NTSB Crash Animation US Airways 1549 w/ CVR and audio Hudson

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NTSB animation shows the track, speed, and altitude of US Airways Flight 1549 that crashed in the Hudson, January 15, 2009. It is supplemented by ATC (air traffic control) audio and CVR (cockpit voice recorder, as text) information that details the situation as it unfolded for captain Sullenberger and copilot Skiles as the men made the best of their powerless Airbus A320.

so many clinics every day dear charlie these guys that was returning your f-150 Chennai 2765 maintain 1-0 thousand times yo soy sauce 60 cactus 18.9 telothane two-seven-zero cactus 1539 hit first who lost Rustom focus returning back towards LaGuardia okay you need to return a little body turn left heading up about two to three to $0 stop you departures got emergency returning other words this 15.9 bird strike you lost all engine he lost the trust in the engine to turn immediately fact is 1529 which engines he lost for us in both engines he said got it at his 1529 cooking get it fee do you want to try to land 101:3 or like what we may end up in lucious showing 2760 turn 1:07 there I was just judge on 2016 my cactus 1549 could be left traffic to runway 3 one solid April okay what do you need to win gadget 15.9 one week forth available if you wanna make laps after running for a vehicle to relink anywhere we love what's over to our right anything in New Jersey maybe cheater rural okay yeah off your right side it's Teterboro Airport do you want to try to go to Teterboro yes Kira Empire actually look wide apart guy merge scene BAM hey good cactus 1529 over the George Washington Bridge want to go to the airport right now console our project as you need assistance yes he was a bird strike can I get them in for runway one one way one that's good cactus 1529 turn right to h0q and Marley I wanted Teterboro we can't do it okay which one way would you like a tea tomorrow or w does um I'm sorry say again cactus hi Kelly 27 Conte New York one to 6.80 HOA 2006 cactus cactus 15.9 radar contact de saucé you also got Newark Airport off your two o'clock in about seven miles ego 5.7 18 Philippine to10 torture a while 47 18 all right Thank You shudders go to the houses cactus 1529 you saw cactus 1529 if you kina he got the word way to non available at Newark will be two o'clock in some off-key 5.7 18 comments in one 2000 there were cells with a subscriber pluteus 5.7 18 on so I missed that Sagan or at the twelfth rows of two idiots okay thank you can 5.7 18 fill up two to zero okay okay

33 thoughts on “NTSB Crash Animation US Airways 1549 w/ CVR and audio Hudson”

  1. Watching the airspeed and altitude at the bottom of the video in real time with audio was interesting. You see them steadily losing altitude to maintain airspeed avoiding a stall.

  2. Huh, CVR is hard to get for this one compared to all the actual fatal accidents (though it need not be said: My sympathies and condolences to all involved and affected in and by those) what`s that all about? :/

  3. Pilot and First Officer that had only worked together for a short time and pulled this off… Absolute Badasses. I've had an engine go out, but I had to change my shorts after. This crew… Masters

  4. Aviation royalty, and the first officer who gets almost no notoriety handled his duties with incredible calm precision. Pilots of this magnitude are on a whole different level of humanity, no one can remain that calm in that situation.

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