News Package – Civil Aviation Day

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7th December is celebrated as the International Civil Aviation Day to highlight the role of the International Civil Aviation Organization in promoting safety, efficiency and regularity of international air transport.

More in this report by Henna Saeed from Lahore.

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority was established on 7th December 1982 as an autonomous body the day of 7 December has significance as a coincides with the date of creation of International Civil Aviation Organization in 1944 as a result of the famous Chicago Convention there are an estimated 139 airfields in Pakistan the largest airport is the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi whereas international airports at Lahore Islamabad Peshawar and Kota also cater to a majority of the local and international travelers an annual drill is held at all major airports to take an overview of the performance of Civil Aviation Authority this is a very important exercise by the Civil Aviation Authority in order to check the arrangements and the response of the paramedic officers and the firefighters in case any untoward incident takes place at the airport at the end of the exercise we critically analyze our action that we have determined so far the weak areas in terms of skill level of our people if there is any in terms of lack of coordination with the other agencies Azhar from the city all kinds of activities are performed by civil aviation authority in Pakistan including air traffic services airport management infrastructure and emergency relief at and outside the airports the International Civil Aviation Day theme this year is 65 years of empowering the global community through aviation today millions of passenger and cargo flights that crisscross our skies have become the lifeline of economies on all continents in US aid don't news Lahore

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