John & Martha King, National Aviation Hall of Fame Video

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King Schools is so incredibly proud of our very own John & Martha, enshrined in the National Aviation Hall of Fame, class of 2019. Celebrate with us and enjoy this video made for them at the Hall of Fame evening.

well hello fellow flight instructor I'm John King and I'm Martha King after graduating Indiana University Martha and John King dedicated themselves to being equal partners in everything they did after a business falsestart Martha and John decided to pursue a goal in something fun until a more serious opportunity came along so they began by flying their own airplane to Western and Midwestern cities to provide weekend grand schools after 10 years of teaching their two-day seminars 50 weekends a year they had taught their courses 500 times by the time technology enabled them to put their courses on video they had their jokes and their explanations refined I think you could fall or your passenger could fall when they release their seatbelts and the reason I say that is from experience Martha and I one time wound up on our side on a car I released her seatbelt she fell on Cleveland it was painful there videos provided learning pilots access to the Kings polished instruction in their bidding rooms and the flashing red says go away don't land here abandon the approach because the airport is unsafe for landing soon the Kings were teaching how to fly half the student pilots in the United States you and I are about to do something that just a few years ago people could only dream of with me as your instructor you're about to fly over four decades later the King's say they have given up their search for the serious business their passion though for making aviation accessible to learning pilots at all levels around the world continues what began in 1975 as this couple's love of teaching ground school four pilots became king schools incorporated the world's leading producer of aviation training multimedia programs Martha and John have taught more pilots than any other instructor in aviation history King Schools incorporated embodies by far the most influential technology and aviation training the goal of King schools is to assist future pilots and obtaining all levels of pilot certification topics of their program include private pilot commercial pilot international operations and many other areas of professional and leisure aviation today via the magic of digital communications the King's deliver 10,000 video segments a day to learning pilots their video courses have had a profound impact on pilot training and in aiding pilots passing their FAA knowledge exams the program's they have developed help pilots recognize the dangers of flying and equip them with the right tools to make important decisions in the air the King's passion for flying has been manifested in various ways in September of 1994 Martha and John became the first and only couple to both hold every category and class of FAA ratings on the pilot and instructor certificates Martha is the only woman to achieve this complete rating sweep the couple fly a personal business jet about content as well as staying current in helicopters and single-engine airplanes the Kings have received many awards and honors most notably in 2003 Martha was recognized by the first flight Centennial Commission as one of the 100 distinguished aviation heroes in the first century of flight in 2012 Martha and John were jointly awarded the Frank G Brewer trophy for aviation education by the National aeronautical for making aviation knowledge more accessible to pilots worldwide Martha and John King remain involved in aviation and in their community to this day the establishment of King Schools Incorporated has had monumental influence for pilots training in the United States and aviation education in general the couple has certainly made their mark in helping current and future aviators reach their goals the King's considered their greatest honor in their flying careers to be the opportunity to help so many pilots reach their personal goals when it has meant so much to them as pioneers in aviation education for all we welcome Martha and John King into the National Aviation Hall of Fame you

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  1. Thank you for making me better pilot. Your courses helped me a lot for building up my aviation knowledge. Now, i am flying for one of the biggest airlines in the world. It would be harder without you. Thank you.

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