MBC News Report – Saudia Airlines Arrives in Toronto

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News report for MBC.net in Dubai. The very first Saudia Airlines landing in Pearson International Airport

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  2. flying from Toronto. Jeddah to Dubai flight had two full meals in a 2.5 hours flight. Awesome experience, all movies were highly censored though lol. No comparison to Air Canada who serve peanuts on a 6 hours Edmonton – Toronto flight.

  3. For anyone not familiar, From Pearson Airport, there are multiple options to access Montreal also.

    Air Canad has many flights, and the in-air time is likely to be about 75 to 90 minutes to P.E. Trudeau airport. Once there, the STM 747 Airport service shuttles to multiple downtown locations,. these buses are equipped with large baggage racks, all saving the added cost and nuisance of the taxi line. Once downtown if you really need it, taxis are available but look first to get familiar with the many other options – many of them may be just a shotr walk in the underground city!

    Alternatively, there is also rail service between Pearson airport and Toronto's union station, where Via Rail provides rail service a number of times daily to Downtown Montreal's Central station. There, you arrive underground and upstairs (there are also elevators) you are in the middle of that same underground city.

    this might well be a safer option if you arrive at Pearson in inclement (bad) weather in the winter.

  4. They used to have a regulation that one of the pilots has to be a non-Muslim.
    A former Saudia flight instructor told me this. After the crash where both pilot –instead of trying to control the situation– started praying. I've flown Saudia a number of times. Each time they sound the prayer before taking off I had a hard time not bursting in laughter. "Allah please help us because we are not very good in what we are doing. I want to go to Paradise but not yet…" It was very amateurish all the way. Like showing your passport to at the desk and the guy asks you "which country are you from"…as if it is not written on the cover of tha passport!

  5. dude i was in that first flight going from Riyadh to Toronto lol they greeted us with that water splash when we arrived , long story short before we took off from Riyadh i was fuckin stoned out of my mind , and they was choosing people randomly to take a picture with the captain while he give you a certificate with your name in it and shake your hand . ,, maan i was so fuckin high i thought that i already graduate from the college that i was going to in Toronto and they celebrating

  6. Ive been on a plane from jeddah to toranto last year. Long flight 😂😂 the people are really REALLY rude thoo. Specially the ladies. She yelled at me cause i couldnt speak arabic AND IM NOT ARABIC. Im east african and im a muslim. I felt really uncomfortable around her. Her makeup was sooo scary too. 😂😂😂😂

  7. يا جماعة الخير لازم تعرفو شي ترا خصوصا الي متشائم من الخطوط السعودية , من حقكم تتشائمو ترا الخطوط مستنية القطرية و طيران الخليج تمسك الرحلات الداخلية اكثر منكم ,, لانو الخطوط السعودية بايعة الرحلات الداخلية بزق لانو مكسبها فيها قليل بسبب مكرمة الملك عبدالله بتخفيض اسعار الرحلات الداخلية , و الخطوط السعودية اسطول طياراتها مو كثير و اغلبها ف الرحلات الداخلية لكن اذا القطرية و الخليج مسكو الرحلات الداخلية الخطوط السعودية حتقدر توفر طيارات اكثر للرحلات الدولية و مكسب الخطوط حيتضاعف محا يقل بحسب ظن اغلبكم , الخطوط السعودية مكسبها من الرحلات الدولية و الشحن فقط , اما الرحلات الداخلية ف مكسبها قليل جدا و انا بصفتي موظف في الخطوط السعودية اتمنى من كل قلبي اننا نفتك من الرحلات الداخلية الي مسببتلنا هم احنا كموظفين مستنين شركات الطيران التانية تمسك الرحلات الداخلية ب أحررر من الجمممر و نمسك الرحلات الدولية فقطططط و نرتااااااححححح و نرججع بيوتنا مرتااحييين 

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