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[Applause] hi ladies gentlemen welcome back to another video welcome back to the cockpit of a 76 warm to Juliet the piper arrow it's Q&A time what are we doing today – you asked why why am i doing a Q&A in the cockpit well I'll do it a lot flight today I already pick up my girlfriend up in Miami so why don't all I know to Miami today I probably put the route up on the screen for you if I come up somewhere over here all right but I think on Instagram a little video asking for your questions the response from you all was really really good so how big is your what Oh flap outdoor oh never – Julia you found the proof runway seven clear for takeoff Whitcomb sorry five we're all fit follow this guy no ball don't wear of eight yes can help don't climb inés off initial altitude all thoughts about 13-hundred cuz there's a brothel where space directly above us and then once we had a bit further right we'll we'll climb it up a little bit there we go alright then little think before we start the Q&A I got a lot of a lot of the same questions asked by multiple different people so if I put one question on the screen and happens not to be your particular one that you asked on on a video or on Instagram there please not be I can move it I'm sure you clever stuff I got a lot of the same questions for quite a few people so without being said I think we should crack on with the first question Tino tell welcomer he nods Helfer I do apologize from st. E's near Drock P North helper which part of Australia are you problem to good start just ten thousand five hundred sixty six point six miles northwest of Australia this is great answer I'm from Bolton include David Miller do you want to what brought you to America what brought me to America was a virgin an alum six seven four seven me my family used to come here on holiday quite a lot and we bought a holiday at home in the year 2000 we used to come here maybe two or three times a year really enjoyed coming over here and just enjoyed the the kind of the atmosphere the the kind of lifestyle that we saw so we decided that you know we wanted to move over here so we made it happen got a question from a patron here if you weren't aware I am on patreon you want to support the channel over the patreon page up well a link to it in the description and it also be something in the corner so Deanna tickle great name by the way she says I would like to know how you got involved in aviation and how old were you want you side why not like this question what got me into aviation with my granddad oh god dad used to be in the Royal Air Force which is Fawcett Britain when I was a kid growing up in a club we used to always go to our F bases we used to go to airports I'm gonna look at the different planes and stuff like that it was with him that I actually grew a love for aviation lovin point nobody else did the familywize so it was solely down to him unfortunately he's not with us anymore but he's always with me every day because I fly every day so we used to anytime he used to go and stay as I was used to days my grandma's house every weekend summer mom and dad cook away god knows what they were up to don't even want to know that if you watch it doctor stop it oh yeah I used to save my grandma gonna Zeus every weekend maybe my granddad used to go off white simulator and fly the big planes and enjoy the time off flight simulator so yeah he's the reason that why that's what got me into aviation Michael let you at Michael Leger before we get into this is an old student of mine so I like to give him a quick show the white boys back there's a few different paths what's the first part of it how long did it take you to get your private license I started flying in 2008 with a company called all under flight training thrown in Kissimmee they were a part 141 school as I went in to do the training and whatever get it started I'd you know I didn't really know much about the process of whatever and put 50 grand down on an account I was kind of flying with with an instructor he left flying another instructor there left another instructor I went through five different instructors in my my time midway through 2009 I had to stop because I run out of money so Lord a couple of times I've cross-country solos and whatever but I'd racked up close to a hundred hours I've got a private Vickers particular flight school so that was 2008 to 2009 I stopped for a long time until 2012 and I kinda clicked myself back into gear and got back into it went up to all up to executive met my man instructor called Josh Johnston who actually you'll see if you go back to the very first videos on the channel which is terrible but going overlooked if you if you want to cringe Bobette him best instructor over up in reality it taught me from 2008 to 2012 to get my private license now shem mashup mashup that's your name now ship sorry Fargo you're wrong what is the best advice she gives someone they sign their pilot journey any tips or advice that might be valuable in the long run it starts with you and your flight instructor if you enjoy coming fly if the instructor makes you feel comfortable if you have a laugh with your instructor while you're doing the training I think that's the best piece of advice I can give you find an instructor you get along with second thing don't rely solely on the instructor okay I always tell my students to go through and study study study at home and I emphasize the word study if you're just going to flight lessons no kind of studying at home and just going in and expecting the instructor to tell he'll tell you everything and whatever it's not going to work you've got to be an active participant in the instruction process and that's straight from the fundamentals of instructing any instructors watching or 5,500 feet level it off there Aaron adventure lay this question is favorite her cup to fly and the one you want to fly Moss to the future I like Piper arrow my pros good Cherokee Archer but what I've always wanted to fly is a diamond tier 4 or the diamond twin star in futures fires an airline is concerned I want to fly a 747 that's the tree next question whoo-hoo 79 what's the next step for you ATP yes sir that's the next step mark Schmidt do you work for a flight school are you an independent flight instructor I am an independent flight instructor back to that mark next question oh Jesus this is opening a can of worms Sal asks why did you leave the flight school in Kissimmee all right so I'm gonna think about this a way to be diplomatic I'll get my point across in a nutshell without kind of going into too much detail you know and whatever bring it up bad stuff but I was not happy with the way that something was with Don at flight school I didn't agree with it certain ways that training should be done and when students should be allowed to Saul or whatever and I had quite a lot of arguments with the owner at the end of the day I just thought it was best to go out my own way and do things on my own because I'd be much happier and I'd be able to give my students better training there was another reason that I left the owner of the company did his best and it kind of worked actually to stop me from flying with Otto so that's why he didn't see officer on the channel for a while not because being hot so I had to follow notebook because I also had a falling out with the order but yeah I didn't like the way that I was trying to be controlled in that sense and that's not the reason that I left but yeah I just feel like I'm better off as an independent flight instructor now I'm certainly more free enjoying myself giving my students better instruction so there you go are you gonna be here you could be flying with us or mono the praying hands yes we'll be fine with on top all you've seen him a couple of times recently jgs double-oh-seven when you and I saw get married he is already a bottle versatile Oh big is oxwas channel he's got quite a few subscribers can you give a shout out viewer from Malaysia blue dicks aviation has made it to Belleza G Bentley welcome to the channel you've got a show I hope I'm saying your name right Malaysia people with Malays you're watching the chars insane Anthony live for the option number seven with you being soft pale how hard is it to prevent yourself from being stubborn when flying it's this difficult for me to get sunburned in the plane as it is for you to know you're lazy eight sheet book Ian Cohen from patreon another patron thanks Ian for being a part of the channel what is your favourite certificate already to teach private instruments efi ET cie great question Ian February and teach is instrument rain just the technicality an actual instrument flying flying in air clouds and doing the instrument approaches I love that stuff good question it and thanks for your support of bear trail what is the most worrying thing about it shrubs in another fantastic question Holly you're awesome as you name suggests sending a student so law for the very first time that's the boss worrying thing think about it you basically endorse it a student's log books in that they are they're proficient to go on fly fly an airplane they will not it's an accident but they're doing it on your certificate if they have an accident it all comes back to you as an instructor the great weather it's not that you can do just south on the ground watch it they've gone around the traffic pattern or whatever that is probably the most worrying think about instructed to me if the CFI is that watching the channel maybe comment what you think is the most worrying thing if you agree with our hot dog Jack you is 79 GT Jack's did you have any dangerous situation while flying or even an emergency landing regards from Germany looting CBS is in Germany well worldwide I've never had an in-flight emergency let's just get that over straight away you may have seen a couple of videos which I'll explain in a second with with some situations that I wasn't comfortable with kind of took the plane down but in Norway of I had an emergency yet I'm sure it will happen at some point was it quite situation think that kind of scared me the ball just is probably with a student I think it was just a bad day for the student we're called insulin non-final and he started to flare very high and as we fled the plane started to stall and as we stalled we were coming down to the runway we kind of went off to the left of the runway over the grass area and I had to step in and like I cannot tell you the kind of feeling I got not still it because I thought we were going to smash into the grass break the plane in whatever book I jumped in for power Knowles don't to regain the air floor so I pushed the nose down we can't against some airspeed over the grass that kind of really really unstable and then we can decline to wear an air-traffic control kind of came over or the frequency or just like yeah good job there's another situation a long time ago on the channel where I took off from all on and off the private airstrip and I got some engine prophetís just took it straight back down it either took power off and kinda took it back to the runway the opposite runway that we took off from Ben 5000 of the pants or boxer shorts a hundred percents got to be boxers I don't like got the pants the two-tire upper thighs also they go up into my groin when I start walking how do you feel about the current status EFI pair do you think is it not to live on all right first of all you can't live on CFI here well there's a big asterisk next to it let's take a general day of wine or a flight walk okay usually two hours let's say you arrive at 8 o'clock with the student ok takes about half an hour to preflight by the time you've got in the plane maybe that's another maybe five ten minutes or so that's about 40 minutes of time that you as an instructor have got to work but I'm not getting paid for it right I see making $25 now let's say you go flying fern-like and now we're just over an hour let's say $30 you get appeared at all the $30 for that block time that you spent with us dude split that up into the two hours that you Bittner you're actually making $50 an hour miss which really for what we do the amount of responsibility we have as flight instructors I don't believe that is got pay at all I mean yet you can't live on it but you've got to do more hours at borrow as a borrower's the other thing as well is you'll find a lot of flight schools advertised quite cheap prices but they will take from the flight instructor for them to do it nor work so I don't agree with that to kind of sum it up yeah you can live on it you're not gonna throw you're not gonna be rich like that you could just the boat get by on it and that's what I was doing when I was at white school rent gin and the advice for a newly minted pilot what should I do besides flying for an enjoy being a pilot my kind of philosophy that the way that I explain things to my private students the private pilot's license is a license for you to go out and learn and they're with me on this one because you're thinking to yourself well we've already learned through the training well yeah you've learned with an instructor by your side most of the time now it's time for you to take that private license get out why and experience things on your own because when you've talked about safety now next year it becomes a lot different you learn so much I would say a fly is what she's you can't ask my advice will crow fir I know you're from England cuz I sent you a shirt if you were occurring what would you be I'd be a bit dilute because in the cockpit I'm always hotter than the Sun I'm always sweating this stuff and if you leave me in here for a while and I start smelling like a bit de lui we're so Bob Bob Fozzie Bear want are you spitting current what's your outlook on spit training great question Fozzie Bear bean curry the United States in the Africa with the FAA you just have to have an endorsement so I'm current whether I'd be proficient and spin this is a different question of Spence's I was training for my CFI which was course the two years ago but as far as what's my view on spit training I feel like it's neglected at least here in the US for the private you don't have to do a spin you just get taught the theory behind it or whatever I feel like if a student is exposed to a spin what it feels like and how to properly recover from it that's what we should be doing but then again you've got aircraft like this one you this is spit approved the only spin approved ones that I've ever been in Cessna 172s so not everybody trains I don't want 72 so be difficult to implement not from the FAA I think everybody should be exposed to a spin at least once how many pages in your CFA notebook how long did it take you to write love the bids keep up the Oscar stuff thank you people for watching appreciate it cookie man it's not a notebook it's a massive boulder I'll put it on the screen no took me a good few weeks to do but I was going on it's solid brighten it all open it's all my old writing I didn't buy it from anywhere but are so big it is Louise ah she's my friend okay don't worry Louisa is we should probably wha what you've seen her in a video before I'll put it right here though she is I love your clothes unless you sneeze I felt it on the buckle who are your favorite people pilots obviously you're not a pilot well you are one of my favorite people okay I do like it what do you think about Columbia people love called me of people my girlfriend's call up your vehicle would be a Quantico bit what's your dream airline to work for good question virgin one thing that's so I want to fly for it the rover what's your take on the pilot shortage is now a good time to try and start flying professionally absolutely everybody is hiring the amount of people retiring out where's the production of pilots at the moment good for people like news going for the NCP soon and getting a job already be talking with an airline and they're keen to you know they're offering all these big bonuses to sign on you know everybody all the airlines are competing for pilots so it's a great time to do it so that's a good question yeah do you recommend ppl holders to get a Cpl or CFI before getting into the big stuff so is the thing to be a CF I you have to have your commercial pilot's license to get to ATP you need to have your commercial license so you've got to go through private instrument get you commercial I think I'd say go onto CFI before going to an airline it's the best way to build I was unless you get looking and find like an aerial survey job B singer three three nine just curious to know if you're instructed to build up hours with the goal to get a job with the airlines yes I next question MC all spot in HD how many I was do you have I just passed 1350 hours the FAA requires 1500 before getting a full ATP so I'm closing in on it are you getting your Mei out on the soon that ship bolts the engine instructor out on soon can we expect multi-engine training videos in the future so I'm not getting my Mei not gonna be a multi-engine instructor I will however be doing my bolts Eng ready pretty soon I will be recording it so you will see that a sub-points a bump not getting my Mei your caustic York all day every day I don't know there's something about it that that I prefer not a fun of the stick I think all tours are fantastic I thought might be fun of the stick what's the most common mistakes you see students and hope can they avoid the forget your fundamentals of flying private students a at least you know straighten level do it turns finds the sentence using outside references using the horizon and stuff like that I always find that they'll keep the nose high they'll keep the nose law they won't reference the horizon the head will be inside the plane most of the time and as a private student what most leave it well or but all the time would be afar you know if you see the nose too far away for the horizon pull it up just to fire above it push it down use that horizon as an instructor it's really kind of in a bit of turbulence because of this keeping us close next to us as the instructors are really frustrated to see that because that's such a fundamental thing Darren Pauly oh here we go can you descend as fast as Bolton Wanderers from the Premier League with a bit of a winky face You cheeky pop bit in context for the people that don't know about wonders is the football team than our support in including my prop bolts and it's my hometown team bolt till I die we were in the Premier League which is the top division in England for a long time and then we went out of it and we've not been in it for quite a while now Darren thinks he's buddy bringing that up could you descent as fast as bolt wanders for the Premier League well Darren we can send it just as fast as I could descend on your brother um any tips for you see if I don't be like Darren give you student and environment that is fun I can't tell you how many instructors I've had in the past that made me feel comfortable they've made me not want to be in the cockpit with them and it stops learning most of all let them make mistakes after all we all learn from mistakes knowing advice for a CFI in training yeah make your lesson pompous in my opinion don't buy your lesson plums okay because you've now buy them against all the information in your head as you're typing it out or whatever and it gets it all in your head and you've structured it your way that's good for you use it what we call the building blocks are learning going from simple to complex it kind of verbalize your way through everything imagine that you're in the plan talking to yourself rubadoux vers okay we're doing we're doing a stall okay why do we do a stall okay well we do it because this such-and-such how do we do it we set up for power off stalls if I'm coming into land you'll start to see relationships between things as you can t verbalize it so loo for the lightning bolt one thing is can I do at home in order to minimize the amount of money I spend on training study at home do a home study course by my climb spa is Shepherd air even pink schools they've got a good system even though it's all that's gonna minimize the amount of growing sessions that you're gonna have to do I'm an instructor that doesn't believe in forcing ground upon people again another reason I'm doing things independently you know part sixty once doesn't have a no a requirement by an hourly requirement for doing grown school so studied at home get the written test done as soon as you possibly can will be interesting to hear the different challenges for ppl students into machines to CFI students okay ppl students always struggle with kind of doing things on the roll they get used to having a safety net next door so let's say they're doing communication and there's something that they don't hear quite right they'll initially turn to the instructor look at the instructors if what-do-i-do what-do-i-do whatever the point of being a pilot or the point of flight training is the destruct i want you to do things on your own so you're gonna take the steps to do things on your own so the private wants to have their hand held all the time instrument guys maybe they've been flying for a little while on their own and they've kind of got over things by doing checklists sometimes they're struggle with getting back in for that when you're over the hood simulated IMC or in actual IMC you have to visualize what's going on outside of the plane while you're not looking outside of the plane and that's what I see a lot of people struggling with so commercial students it's not really struggling much because I think commercial is it easy ray CFI students struggle with that same thing that I just thought about verbalizing the way through as you do approvers cuz it can't be distracting good trying to talk to a student and actually performs a believer at the same time this you know it's it can be quite difficult next question Carlos Alberto Lucio Montenegro great name his initials spell calm nice like it if if you shooting house a little reduction here in ability could he have problems in the medical examination what you recommend nation is with that the FAA have standards for how you here it should be a things something like the guys the examiners got a stance six feet behind you or whatever and say something that you've got it area something like that but but let's say you know you've got hearing difficulties you can see a professional and see what you can do to help it out and then you get a statement of demonstrated ability a soda so if you can demonstrate to to the FAA that you can still fly the plane safely that you're competent pilot even with a little bit hearing issue then you're gonna be golden so I'd look into that Brian McElroy brother-sister reunion no was the compliant actually so I've got to get my sister bucket flyboy ROG if you could go back and change anything a new training either the pass shoot path you chose schools et Cie what would it be I would probably change spending fifty grand no getting a private license at the beginning a trainee to this day and I kind of Nicolas me with the stuff that went on there were the amount of different instructors I was given but at the time you know I didn't know any better so we went through it and it happened you can't change it but what I will say if I did do those hundred hours before I got my private then I would be at this point now you not I mean I won't be at 1350 I'll be at 12:54 time to go before going to an airline you want more question okay this is this is a birdie question I get quite a lot cost the cost aviation ask this Jess wants he lives down in Miami actually I'll close the bio me hi week although we great question I'm a long week about myself I prefer the feel of it feels to be more like an airliner I find a ball stable it it maneuvers maybe some people that disagree with that but that's just what I find is my personal personal preference so I'm a long wait guy that's where we'll cap off this Q and a Q and a joke this is this is taking a lot of time to do there's a big good there's been an hour and a half of of Q&A I like it nice too smooth gospel cloak buildups going on you can probably see from that let's say the cap is off and I'll get you to rejoin me as I'm underneath the class Bravo with Miami Hornet to lump it's a Miami executive airport which is kilo Bravo if you're interested back to the questions everybody if you enjoyed us doing this then you should certainly let me know in the comments maybe in future you can think of some different questions and maybe we'll get another Q&A video going at some point but no I'm gonna say goodbye and I'll see you when we're approaching that Tommy Tommy all right Cielo yeah Miami students you lose proficiency so he's good to kind of go up on my own and not fly with the shoes because I'm actually in control I'm actually having to do it rather than talk people through it it is we've got a project in we're doing nine right seatbelts are on property fourfold mixture feel pop London I could go on know sober but I don't want to to entrap you still fact if you like you start that left turn direct to the numbers Roger left I records wants to do they like a three great diner locked up in an approach speed welcome to Tommy honey but Lonnie could have been a little bit better probably hypercritical but I'll be really critical

46 thoughts on “LewDix Aviation Q&A!”

  1. Nice one man – In the middle of my PPL now – i now say "welcome to the sky" to my instructor 😀 Best channel out there in the ether of aviation channels. Keep it up man.

  2. A wealth of information. Thanks for doing it. Just based on the information sharing, one of your best videos so far. Bolton…are currently in the drop zone. Can't go into League One mate.

  3. CFI wise you might be doing it wrong… at least I pay my instructor from the moment I walk in the door until the moment I leave.. I'm paying for his time, he's teaching me the entire time and while I am in the NYC area I am paying 50$ an hour for his time. He's worth every penny.

  4. Rockin' Q&A! CFI tips were a plus.
    One good thing about being bounced around during primary, albeit unfortunate, is we can relate to student frustration knowing how to prevent it.
    My similar experience is duly logged.

  5. Cool video man, just been signed off for spins and stalls at only 9.6 hours! Joining the circuit at my next lesson and the next step is solo! So excited for that 🙂 Watching all the way from south africa! 🙂

  6. Jolly good video man! The people brought a few good bangers to table! I will think up the next set of socially awkward but critically important questions for the next one! cheers mate

  7. Refreshing to hear that for various reasons it can take some time to get your PPL. I’ve been on and off for two years as well. Flew the PA28. Now learning in the Diamond DA40. Fly down to KPMP and fly the Diamond with us! My instructor even talks like you 😊 Enjoy your videos.

  8. Any chance of a quick guide on mixture leaning? Seems like a bit of a dark art to master be honest! … other than the usual way of pulling the red handle back a bit and saying "ermmm that should do" 😀

  9. I really enjoyed this! just a quick observation that I may be wrong on , don't you just need the CPL knowledge requirements for the CFI course ? with out actually obtaining the cpl license? I have told my self it would be silly not to go the final step but a good conversation starter 😛

  10. Mr Dix. How the bloody hell are you? I am currently working on my CFI rating and very much enjoy your videos. I’m from Manchester but now live in the U.S. If you are ever in the land of 10,000 lakes (MN) then please reach out. All the best.

  11. Thanks for the video. Just earned my ppl late last year. One thing I used to save on training was to write (and review with my cfi after I drafted it) a detailed script for each part of the traffic pattern and chair fly it, which only costed my time. Allowed me to focus on the feel of the airplane vs rpm settings, when to trim, radio calls, etc.

  12. Definitely have to agree signing off solo students is pretty stressful, #1 reason I'm thankful I do Instrument only. I wont build time as quick but everything has a trade-off right?

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