Lean Training for Aviation

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Lean Training course for Aviation companies seeking to train employees in Lean and Process Transformation. For Airlines, MRO’s, Ground Handlers and Airport Authorities.
Acclino’s Lean Training programmes in process transformation and cost optimisation provides the solution to driving competitiveness within the aviation sector.

process transformation and cost optimization are key factors for driving competitiveness within the aviation sector more and more airlines ground handlers Amaro's and component suppliers are seeking lean solutions those who do so successfully which substantially reduce their service li x drive down costs and create capacity for new business opportunities all too often however organizations that embrace lean try to run before they can walk they wind up making the simplification process complex problem solved here at Aquino we have distilled the essence of Lean Six Sigma and project management into one framework and a handful of simple to use tools the asino framework will work on any process in any organization it is simple to understand and apply it will fully engage your people delivers outstanding results no jargon no exams no pain no excuses scene will make it simple and keep it so how does it work at a keynote we know that transforming a process both the science and an arc we will walk you through the science step by step in a highly interactive learning by doing workshop we will also teach you the art of process transformation and how to fully engage your people using real life case study take a look at some of our outstanding achievement mro turnaround times for aircraft maintenance reduced by sixty percent consumable material costs reduced by forty percent and stock outs reduced to zero first wave departure performance improved by fifty percent delays caused by excess cabin baggage reduced by fifty percent so let's get started whether you are the sponsor the owner the facilitator or a key team member this training course will work for you and your organization join me on our next training program and start your process transformation at sea know the power of lead

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