Kerbal Space Program – Beginners Guide to Aircraft Aerodynamics

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Aircraft are surprisingly difficult beasts to build and control, building a stable, flyable aircraft is surprising complicated, so this is the first of a number of tutorials on the mechanics of aircraft in KSP (and to a certain extent, reality). All we concentrate on here is the dynamics of winged aircraft, we’ll look at landing gear & engines in later videos.

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  1. I'm a retired a&p working mainly on military helicopters. With a negative dihedral, I wonder how it would act with a positive dihedral canard with trimming. It would probably enhance handling while still maintaining stability.

  2. You are a God, and this deserves a way better like ratio. Unless more people can say this did not help them. If it did help you 300k viewers then shame on you! lol
    Edit my problem is with fuel being burned, and basically the aerodynamic lift needs to me barely behind center of mass to be stable. So how is this counteracted as your plane burns fuel? (Side note, will try the wings that carry fuel and have them straight out, so no change happens during flight.)

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