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Bit of right rudder. Power to idle Very good. Bit of right rudder… perfect! Good job! Hello everyone, you're radar contact and welcome to another VASAviation video! Bad weather is about to reach Spain so even though we're now capable to fly IFR, we want to depart while the sky is still clear and blue! Expecting a heavy crosswind all along our route of flight but a bit of tailwind on our highest flight levels so we will request FL180 for final today and take advatange of those few knots of tailwind. Also we'll be now communicating in English so you guys can understand what we're talking about in the cockpit… or most of it. and getting ready for my very first time landing this aircraft all by myself. Departing from the International airport today. Welcome aboard, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy your flight! Asturias Tower, ECMSA, we're ready to copy clearance to Madrid ECMSA, you are cleared to destination Cuatro Vientos. Standard departure XONDA1E, climb and maintain FL150. Squawk 5127. Cleared to Madrid Cuatro Vientos, departure XONDA1E, climb FL150, squawk 5127; ECMSA It's correct, are your eady for start up? We're ready for start-up, ECMSA Okay, start-up approved, ECMSA Okay, XONDA1E, FL150 and 5127 is set. Tower, ECMSA, ready for taxi ECMSA, roger… stand by Yellow vehicle, from Tower? Go ahead Tower. Can you go pick up the little aircraft on ALPHA so that I can have the departure go out the ramp via BRAVO? Sure, no problem. I'm on my way. European 161, continue straight ahead, gate ALPHA and then follow the yellow car. Straight ahead and with the yellow car, European Flyers 161 Thank you to you – BREAK BREAK – ECMSA, taxi gate BRAVO, TANGO, holding point runway 11. BRAVO, TANGO, holding point 11; ECMSA ATC reading ATIS information to Volotea aircraft Asturias Tower, ECMSA, ready for departure European 261, taxi holding point runway 11 via BRAVO and… TANGO Taxi holding point runway 11 via BRAVO and TANGO, European Flyers 261 Asturias, ECMSA, ready for departure. Copied, ECMSA, line up runway 11 Line up runway 11, ECMSA. Line up and wait, OK? Asturias, it's ACO02, hello again ACO02, go ahead ACO02 is leaving the area of the fire and coming inbound for landing and refueling Copied, ACO02, you can proceed direct to final runway 11 from present position. ECMSA, wind… 120/10, cleared for takeoff runway 11 Cleared for takeoff runway 11, ECMSA CAPT: Set power full Power set… airspeed alive. 60 knots There's crosswind. 70 knots. Rotate Positive rate… gear up. VLG15GE: Copied thanks. Vueling 15GE, we'll proceed to mile 7 if OK ATC: Wel… let's see… I prefer you going to mile 11 for now Asturias, Iberexpress 3613, ready for start-up Iberexpress 3613, start-up approved Asturias, ECMSA on departure with visual contact with the ground to proceed to XONDA if possible. Okay, if you're on ground contact, no problem. You can proceed direct GOTOX, ECMSA Maintaining ground contact and direct to GOTOX, ECMSA Direct GOTOX… set After takeoff checklists if you want… Fuel pump off, landing lights off, taxi lights off, nav lights and strobe lights, power is set and flaps are up, gear up. After takeoff checklists completed. ACO02, Tower? If you don't ming given that you're VFR, can you proceed to SW to be number 2 on approach? Sure, no problem, we're number 2 now proceeding W; ACO02 SW, I confirm. South of the field and then you will enter directly for final runway 11 Perfect, SW, thank you; ACO02 Okay, thanks to you. Vueling 15GE, you are quite faster than them so you'll be number 1 I confirm you can now continue descent 5000' feet and you can proceed direct to the 12 mile final Descending 5000' and going to the 12, 15GE Can you confirm which point we can proceed to, from 15GE? Yes, it's SW that is due south of the field and about 7 miles FIRE02, Asturias, go ahead Yes, sorry that I stepped on you. I'm departing from La Morgal, one person onboard, flight of two hours and going to the area of Tineo Copied, FIRE02, from La Morgal to Tineo and one onboard. QNH102 and I'll call you back with a squawk There is a fire there. Is that Tineo? I think that's where that helicopter is going CAPT: Report the fire. Like south of Tineo. From our position is 2 o'clock and 12-15 miles Asturias, it's ECMSA ECMSA, Asturias, go ahead. Yes, approximately at our two o'clock and about 10-15 miles, we can see a very big fire. Don't know if that's where that helicopter is heading to. Yes, we had been avised before about that fire. Thanks for your information. Not a problem, thank you. FIRE02J, squawk 7231. Squawk in 7231, FIRE02 FIRE02, confirm your current altitude and the altitude you require enroute I'm at about 1500 feet and not going any higher Copied thanks, FIRE02 Asturias, ECMSA, now passing FL140 and we request FL180 for final Affirm, continue climb… stand by. She's going to coordinate with the next frequency ECMSA, climb FL180 ECMSA, Madrid Center on frequency 126.675, have a nice flight! We can check the oxygen. You put the finger here… The percentage of oxygen is 93%… 92% now… and the heart rate is 78. ECMSA, contact Madrid on 118.4, see ya! CAPTAIN: Okay, your aircraft, my communications. CAPT: Maintain 3500' CAPT: I'll retract speedbrakes CAPT: You're flying the aircraft. My communications. CAPT: Tower, ECMSA we're reaching November ECMSA, report 3 miles on final runway 09. There's a traffic turning base now. Looking for the traffic, going to 3 miles final, ECMSA CAPT: Reduce power and maintain 3500' CAPT: You're doing great. Follow the PAPI On 3 miles final, ECMSA ECMSA, roger, continue, traffic on short final. ECMSA, there's a traffic on touch and go but we've been told that the previous one lost something on the runway. Report your intentions. If you want to land or go around to join the pattern and we do a sweep. We're gonna a low a pproach and we take a look at the runway, ECMSA Copied, we don't really know where it can be in case there is something Okay, then we'll do a low pass Copied and there's no w atraffic off the departure end. Traffic in sight. CAPT: Going around. Give it power… power… Tower, ECMSA, going around. No big FOD from our position ECMSA, roger, so you want to land next time? Affirm Roger, BREAK, Aerofan 1D Aerofan 1D, go ahead Have you copied the info from MSA? You can remain in the pattern or make a full stop this one Affirm, we'll make it a full stop now, 1D Aerofan 1D, runway 09, cleared to land Tower, from B1 We've been told to go out and sweep the runway Yes, there's a traffic that did a low pass and apparently the runway is clear but we better do the sweep. there's currently a traffic ons hort final and I'll call you back for the inspection B1, you can now proceed for the runway sweep. Do you know where the object might be approximately? No really but the runway is 09 so maybe prior to ECHO-2. Might be somewhere over there. CAPT: On downwind 09, ECMSA Roger, there's a trafic now right ahead of you ECMSA, you can proceed to final. The truck is 100 meters away to clear the runway. Turning base, ECMSA Tower, this is Bravo 1. No debris found and continue to our station Roger that, go to your station, thanks ECMSA, continue as number 1. The truck found no debris on the runway. Runway 09, cleared to land. Cleared to land 09 ECMSA Tower, B1, we're leaving via ECHO-1. Nothing found CAPT: You're doing great, perfect CAPT: Now you can bring it to IDLE CAPT: Bring it to IDLE now… perfect. Aim for the centerline CAPT: There you go, perfect, dude! Bit of right rudder CAPT: Great, great! Right rudder… perfect. Well done! Let it run, let it run CAPT: Let me take the power ECMSA, when off the runway, 121.8, bye!

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