understand if you're basically blind you shouldn't be a pilot, but glasses and contacts exist. Racing drivers wear glasses and contacts and they do just fine. Is this still a big problem if you're slightly short sighted? Because that's my situation and would be beyond gutted if I wasn't 'Fit' to be a pilot?

  2. I have a great eyesight and going university this year, I'm just wondering how likely is eczema (mild) in the inner elbow will stop me becoming a pilot in the raf

  3. if you are fully fit have perfect vision etc but had mild asthma as a child and no longer suffer from it at all and can prove it will you still be disqualified for pilot training?

  4. @ibowlgas I did for the aptitude tests only as I was in a university air squadron. my advice is go to uni so you don't get disappointed when you do well and they turn round and say "we have no jobs". If you want to go in now, my advice is completely rape your fitness levels, practice leadership skills, practice mental maths and using a joystick and learn everything about the RAF and yourself. main points are to be honest, speak clearly and relax so just be yourself.

  5. that 5 hour aptitude test looks fucking solid!! is there anyone here who's actually gone through it (preferably someone wanting to be/is a pilot)? any advice for practicing for it?

  6. that obviously coming from someone who has NO IDEA what the air force is all about and doesnt understand what officers have to go through to EARN their respect!

  7. guys, best advice is to relax and take it in your stride. get good at mental maths and using a joystick. speed distance time questiions can be revised online. other than that theres not much you can do, they are designed to test skills you are born with, not develop. good luck

  8. Sorry to hear that. I served as an MTD airmen from 97-05. I tried so hard to get my GCSE's to go for pilot but never made the application stage. I don't have A-levels or GCSE's but I did manage to get onto a foundation year at college when I left and made it to uni studying biology. Now studying a master in biotechnology before, hopefully, going onto my PhD. Good luck at uni, hope you decide to give the RAF another go

  9. sorry mate, RAF wont look at you for pilot unless your 6/6, Royal Navy will however accept 6/12 corectable to 6/6. Found that out after rejection in June so trying for the FAA next year.

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