NEW YORK | BOEING 777 LANDING 4K Summer Edition

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English subtitles available, activate it! Landing in New-York JFK 04 Right.
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"Approaching Minimums" CPT: we can see New York FO: yes, we can see Manhattan FO: we were cleared Heading 250 CPT: Kennedy Tower hello Air France 022 heavy Tower: AF022 heavy Kennedy Tower good morning, runway 4 right cleared to land CPT: cleared to land 4 right AF022 heavy FO: ok, are you available? (Disconnects Autopilot) "AP Off" CPT: Flight Dir CPT: Glide alive FO: yes FO: Gear down Flaps 20 FO: speed 20 FO: set Go Around altitude 4000 FO: Flaps 30 CPT: Flaps 30 FO: Landing Checklist CPT: Landing Checklist complete CPT: Stabilized and cleared FO: you can set Vref+5, I keep the Autothrottle Tower: Air France 22 heavy, exit Fox-trot Bravo hold short of runway 4 left FO: Fox-trot Bravo and we hold short CPT: Fox-Trot Bravo, then say again, AF022 Heavy Tower: AF22 heavy, exit Fox Bravo, cross 4 left and turn left Echo CPT: we cross 4 left and hold short Echo AF22 Tower: turn left Echo CPT: turn left Echo AF022 FO: Fox Bravo is where we are, then Echo Echo is further so we keep Fox Bravo turn left echo… ok alright we keep on straight FO: we cross then, we will take Echo FO: cleared left and right FO: and Echo next left CPT: Roger Tower: AF22 heavy turn right Charlie, cross 13 left at Victor CPT: turn right at Charlie and we cross 22 right CPT: sorry, say again please Tower: right here cross 13 left at victor CPT: cross 13 left at Victor AF022 FO: it was the right time he called FO: glad I was not going too fast Tower: AF22 heavy, cross runway 13 left at victor, taxi right Bravo, monitor ground the rest of the way, gooday CPT: we cross 13 left at Victor, right Bravo, and with the ground AF22 Heavy, bye bye FO: ok we cross here, we should not meet a plane with all the work in progress FO: and Bravo, straight ahead CPT: hello ground AF22 Heavy, on Bravo Ground: AF022 Kennedy ground, taxi Bravo to the ramp CPT: Bravo to the ramp AF022 CPT: I am gonna call the ramp FO: ok I listen radio 1 CPT: i stop listening 1 Ramp: AF022 Heavy, good morning, ramp control Ramp: AF022 copied, hold short november, gate number 2 CPT: it will be via November for the gate 2 FO: Ok (Thanks for watching again! If you enjoyed, leave a thumb up and share) (If you notice any mistakes in the subtitles, leave a comment, we'll correct it) (and don't forget to subscribe. See you soon. HPAF)

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