Learning to Fly — Choosing a Flight School (Part 4 of 4)

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Welcome to Sporty’s Learning to Fly Video Series!

choosing a flight training facility doesn't have to be overly complicated much of your decision comes down to what feels right while you're not expected to be an expert in learning to fly you do know what types of business you enjoy interacting with and the common characteristics that make them so ideally the flight school you choose will be established in the business and be a reputable member of the community you'll want to feel safe in the airplanes and know that there is a reasonable expectation of your success you'll want to make sure there is a management structure in place and someone you're comfortable going to should any concerns arise your flight instructor is one who will shape your flying habits and skill forever needless to say you'll want to be comfortable in that relationship like any relationship some instructors will just click and others won't professional instructors are trained to be adaptable to varying backgrounds and personalities so finding the right fit is generally pretty easy a professional demeanor enthusiasm and a sincere interest in your success or the key ingredients to a good instructor take some time to get to know your potential instructor and be open about your goals and expectations the path to your pilot certificate will have ups and downs and will vary in length and cost an initial certification can be earned in as little as a few months moulding your training schedule to your busy life can be done costs will also vary depending on exactly how long it takes you to reach the necessary level of proficiency but in general terms one can earn a pilot certificate for roughly the cost of a family to fly to a warm sunny destination for a week's vacation there's no passing or failing in flight training you simply train until you've mastered the technique and skill some elements of your training may take longer than others don't be discouraged what may seem like an eternity is a normal part of the learning process keep your eye on the prize at the end congratulations on taking this important first step in your aviation journey as we mentioned at the beginning it's easy to lose the forest for the trees in this information gathering phase the important part is to follow your passion and enthusiasm for flight it's indeed a challenge that you will conquer allow flying to transform your life and prepare to immerse yourself in new sensations and a lifetime of adventure thanks for flying with us you

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