National Geographic – Super Carrier: Hi-Tech Superlaunch

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The American Military’s most advanced weapon—the Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier—is about to take on the 21st Century with the most significant technological change in over 50 years. Watch an exclusive, behind the scenes journey of the development and testing of EMALS, the electro magnetic aircraft launch system that will be state of the art on the US Navy’s new class of Aircraft Carriers.

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  1. Dictator Putin, You are Ridiculous, threatening Us With Your Knew Hypersonic Missiles, Which Obviously now we will have in less than a year Not the Russiapublicans And Trump, Their time is Coming and So is Yours. So, Hypersonics, Nice,expensive? You will never Have Enough Money For 1 of these!Your Like A Decapitated bear shaking His Fist everywhich Way

  2. In past I've seen LIM work first hand. When Disney MGM at that time tested the Rocking rollercoaster. The LIM system worked great. I would question a need for a redundant system. In the case of a high altitude EMP. the F-35 JSF is a good option for the VTAL in a worst case scenario.

  3. I think the future goal is that A.I. Robots will be doing all the fighting. My Robot is better than your mentality. Just take a look at Yemen right now. It's horrible and all so Saudi Arabia can secure a deep water port. And Venezuela, because they have Heavy Oil and the only refinery is in Texas.
    Best option, 1 guy from each country for a cage match winner take all. It would a lot less expensive and save the lives of millions of innocent people. Then the countries of the world would be able to use the money for good and make peace the number one priority. Think of all the trillions and lives lost for nothing. By now, the world could be free of poverty, disease, hunger, you name it. We have to stop WAR. I hope we can find a cure for Psychopathy and Greed.

  4. billions of cost in research and then china will build exact copy of it with almost zero cost in research, just pay some unemployed hackers.., Incredible China 😂😂😂.,

  5. भारत के पास निमित्ज़ श्रेणी के विमान वाहक के समान अपना स्वयं का विमान वाहक अरब सागर में होना चाहिए।

  6. They should have never downsized in the late eighties and nineties then they could've built a super duper carrier with plenty of personnel to rotate in and out every 6 months.  I'm talking about 1500ft of steel on the ocean.  Every last one of them.

  7. It was started in 2013 and it is now Feb 2019 and the Gerald R Ford has had several glitches that have prevented it from going into service. It is costing US taxpayers Billions of dollars trying to get it to work and it's still not ready !

  8. Don't you think that era of super carrier is ending ? hyper sonic missiles are being developed and once they are in main stream defense services, even less develop countries can afford and deploy them ? Think about a swarm of hyper sonic nuclear tipped missile attack, will such scenario will not put these carriers in danger ? I believe the future is in hands of smaller fast vessels with on-board attack drones and hyper sonic missiles These carrier will be orphan elephants out in wild with predators like lions just my thoughts no offensive

  9. They are totally fail to face TALIBAN on ground might fail US forces even air strikes are also not even 70%correct in Afghanistan or Syria or Iraq on the other end Pakistan did very well on ground with a 100% correct air attack n clear everything in few months but US took 15 years but fail

  10. How does this EMAL put less stress on the aircraft than a steam catapult. Plane still requires air speed to fly. Replacing the planes is still lots cheaper than carrier. BS project to enrich military industrial complex.

  11. This is why we need 10,000 space navy ships with super lasers it will make anything sub light speed as useless toss all our nukes and military assets in the trash

  12. The electromagnetic catapult is the same technology used in the rail gun, the Japanese bullet train, electromagnetic catapult for space exploration. The productive or useful technological advances may also include a shell that loses mass as it enters an atmosphere, and is opened like an eggshell once a safe velocity has been attained, allowing deployment from space. Or probes using hydrogen or helium balloons to decelerate and explore from the air without having to land. Here's another bright idea. Try using a hybrid system containing both hovercraft and wheeled drive systems combined. retract the wheels and use the hovercraft to change locations so that the probe is not limited to a small area.

  13. I must come to my senses. Is it all godly power and of the new bodies who received the glory of ""energy ""manifested at the battle of Armageddon to the destruction of All Flesh when they have all the military equipment filling up the megeddon valley and of over a billion people?

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