Navy Rates | Aviation Structural Mechanic

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all right so I stopped in Malibu I came down from Long Beach Malibu's about an hour away we got another hour drop because our final destination the place called Oxnard California my friends live there and that's the reason for this video today I'm gonna be interviewing them they're both in aviation so it's gonna be a great video state to check out this view though you can play on the body traffic alright y'all finally got Francisco to sit down with me this is gonna be like unscripted I'm really not looking at anything on my laptop right now I'm just trying to look cool but uh all right so what go ahead tell us about yourself what's your what's your rate in the Navy um first of all first of all he's active-duty where you stationed that I'm stationed in uh Point Mugu Naval Air Station for conmigo California okay so can you give us a general idea work for Magoo's at Oh Magoo is kind of in between like the valley like Fresno area Bakersfield and Los Angeles it's kind of near Santa Barbara and Oxnard California okay Oxnard yeah but says all tonight I could say Oxnard yeah well do the same thing two women move here but okay we went to the restaurant they said office nine so all right Connor all right so let's get it with dive into your Naval Service mate thanks for your service thank you so what what do you do in the Navy I want to know tell me about all right so I've been in the Navy for six years and my rate is av am I also known as a aviation social mechanic I'm a second class so what they'll say is a.m. 2 a.m. okay you know am right am too um I pretty much work with the structure of the aircraft from f-18s like fighter jets and b3 so would be like cargo planes c-130s kilos anything like that and I work with the structure the outer exterior part today of RAF okay and tires hydraulics and I can't really tell you much what I do here now in Point Mugu but prior to where I wasn't the more I was working at f-18 so fighter jets okay and we do final release and checks on the aircraft carrier whenever we send the aircraft out making sure that their crafts you get to go on to fly okay for those of you who are wondering I've known this guy for what three years about three years I pretty much know a bunch of this stuff but I'm just asking it for y'all of course so I was under pulling with this guy with Station Lemoore with you unfortunately I'm just getting out unfortunately but that place that place has a lot of cows there you know I'm not really customer that but that's bad it does it does smell bad um so give me enough general consensus of what you do underweight on your on the ship all right break it down to you okay so let's say I'm gonna say I'm owed a check all right so there's a check and night check and the ship always has to be working 24 hours a day seven days a week there's no days off so day check starts at about 5:30 in the morning so typically I'd wake up around 4 or 4:30 to get ready to get breakfast and be there before time in right go ahead and do that and what we do we check tools so one of the biggest thing that we do is make sure we take tools before we get into work because there's a this is thing called a fog which is foreign object damage so we gotta check tools make sure nothing's missing nothing is damaged guess and if any time they try to release an aircraft and there's a tools missing then it could cost like a catastrophe you know damage the aircraft and how how could it cause damage the hair grow let's say I went up to the flight deck and I have my tools I didn't check it this in the morning we're probably to go and I flew the flight deck and I was about to release the aircraft and next thing you know I'm missing a ratchet or a wrench or anything like that so if there were to send that off and I don't have no idea where my tools are that tool can get suck an engine and destroy that engine and my new engines usually costs around I can't remember I think is like 400 million dollars just an engine just the engine so fix principle it is pretty expensive so that's one of the reasons why we do we check our tools every morning we come in and then next we make sure we check our flight schedule what time we have to be up there on the flight deck because there's they always really supplies able to see what time we're gonna be have to be up there and yeah we pretty much we do checks of the aircraft before it comes he goes out and we check it when it comes back to make sure it's ready to go up again for the next event so we're called we when I was before I left I was a troubleshooter so we check every single thing that can go wrong before the aircraft is release out of the aircraft carrier so and then but before that it's it's a lot to explain but there's different shops that you go to and you when you're in Navy Labor's Air Station so you can go to a troubleshooter you can go to your shop where your shop is when you work for what you actually went to school for yeah so like for a like I said a.m. we work with structures right so we do a lot of inspections like special inspections to be 84 days 168 days 336 and etc will you open up the aircraft it pretty much goes in the barn so what we call it and it's in the hangar so the aircraft is down for inspection we'll open it up we inspect the grooves every single thing that's in our aircraft to make sure it's maintained in proper standard to make sure you can last forever you know because we can't just purchase aircraft like that that's expensive you know what I mean and that's the tax money it exactly I really want to take your money so that's one of the other things you can do so and also tires we inspect those we do hydraulics so follow you guys who don't know hydraulic is pretty much the main thing that moves the flight controls the aircraft so yeah of course you have your engine right to take off goes up and down but to maneuver you have your flight controls you're a lure on your stabs and your rudders so to move those it's it's a hydraulics that's moving that that aircraft okay so we do anything from testing hydraulics make sure there's no hydraulic leak and such so we do that there's many more they said it's about things like 80 or 90% of the aircraft is on us a aviation social mechanic so okay so overall being beyond us now mm-hm so let's do this I want you to give two positives and two negatives of being underway as an am structure locating go all right so two negatives being underway social mechanic would be jacking an aircraft all right jacking their crowns weird sorry you know that one so Jagan an aircraft so every time there's a wrong there's something wrong with the landing gear right and flies we the aircraft has to get jacked to make sure it goes up and it goes down because if it can go down the aircraft can land on the carrier yeah so it has a diaper it hasn't doing an emergency landing somewhere else what if we're not anywhere near you know a land or any sort so we have to Jack the area that's one of the hardest thing as a like a framer being under way because you have to request permission to Jack the aircraft the ship itself has to stop kind of its mission and where it's gonna go because the air carrier cannot move while we're jacking aircraft because it's dangerous you know what's going up in the air so that's one that's a the negative thing and then the second one would be just special inspections opening up the panel's guess you gotta get what the recall hazmat it's a hazardous materials to clean up so you open it up right and then you clean up the panels you got to get alcohol you got to get CPC corrosion preventative and then make sure that everything's clean so those are hard to get underway well when you're back home jacking in aircraft who just jacket you don't need any permission to do it or anything like that and it has Matt we have it like that so those are the two negative things the two positive things I guess if you call them positive would be time flies when you're under way you know it's yeah there's nothing to worry about but it still sucks don't get me wrong but it it did time flies that's one of them and two would be I can't say pork Asst I mean you said just my rate right do positive things about my baby being under way yes there's a sort of I'm positive it's hard it's very hard to find positive things to do on their way so I like positive things just overall but overall about yeah being under way okay I would say their camaraderie so okay we get to know each other we everyone suffer all together you know we're all in that ship for six months seven months eight months possibly a year and there's really nothing else to do so you have to find things to entertain yourself like he games like cor exactly okay yeah yeah played spades and play video game watch each other in the closets exactly so that and then another thing would be the ports that's what everybody waits for yeah and look forward to because say you've been gone for like a month year on the ship the whole time so you haven't had you know well if you like drinking you haven't had any drinks or just good food overall because we all know the ship doesn't really offer the best food so that's one of the other thing we look forward to and explored the world and go to different countries so that would be it because there's camaraderie and the ports okay so let's see what about being on shore so what is your sea shore rotation so my sea shore rotation would be five years sea duty okay so that's what I just finished a VF a to Lemoore California five years and now it's my shore duty I'll be here for three years so your sea shore is five it's C 3 on shore yes okay see amazed we're three and three okay okay and okay so so go ahead and tell them something positive about our two negatives and two positives if you can think of about being on Shore duty as an am two negative things being Shore duty I mean it could be about to work it can be about job you know I guess the one a negative thing in Shore duty I mean not sure just being a shore or Shore duty short Duty short duty yeah the one of the negative thing the pace is really slow so time goes by pretty slow when you're at work there's really not much going on so that's another thing that's one of the negative thing it's slow everybody just takes your time you know compared to sea Duty just go go go you move another negative thing would be though the work or I guess the evaluation how you get evaluated on what you do if you're gonna get a promotable evaluation it's based mostly based on collateral duties like command so let's say community hours college degree anything that has to do outside of work right so they base a lot of things on that that's one of the negative thing being in Shore duty so if you're working hard but you don't have anything outside you kind of look like a piece of crap yeah to the command because you're not doing outside things to develop personal stuff that's one other thing so those two negative and two positive would be we have time for ourselves we we don't have to go under way we'd have to deploy we don't have to go anywhere else we're here we can do we're back to normal life it's pretty much a 95 job so that's one of the biggest positive thing and second is would be just work on school I guess like if I if you're a defendant you want to finish your degree you can do that you can go to college water and shore duty because see you can't do that you know because you've got your other way let's say you have a Perdue and you already know on your way to internet goes in and out and you have a paper work due Monday and Internet's out you're screwed so let's just summarize and say internet stuff like whether it's you know whether you like to upload on YouTube a lot whether you like to do college where you can't really do that under way but you don't have the freedoms that you do on the shore alright okay so for most of the people watching this video they clicked on it because the title for and for those people watching I don't blame if they just skip through this video because it really doesn't apply to them so if you were looking at somebody right now and you and they asked you should I be in aviation structural mechanic and am what would you tell them yeah look Manasa all right if you want it to be an aviation structural mechanic if you're into hands-on things and if you want to be working on aircraft and that's something you really want to do then go for it if you like dirty job but if you want to sit on on your butt and you do like paperwork or anything like that and you don't like working on hand stuff then maybe in other rates better for you but I love it I highly suggest that you learn a lot about the aircraft then most most of the aviation rates that are out there because like I said there's like 80 or 90% of the aircraft's on us so if you were to pick it I highly suggest it alright cool alright Francisco thank you so much for the interview I'm really his Instagram below and if you want to follow him he does uh you like to do photography stuff and yeah I try to I just do for fun he posts a lot of nude photos and it's a grand you hashtag send nudes yep some nudes yeah and so guys thanks for watching this video if you liked it click the thumbs up and be sure to subscribe thanks alright see you next

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  1. Just signed am. I ship out April 24th. There’s a small chance my contract may be switching between now and then to avionics. And my ship out date switched to April 4th. I’m happy with either situation. The only reason I’m willing to switch is cause avionics has one fag signing bonus right now.

  2. My brother was assigned to the New Jersey in 68, he died when I was 4 and I have some of his Navy ribbons, rings, photos, etc. I have been trying to figure out his rank, the rank they show in his ship photo with his service ribbons is CYCSN, nobody seems to know what it stands for. I would love to know what it means if you know. Thank you.

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