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NBA 2K19 WHICH FLIGHT SCHOOL CARDS ARE WORTH BUYING!! – NBA 2K19 MyTEAM. In this video we go over all of the cards available in the flight school packs in nba 2k19 myteam. I will try to get a gameplay with the diamond michael jordan and the pink diamond shawn kemp as it is the first pink diamond reward in nba 2k19 myteam. I will also try to get an amethyst dwyane wade and sapphire tracy mcgrady gameplay in nba 2k19 myteam

ruby tom chambers
ruby darryl dawkins
diamond michael jordan
diamond dwight howard
diamond clyde drexler
sapphire tracy mcgrady
sapphire andre iguodala
pink diamond shawn kemp
amethyst kevin johnson
amethyst dwyane wade
amethyst julius erving

so guys before this video starts I just like to say sorry for the audio I'm not sure what went wrong with it I only just realized there was kind of like some noise in the background while I was editing the video I'm not sure why the audios like this it's genuine for happen before and yeah make sure I'll have a backup recording the audio completely separately in future so that this doesn't happen again so really sorry about that anyway now it's gone to the video what is going on guys DVD here in this video I'm going to be going over all of the cards in the new flight skill set and I'm gonna be telling you guys which of them are worth picking up and roughly what price I believe that they're actually worried he's obviously if for example I might say one of these higher rated cards isn't working here I'll put if he ends up being pack glitch then becomes really cheap obviously down and they're gonna be worth picking up so we're gonna start off and before we go onto these with ad stay in history beyond robot Bosa so biobolsa has gotten 92 of them shop 3z6 three two guys eight nine ball control ninety seven speed Subang acceleration he's basically if Barbosa has got a good release he might be useful but again Barbosa his release in general and 2k has always one of the worst but the same time drazen petrovic apparently got a better release I haven't actually used that drowsing so I wouldn't know it's a minute but apparently they gave drazen petrovic a better release well now we are going to go on to add these emerald cards starting off is with jamario moon so jamario moon has got an 84 overshot three he's a 6-8 small forward 84 arms up three seven I'm shot made decent speed speed ball acceleration 97 driving dunk though guessing all engine tendency enough only 95 tendency he's got 74 ball charges all right rebounding non-existent he's got he's enough flower quickness decent on-ball defense my cue and to be fair jamario moon might actually be quite a decent card if his release is nice he's got a bit of – smile for positioning and shoot he and Donkey ghen defend a little bit he could be quite nice and he's relatively fast as far as cheap cards go you might be okay nice you got Kenny Smith Kenny Smith has got 91 open shop mid 91 over shop 3 he's got wouldn't go bad which is posterized I assume all these guys have got goalpost horizon he got an 85 driving dunk only isn't the best he's got decent ish speed speed ball so he's decent ish speed and acceleration good to be above 90 however 83 ball control means he can't speed boost which is not the best thing for a point guard and also he's not gonna be a great defendant not great lateral quickness he's got 66 steel which is not the best and Kenny Smith in general I don't think he's gonna be great there's definitely any better point guard you can use unless his release is absolutely money there's probably any better point guard you can use and to be better point guides brought really cheap point guards you can use as well never on – Isaiah rider and he's got 87 over shot me just wait a second really dbg get this comment in your video oh my god basically how to get your comment in a video comment on to kmt's agile straightaway one of these new cards is that guy – that what am I say right at 87 open shot made 91 I was shot three guessing go polarizer he's got 83 ball control so with a coaching and speed boost actually he forgot Kenny's making speed boosts with a coach so he might be alright to speed a force be a bother of 92 acceleration which is the most important of all those stats is good and to be honest this guy could actually somehow be better than his Ruby card like his Ruby obviously goes he goes down and shot three open shot mains around the same he's actually even though he's got a higher speed his acceleration slow is lower so it'll actually feel a bit slower and help me let's look tell us that's three three six eight three 500 so obviously there are better stats I'm on the Ruby boat this car could be almost as good and could be a really nice budget pick up now we are on to the one that I'm most excited for I needed Tracy McGrady sapphire guy so Tracy McGrady 86m shot me at 84 overshot three he's six eight he can play at the one as well he's got 80 free throw 88 speed 88 acceleration 87 speed ball he's got 86 ball control which is it actually is not which is good it is great he can speed boost he's got 84 post fadeaway which is good 97 driving dunk he can't play defense at all but his latter quickness is up to 80 and that was the biggest problem with his emerald was that his lateral quickness was only 65 not going up to 80 as well as him being long but a high block rate he means he's gonna be a great great defender and t-mac is 100 percent worth using 100 percent 75 intangible so he's like here's a hidden ruby but this guy is 107 using I'm gonna say for these guys maybe to 2k for tomorrow moon maybe 1500 Kenny Smith but 2k for as a writer he max pretty worth about he'll be about 7 or 8 K but anything under 15k he's worth it there are 2 Serge Ibaka Serge Ibaka has got an 85 open shot 395 nice shiny 96 up and shot mid so he could be a great stretch for 95 driving Doug 95 standing dunk is good no post game whatsoever rebounding is OK he's got not the best speeds and acceleration or speed ball defensively is good good on ball and low post he pens like you not the best lot of quickness but a good not block of 83 his block should be higher than that but yeah as far as stretch boards go if his release is nice he could be read your card again definitely a card that'll be worth trying out especially he's cheap which realist he will be they were on to Andre Iguodala so Iggy has got a 78 open shot mid 7os shot 365 intangibles so realistically could be easy there a hidden 89 overall and maybe 90 overall the 86 speed 84 acceleration 83 speed ball those stats are really nice he's had 92 on ball defense of IQ he's at 91 a lot of quickness which is good 90 steel he's also got a 90 driving dunk which is really good so he's going to be a lockdown defender he's gonna be a competent shooter not lights out but he will hit shots when he's open he can speed boost he's relatively fast and he's got an unbelievable done Andre Iguodala again could be one of the best Sapphira cards in the game like imagine running t-mac and Andre Iguodala on the wings to get it that would be incredible and they're both gonna be quite cheap never on to Tom Chambers I don't know what his releases like this year but he's got like historically he's had kind of a bit of a weird release and 2k but he's got a good enough mid or a good autumn shop native 88 good enough Oh Michelle to read Edie he's got 51 speed ball which is gonna be a bit of a problem if it was High Street ball this guy would be unbelievable when you got 74 speed 74 acceleration defensively he's quite good he's got decent flow post events like you've ever loan a block means he may not be as good as I thought 55 intangibles so he realistically is probably a hidden diamonds he's got 88 offensive rebound 90 defense rebound insane driving astounding dunk great post game and this could be one of the most underrated power forwards in my team right now like if he had highs to be above this card like could get into guard squads but he's really really nice basically all he needs is if he has a good release and his release is really nice which they tend to do with players this year change their release for no reason and if you basically release dependent he could be the best Ruby got in the game or the best Ruby big man in the game now out to Darryl Dawkins dinerral Dawkins has gotten 98 driving and sounding dunk obviously five gold badges at Bluff City finish her poster Iser bruiser drops up and put back in he's just gonna dunk good enough speed he's got good rebounding stats 82 block his vertical should be super super high in 97 yeah he's just gonna make his jump out of the gym and dunk the ball not that much of a post game okay post hook knock a post fade away but again not a bike cut at all probably not the best Ruby but that's alright I guess now we are on to the amethyst we actually have to go through these quite quickly ahem I'm this Kenny Kevin Johnson he has got you know he's 6 1 10 gold barges he's got 87 open shot mid 82 over shot 3 you can pause we want to look at eighties badges we got to go into a bit of a rush just realize about seven minutes into this video possibly close to 80s but he's got 93 driving layup 81 only driving dunk greats please move on acceleration great ball control steel of 80 this guy could be really nice especially if he's got had the release that he had in previous years Kenny Smith or Kevin Johnson could be a really nice card that is the coolest looking crowd I've ever seen that flight school if that's what the background there for all these cards they could be the coolest looking cards we've ever seen now we're on to Dwayne Wade Dwayne Wade tango abides as well you want apology and look at them he's got ladies six for two guys but you're probably gonna plan with 185 movin shop-made 280 I'm shot three is good he's got 90 for speed 90 for acceleration 92 streetball which is crazy only a 46 block for what's man 3 prime Dwayne Wade like come on 2k it's gotta be at least the 70 but he's got 95 driving dunk which is insane he's speed boosting he's got either lockdown defender and got good driving lane this is like an unreal Dwyane Wade cut so he can burn people after but he's me so fast he's gonna be dunking on everyone his jumper is nicer this year and this cat is going to be nice like the ruby was good this card is just way way better never on to dr. J who just skipped a 6 6 at small forward he's got a 71 shot 3 it's a little bit not the best to be honest he get to be boost decent speed speed ball acceleration 96 driving dunk is good he's got crazy don't kind of Nations as we saw from the Ruby good defensive carried great we're putting this great on-ball defense of IQ decent steel and yeah like it's going to be quite decent however obviously I just don't think and I don't like non-shooting cards and dr. J just doesn't shoot well enough I know obviously he's got some good girl passes and go catch and shoot boy just leaves a little bit to be desired like it's good it's a good card but it's just this guy's that in this set that dunk equally as well and can't shoot the ball so he's a little bit disappointing compared to them I never are to Michael Jordan the card that's basically gonna completely crash the market Michael Jordan has got 90 open shot made 75 open shop 380 post fadeaway 89 speed tube on acceleration well it's not the best to be honest 19 driving dunk only wow that's disappointing like he's locked down defender he's gonna be insane because animations but that is crazy he's not close 90 speed and also his driving dunk is only a 90 as well which is crazy like MJ see Hall of Fame poster eyes they're 40 and go by is gonna be unreal but a little bit disappointing to be honest now you got Dwight Howard Dwight has got to holophone badges Bob city finish a rim protector so I think him and Blake of lopsy finish Ralph am 93 speed for a center is nuts he's got 97 driving don't really go ahead 92 I'm while defensive like you great lot of quickness so he's gonna be one the best defenders in the game got unreal rebounding he's got 53 intangibles which means he's 100% – hidden pink diamond and yeah this card is insane like as far as non-shooting centres go he may be a best animal even though obviously I did for a shooting sent days now we're on to Clyde Drexler no Hall of Fame bags replied Rex they're not even Hall of Fame poster Iser these are 15 gold badges hijacks a 95 overall with 97 tangibles he's got 93 of them shot made idioma shot three he's a 91 speed 83 sweet ball a TSM acceleration defensive stats are decent enough 95 driving oh he's really good good post fadeaway six seven so he's longer than Michael door and he's got that extra inch on him great driving layup and he's going to be a great great card especially if baby Evan Clyde like the O P released like he's had previous years and then we're on to Shawn Kemp the reward Shawn Kemp comes a five Hall of Fame badges pick and roll around a special ops we finished your posterized round chased an artist he's had 19 shot made only a 64 open shot dreams is not great great speeds to be a bomb acceleration he's got a 96 driving dunk 97 standing dunk good and defenders that swelled a lot of quickness good rebounding however he's just as the comment said Blake Griffin's a better card to them and you don't need luck in a collection with Blake so while I think the camp is alright definitely gonna be a go card I'm probably will document myself just for the content I wouldn't really advise you guys locked him in so anyway that's the video of cards are worth picking up jamario moon definitely Isaiah rider definitely and probably the three sapphires gonna be worth picking up you might as well try out Tom Chambers see how he is if Kevin Johnson sheep you might be alright Dwayne Wade's gonna be go card and as far as the Diamonds go they're all looked to be okay I just don't see there be more to a point locking in the collection so in last video thank you guys for watching please like comment and subscribe


  1. Is this video about the packs they are out right now ? Or it's a older one ? Because I cant find a diamond Jordan at the market, and at tweeter they drop nothing about that now …

  2. Bought a Wade with the weatherman foamposite shoe for 40K MT. I also have the Dwayne Casey coach so that’s a

    +4 Moving Mid
    +4 Contested Mid
    +4 Open Mid
    +4 Open Three
    +4Contested Three
    +4 Ball Control

    Also some notables is that his speed is 99, ball control 91, open shot three 89, moving Mid of a 89 and driving layup of 97. I feel like it was a good cop as the shoe alone goes to close for 40K. Especially with how cheap the Wade is now his prices are 100% bound to rise up a pretty fair amount.

  3. This whole set is an L, pd blake is easily better than kemp and you can sell him, then the diamond 2 guards are not better than kobe, not even comparable, only decent one is dwight, but i think most people would prefer to run pd duncan/amy embiid/kristaps as their center instead of him

  4. Yo can someone help me? My current starting lineup is Oscar Robertson, Redd, Diamond LeBron, Amethyst Green, and Porzingis. How can I improve my squad (I have about 175k MT)
    Also, should I open these packs or not?

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