Learning to Fly a drone

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Let me tell you the best way to learn to fly a drone, without even risking damaging an expensive drone. It is very easy, get a little cheap drone that can take the punishment, and learn on it. The good news is, the cheap drones are harder to fly than the expensive ones!

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hey everybody so I've had a lot of people ask me how do I learn to fly these things these drones look so hard to fly I need to know how to fly because I don't want to spend all this money and crash an expensive drone it's very very simple you don't crash an expensive drone you crash on one of these these are little nano drones this one here is the e zero one zero drone very popular drone and you know what it's about 20 bucks and that's with one battery it's got a battery in it comes with one it'll get you about six minutes of flight time which doesn't seem like a whole lot and quite honestly it's not a whole lot but you can always buy some extra batteries for it the reason I suggest this one is because this thing can take a beating I have hit this crashed this and there is no visible breaking at all and I plan on abusing it some more my name is brad and i give you a video tip every single week on how to improve your drone videos and if that's something that does interest you well why don't you go ahead and click that subscribe button but for now let's get into this video so learning to fly on one of these drones will guarantee that you will learn how to fly a big drone because the big drones are a lot easier than flying one of these and here's a little site information these little things are gonna drive your spouse crazy when you're flying it around the house it's kind of fun so flying one of these is very simple first you charge the battery it may take 30 minutes maybe 45 minutes some might take an hour which is kind of crazy because it only gives you six to eight minutes of flight time and I have not timed that put your battery in you turn the remote on then you push up and down on the joystick and you're connected and then you take off and you fly now keep in mind these things are not easy to fly you have to keep an eye on them they they're very very sensitive you use the trim buttons to trim it so that it kind of acts this close to what it should but if you try to hover this with the lightning go of the sticks you're pretty much guaranteed that it's gonna hit something because it will not ever it will not hover on its own what you want to do is you want to practice flying in a larger room so you can get some get the hang of just hovering and you want to get the hang of turning left and right you want to get the head the hang of moving forward backward left right and also you want to make sure that you understand how to fly when the drone is actually facing you instead of away from you so that when you push left on the stick the drone is actually going to end from your point of view the drone is actually going to move to the right and vice versa if you push right on the stick it's going to appear to move left and if you push forward on the stick is going to come at you if you push back on the stick it's going to move away from you just have to keep in mind which way the drone is facing and once you get the hang of that this is an excellent little drone like I said to be able to move around you can go around obstacles it doesn't matter if you hit anything it really isn't gonna break anything I've hit my TV I've hit my lights I've hit my walls I've hit my computer and it's fine but the main thing is just keep flying this I recommend getting a few extra batteries so that you can fly it for a little while at a time using one of these helps you get used to controlling the drone with the joysticks all the drones pretty much controlled the same way and these things are a real difficult thing to fly until you get used to them and it's gonna be very easy to move on up to the Phantom series or the Maverick series maybe even the inspire series and be able to fly one of those or at least understand the controls and get used to that one a little faster it basically makes you learn how to fly faster and for those of us who live in the winter climates that January February March we really can't fly this is fantastic to keep your skills in in the winter because you can fly this around the house now of course I'm not perfect and if you think of something better or another way or some other manoeuvre that you think people should practice while in their home with one of these little nano drones go ahead and leave a comment below and if you like to get one of these I do have an affiliate link for Amazon so go ahead and click that link and you can get one of these drones really quick like I said they're only 20 bucks and if you think this information be useful to someone else don't forget to share the video if you like videos like this go ahead and click the subscribe button and until next time I will see you later fly safe and ie

8 thoughts on “Learning to Fly a drone”

  1. I have 6 different mini quads that I fly in my house. A great way to brush up on skills while completely annoying the family and pets!! I love it. And since your going to be annoying anyway in some fashion might as well fly!! ✌️

  2. I started with a crappy one from Walgreen's last Christmas. The first flight I had I put it in the air and it just kept going. I had control for about 10 seconds and it flew off.(I never found it) I went directly back to Walgreen's and bought another one. Put it in the air and crashed it. A week later I was at Best Buy getting my Autel X-Star Premium. From the first crappy flight when it flew off I was hooked….

  3. I started with a U818A which is one of the "toy" quads that is a little more zippy. It a was very difficult learning curve for me. I bought a Xtreme Xflyer (generic syma) and it had a lot less power and was a lot better for learning on. I also got a Echine x10 that fits in the palm of your hand; it was a blast too.

  4. Great video Brad! I started with the Syma X5SW, very difficult to learn on but an absolute blast to fly once I got the hang of it. I then jumped up to the Syma X8HW which was about twice the size so it handled the wind fairly well, had altitude hold & a decent stock camera. Then I jumped to the P3P which to this day is still one of my all time fav drones. And finally everyone's favorite P4P last December. Can't wait to see what the P5 has in store for us. Would love to pick up an Inspire 2, but since I don't have a spare 6-7 grand laying around to get the one I would actually want, that'll have to wait. 🌞

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