Look Around You: Season 1 Pilot – Calcium

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The scientists of Look Around You examine calcium.

36 thoughts on “Look Around You: Season 1 Pilot – Calcium”

  1. first reaction: oh this is like computer chronicles but for brits in school and about school topics
    second reaction: Unless that ladies name is Calcium and was revealed in the previous episode then the narrator is reaching
    third reaction: strange source of calcium there are many impurities in teath including enamal but okay.
    fourth reaction: Helveti..wha………okay I'm in this part of youtube now…. yup this is Brittish Nightvale

  2. My family made its fortune through the manufacture of Besselheim plates for science, and then lost it all again by making defective Lady Jane Grey tubes, which resulted in the deaths of over 370,000 scientists.

  3. I remember being shown old educational VHS videos like this during the late 90s in Finland. Probably British ones that had been dubbed. I'm glad I saw them so I can appreciate Look Around You way more.

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