Manchester Airport Case Study

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We’re supporting Manchester Airport’s Transformation Programme by undertaking a complex project to relocate a substation from the middle of a taxiway.

Manchester Airport is currently the third largest airport in the UK we're going to develop the facilities we have here yeah we're gonna have to add capacity we want our facilities to be world-class and that's what our transformation program is all about UK power network services contract to relocate substation b1d is absolutely key to releasing the capacity in our taxiway network the existing substation is in the way at the moment there's a bottleneck planes have to wait for other planes to taxi through so this will enable them to remove the bottleneck and have a smoother flow since starting on site it was clear that a health and safety is quite paramount UK pns their very health and safety LED which is also very important on a working airport we're located in Manchester Airport offices with the PMO group we have a direct day-to-day contact with them which enables working practices to be easier and if they have any issues we have any issues we can we've got a direct link to them so it's very good they are working with us as opposed to just a just being a contractor they fitted in very well and have become part of the airfield PMO team what makes it complicated is the associated airfield ground lighting which is all the lighting that runs on the runways and the taxiways to guide the aircraft and it also feeds all the communications for the airport both of which we also have to move it's very complex we have planes coming in and going out all day and we have the issue with wings it clearances it can be a case where you look up and there is a few feet away as the the tip of the wing of one of the large aircrafts you kpn from the stars or a professionalism the way they've prepared and the way that they have gone about looking at alternatives and the best solution for us has been very impressive so for Manchester Airport it's a really important project for us is very important [Applause] you