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it was absolutely fantastic it is so real like right now having flown the plane and apparently I did well he said he was pretty impressed that I would equal some of the students but you can feel it as I stand here I could still feel the motion of it because that's how you feel it's just like you were on a real plane flying it MP Terry Sheehan announced today that 780 thousand dollars in funding from Fed nor will support the Sioux College aviation program students at the college will be able to take advantage of new state-of-the-art aviation equipment and technology thanks to the Fed nor investment we have more in this report it's going to allow the students to meet the needs of the new American regulations about flying over American space anybody from sue st. Marie knows that we have to fly into the states on route to many of our destinations so that's perfect this investment is going to leverage out about a five million dollar bonus 50 jobs plus 14 new jobs so I'm really excited and you know all the people that are watching you know your news here at Busan so online should really consider sue college at they're thinking about becoming a pilot the industry as red-hot in terms of job opportunities and we just added ten more flying instructors but we lost 10 so we actually will have a total of 25 flying instructors starting right now

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