Manchester Airport Catch of the Day #6 – Plane Spotting

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Spent a good few hours at the Airport Pub and Grill on a beautiful February day. First up is Cathay Pacific’s brand new Airbus A350-1000, departing after its first visit to Manchester. Love the way the engines put out that harrowing groan before they roar into life. Then Qatar Airways 777 with a super slow motion of this awesome aircraft leaving a generous deposit of rubber on the runway. Finally some super close up detail of Virgin Atlantic’s newly renamed 747 ‘Forever Young’, the Captain returning the wave to spectators enjoying the sunshine and atmosphere of this great spotting place.

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10 thoughts on “Manchester Airport Catch of the Day #6 – Plane Spotting”

  1. Great video , loved this ! You can’t beat the Airport Pub for getting up close to some awsome planes . I’ve had my hat blown off by the jet wash a few times in the beer garden . Very jealous of you getting a balcony view . Top camera work as usual 👌🏼👍🏼

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