Low-Budget Travel! || Cheap flights, hotels, and more

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My top tips for traveling on a budget: flight searches, hostels, daily meals, tours, fun, and more.

Flight resources:
Momondo –
Skyscanner – – Set up alerts for specific routes
Hipmunk – – Compare overnight flights and layovers by “agony”
Kayak – – See where you can travel in your budget using the “Explore” tab!
Scott’s Flight List – – Frequent alerts on crazy cheap international flights from the U.S.! Sign up for the free version (which is what I use) or pay a monthly membership fee to get more flight alerts

TripAdvisor – – Great reviews of hotels, hostels and more
Airbnb –
HomeExchange – – Swap apartments/houses with people from other countries!
WWOOF – – Volunteer on an organic farm in exchange for room and board


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here are my top tips on how to travel cheap now flights and hotels in the most expensive parts of traveling so for flights I recommend using all of the lists and search engine tools and sale finders that you can sites like mondo Skyscanner and Google flights we'll help you find the cheapest roots and itineraries that you can to the destination you want to go and email lists like one then I'll link in the description give you cheap flights to anywhere which I love to read I tend to travel to places where my friends are either by myself and Crouch with them or to go with a group of friends and rent an Airbnb it's just so much more fun to see the city through the eyes of somebody who knows it really well and it doesn't hurt to save that money as well but if you don't have someone living where you want to go hostels are a great option the website TripAdvisor has really detailed reviews of all things from restaurants to attractions to tours to hotels and it's a great resource to know okay is this hostel okay is it sketchy what is you know the lounge and bar seem like it's gonna be really loud at night are the people more party focused or more tour focused but hustles are great when you're traveling alone especially there's knowledgeable staff a lot of them have good Wi-Fi and the sort of lounge pub area is a great place to meet people even just to hang out with for a few hours or for the day so once you get your cheap flight and once you sort out your accommodations you gotta figure out what are you gonna eat and what are you gonna do when you get there figuring out public transit is really important to be able to get around the city but if you're a little bit skittish about it I recommend taking one of those open-top bus the red city bus tours if available to you I think it's a great way to just get a sense of the layout and topography of the city you can do a hop-on hop-off tour where you just see all the major attractions in order on a route and it's a really great way to kind of map in your head okay these are the areas I want to go back to these are how far away they are from each other and if you're smart about buying a 24-hour pass and you start it for example at noon on Monday it'll be good til noon on Tuesday so you can get in a long afternoon of sightseeing on Monday and Oh morning a sightseeing on Tuesday and in general I'm a fan of getting off the beaten track of seeing new neighborhoods of letting your feet and your nose you know and your whims be your guide but again if you need sort of extra help if you're tired after a long day of traveling this hop-on hop-off can be a good call also boat tours view in Amsterdam coupe and hung in any city with cool waterways Paris as well to thames boat tour but i want to i love these so for food you should choose your own adventure if you like fine dining and you want a budget for fine dining go for it i tend to like to graze throughout the day so i'll buy one thing here and there from bakeries and other specialty stores and really not sit down eat at all i want to be outside and i want to be kind of exploring the city and I love just lingering in a cafe reading a book writing some notes as I sort of go throughout my day in a new city if you're traveling through the longer term it's also nice to just get a few groceries and leave them in your hotel or in your hostel kitchen tied up and label to no one else eat some it just feels sort of homey and like a good routine to make your own meals at least a few times a week so even if that's bread and fruit and cheese and you make yourself a little plate and goes in the hostel lounge I made a book it is that sort of touch of domesticity that makes the new place feel like home I also think Foursquare is the best restaurant review app out there Yelp is very petty in my experience but Foursquare it has a great tagging mechanism the map is really easy to use and it helps you sort of find the place with a vibe that you're looking for which is a hard thing to search and as I mentioned before but you think it's going to help you it is so much fun to save for a trip it's fun to put a few dozen or a few hundred dollars every month into a travel savings account with the picture of the place that you're going you can daydream about going there I love to have a nice time and try new things and I'm travelling so sometimes that means a concert or seeing a play or pain to get into a great museum and budget traveling means what it's gonna mean to you maybe you want to stay at an awesome hotel and take a business class flight and use credit card points or bonus sign up offers to you know have the trip of your dreams that's fine like the short you should have fun but you can budget for that fun and have exactly the kind of fun that you can afford if you budget in advance budget for fun that you might know more title please leave your tips and stories and questions on budgeting for travel in the comments and I'll come at you with some tips on packing light tomorrow

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  1. TripAdvisor is my crack. I honestly think I was a travel agent in another life. Love your recommendation about hop on hop off buses. I think it's a great way to get the lay of the land and then go explore in the neighborhoods that seem the most intriguing to you. I also think getting on email lists for hotels is a great way to find deals. In the past I've occasionally planned trips to NYC around ridonkulous hotel deals that I found out about because I'm on the hotel's email list and I couldn't pass up the deal. I agree that AirBnB is always preferred but sometimes these hotel deals beat it.

  2. My fav thing to do during travels is walking tours. Often given by locals it's a great way to see the city through their eyes even if you don't know anyone else in the city. Most are paid with wide cost ranges. But every so often you find places like San Fran where the library host dozens of walking tours around the city for free from local historian enthusiasts.

    One of the best walking tours I've even been on was in Barcelona where it ended up just being me, my wife, and our tour guide who gave an amazing tour of the city and became a great local friend.

  3. "Budget for fun." I agree!! I like to find local hashtags on Instagram to find where people commonly eat. I also like an app called Gogobot! You can easily type in a city and different restaurants and things to do will pop up! You can also make a list on the app. Google Flights is a gem and I'm glad you're aware it exists!

  4. great tips, i'd add couchsurfing to the list. I've met some great people through that and if you're careful & travelling with a friend it isn't that risky. also check the local transport before choosing the hop-on hop-off bus! some cities have those same or very similar routes in their regular lines and you can use them for the price of a single ticket

  5. This was brill brill brill – I'm going to Salzburg for my 26th birthday on my own, because no one will appreciate The Sound of Music sights as much as me. Noting down the tips, cheers mateeee xxxx

  6. I'm traveling to London this summer alone for a pretty extended amount of time. I want to take some time to go to Paris, but I'm nervous about going by myself. What are some things to be aware of when traveling alone? How do you make the best of it without being worried (especially about being in a country where I speak 0% of the language)?

  7. Hostelworld.com makes finding hostels incredibly easy, and the customer reviews/ratings section is extensive, so you can get a very good idea of the quality of the hostel you're considering. I've stayed in about 10 hostels across Europe using that site, and I had a good experience every time. Also, on the topic of European travel, I cannot recommend interrailing enough. The interrail ticket is valid for a set period of several days or weeks on most trains throughout mainland Europe (though France has a few restrictions, and I'm not sure how/if it works in Scandinavia). It was the most exciting holiday experience I've ever had, and it gives you the freedom to be as organised or spontaneous as you like on your journey. My travelling buddy and I started off by planning everything carefully (and, if I remember rightly, there's an itinerary app on the interrailing website that gives you a space to plan your journey down to the last detail, if that's your thing!), but once we got into our stride we kind of just let the journey happen! We visited 7 cities in 3 weeks, from Barcelona to Prague. It was so much fun!

  8. When I went to Paris with my dad and brother we had a map printed out with the metro on it and marked the locations of things we wanted to see and where our hotel was, which is super handy when you don't have internet and you can plan the days spontaneusly and see which places are close together ๐Ÿ™‚
    also figure out how the cash situation is gonna be! for instance in the netherlands you can pay with debit basically anywhere, even if it's a very small amout, but in germany it's uncommon to pay with debit if it's below 15 euros.

  9. Those are all great tips! I would also add, if you have food allergies like me, preparing a list of food places you can eat at ahead of time is a lifesaver. Also apps like gluten free near me are great if you're in a pinch.

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