Legacy Aviation 84" Turbo Bushmaster – SupaTim

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We’re back at the 2016 Tri-Cities Huckfest and SupaTim Hanstine takes up one of several Legacy Aviation 84″ Turbo Bushmasters that were at the event.

This awesome plane is proving to be a pleasant diversion from the big 3D gassers and as you will see, it can be flown from mild to wild and is a great STOL aircraft.

I hope you enjoy Tim’s flight!

Here are the specs for the plane:

Wingspan: 84 inches
Length: 64 inches
Wing Area: 800 sq. in.
Weight: 7.5 – 8.5 lbs.

Electric Power System
Electric Motor : Torque 4016T/500 MKII with 6S 3300-5000mAh, 16×7 prop

Electronic Speed Control :Airboss 80
Note: Due to the location of the ESC in relation to the battery, a battery lead extension of 8-10″ is required.

Note: A separate Rx battery or independent Battery Eliminating Circuit (BEC) must be used. The BEC on board the Airboss 80 is not sufficient to power six servos. We recommend the Castle Creations BEC (10 amp).

Qty. 6 Hitec HS-225MG (Good)
Qty. 6 Hitec HS-5245MG (Better)
Qty. 6 Hitec HS-7245MH (Best)
Qty. 6 MKS HV9767 (Awesome)

Servo Arms
Qty. 5 Extreme Flight Lightweight Servo Arms – 1.25″ single
Qty. 1 Extreme Flight Lightweight Servo Arms – 3″ double

Servo Extensions
Ailerons qty. 2 – 18″
Elevator qty. 1 – 24″
Flap qty. 2 – 6″
ESC qty. 1 – 12″

Radio Requirements
Modern 7 channel computer radio

And here’s a link to the plane:

Happy flying!

this is 84 inch turbo Bushmaster from legacy aviation that the new scale division from extreme flight RC and I'll find the white and blue in here which is the scale scheme they also have a yellow on black which is pretty exciting I'm running this on the stock setup this is the torque 40 16 500 kV motor which this is a this plane is built around that with the 80 amp air boss ESC I'm running a 20 amp PC to six sandbox 1250 high voltage servos and with the 6s 3300 I'm getting six minutes of just going out hooking around having a great time the plane is lightweight it's eight pounds with the battery and so with the wing that size it is light and floaty and nimble but for the guy that just wants to fly around scale it's beautiful the wing surfaces are double beveled so that way you can get throw either direction all all the way down so you can do full-length aileron you can do flaps crow anything you can think of with the glider mixes so it's a lot of fun to fly short takeoffs and landings are impressive and with a little bit of a headwind you can spot land and spot takeoff you know at will so it's a lot of fun we're enjoying it and it's in stock at Northwest RC and extreme flight

25 thoughts on “Legacy Aviation 84" Turbo Bushmaster – SupaTim”

  1. Well, little Timmy did it again. Great flying and of course the video and pictures Bob. Out there having more fun than a barrel of monkeys!!  Monkeys….Charlie Chimples….Super Thumbs….Arthritis….Oh No!….Ol' Guys…..Kaboom! Whew, flashback. I need a shot of Jack Daniels Fire!!! WooHoo  Maybe when I go in to my second childhood I'll be able to fly like that!!??

  2. Supasweet by Supatim! He was definitely feeling and flying alright… I can fly with a little help from my friends! You know me a electric planes and performing along side of the gassers… awesome! Excellent camerawork, editing and video as always Commender Bob, A1 eh! BIG thumbs up! Cheers!

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