Mayhem In Mexico City – Government Learjet 45 Crash – P3D

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On November 4th, 2008, an official Mexican Secretariat of the Interior aircraft crashed in central Mexico City at around 18:45 local time.

29 thoughts on “Mayhem In Mexico City – Government Learjet 45 Crash – P3D”

  1. Mexican "Govt Officials" riding around in Lear Jets. Am I being punked? The only problems with drugs are the GOVT. Most people could care less if you want to die high on crack. The American Govts job isn't to protect us from ourselves. Pointing their guns at me and telling me I have to pay for it, that's a real problem. How could the Govt justify itself and its 10s of trillions in costs without these fake crimes? Drug users commit a crime on themselves already, I sure don't need to make it worse. Govt should be handing out drugs free to anyone that wants them and then letting Darwin sort it out instead of my wallet and god given Liberty.

  2. I am starting to wonder how often the "wake turbulence" gets plugged into reports when no other reason can be found. In a similar vein we don't hear much about the "Bermuda Triangle" like we used to when I was a kid either.

  3. Outstanding video. This was a new case to me. It’s amazing that a pilot wouldn’t recognize that each type of plane can have a different feel and make sure they were thoroughly trained, especially with VIPs on board. I’m glad there’s a colonel or higher with lots of experience that flies the POTUS. 😀

  4. Since I started watching your channel, I realized my fear of incidents was greatly misplaced. I was only worried about incidents on the ascent and cruising altitude. The ascent because it seemed like takeoff emergencies were more anomalous and frequent. And cruising altitude, because if you're going down, you have way more time to think about it.
    Now, even though the statistical odds remain in my favor. I'm more worried about the pilots, proper maintenance, good engineering, and the descent more than anything.
    Anyways, great video, always anticipating more uploads!

  5. It amazes me that this thing called wake turbulence is taken so lightly by so many pilots and ATC people. It is real and has been killing hundreds of people over many years and these aviation people just kind of pay it no never mind! Just amazingly stupid!

  6. Great job!! I live in Mexico City and it was outstanding to see all this chaos on live news. Now I can understand what happened. Have a great day dear Xpilot! Thank u and keep up the good job!

  7. Another great video. Very good work. Another Learjet crash you might want to look at was the one at Teterboro, New Jersey a couple years ago. The NTSB just issued the final report on it and it's pretty interesting. Again, great job!

  8. I appreciate you adding some lighting around the windows to make these nighttime crashes easier to see (if that's why its like that). Still a little difficult to see though. But overall, excellent video as always!

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