Japanese Navy, YouTuber Tournament And Leaked Planes – War Thunder Weekly News

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The Japanese Fleet in War Thunder

Possible Japanese ships to be added
-T-14 Class torpedo boat

-Type 11 PT-15

-No.13-class submarine chaser

-Yugumo Class

-Ayanami Class

-Fubuki Class

-Akizuki Class

-Kuma Class

-Mogami Class


Answers from the developers

The War Thunder YouTube Cup info

The War Thunder YouTube Cup: time-out

Some problems with the cup

Leaked Models

deviantart page

Data mines
-AT Guns

-Some Random stuff

–Supermarine Swift F.1 user model

—BAC Lightning F1

-SM Swift Pylon

-AMX-50 1950

-AMX 50 Surblindé

-H-75A-2 (Finland)

Tweeter posts
-Helping Dita


Japanese New ERA decals

Bonus News

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welcome back to both our weekend news this week we have the Japanese Navy to talk about a youtuber tournament a leak of a large amount of Japanese and Russian aircraft and a crazy amount of information coming from the data minds so hit that subscribe button and let's talk about the Japanese Navy on the announcement page there's are quite a few things to pick up first off the very obvious the two vessels that you can pre-order are the Kyoshi mo for $50 and the PT 2 for $20 and you can buy them in a bundle for 20% off at 55 dollars and 98 cents the Kyoshi mo looks pretty awesome it has 28 25 millimeter guns and those 25 millimeter guns and policer have a pretty good amount of penetration but they're for anti-air and a bit if you could get all the fire at one target at the same time you could kick anyone from the game who has a lower performing computer the Kyoshi mo is a you Gumo class destroyer armed with six 128 millimeter cannons and eight torpedoes and I believe it has an extra salvo to impede ohs it can load I hope that's modeled in game now the yacumos in the closed beta test that we had them they only had 18 now you were able to put out a large amount of damage but you couldn't really sync things too well however in open beta we now have base fused a chi and I'm pretty sure the Japanese use that which in my personal opinion is actually better than regular ap at least against other destroyers it seems to do nothing to light cruisers besides all that it also has depth charges so yeah pretty good ship now the PG o 2 on the other hand seems like to be much better than a pretty good ship being a hydrofoil they can help 250 knots or 90 kilometers an hour it's armed with a 20 millimeter vulcan cannon with an increased fire rate of 6,000 shots per minute so it shoots a hundred shots in a second combine that with say 80 against overhead aircraft or APCR against a heavily armed boat this thing is going to destroy those things very quickly though you'll probably run out of ammo or overheat but the destructive gun and the fast speed will definitely make this a very ideal vessel in real life it wasn't only armed with Vulcan cannon but also anti-ship missiles because of this they have decided to discuss a little bit on their opinions of adding anti-ship missiles to the game and what they say exactly is after discussing the abilities of anti-ship missile therefore at this point we cannot say if this type of weapon will ever appear in game although we are going to explore the possibility which essentially means is we're going to add it later I can say that because they originally said no composite armor then we got t-64 they said no air-to-air missiles but then we got em nines the game is always constantly power creeping and adding new functions so ship the ship missiles are going to be a thing eventually that's just how the game works regardless of what they say now personally I feel adding anti-ship missiles is going to be a lot like adding helicopters as oh it's very cool but gameplay wise it's very limiting and actually detracts from the game as it renders other gameplay aspects ineffective such as I was just playing a regular role World War two shit I love it depends on where how you balance it and there's some nuances along the way but generally I feel like it would be more of a negative positive but it would definitely sell to people who have been asking for granny ship missiles honestly if we got them in a year or two I wouldn't be surprised at all now other Japanese vessels that we can expect to see in the tree there's quite a few of them but I can actually confirm and a few that I can suspect first off the obvious the t14 class motor torpedo boat it got a devlog way back when in 2016 the type 11pt 15 also got a devlog way back in 2016 the number 13 class sub chaser this one is quite funny it's actually on the icon of naval arcade in the drop-down menu where you select what game mode you want to play of course the you guma class destroyer now I'm suspecting that we're gonna get two variants in the main tree because during the closed beta at first we had a gumo with a hood of of anti-air it wasn't 28 of them it was a good amount later on we got a you get mo with much less anti-air we're going to get the Ayanami class destroyer which is a post warship as a full Maul of it can be found in the sea DK oddly enough the model is named Fubuki which implies that we're also going to get the Fubuki well at least there's an intention for us to get the booty class destroyer and there was a Aki tsuki class destroyer seen in the open beta trailer for naval forces there's also been a large amount of files found that would definitely go well with a coolant class light cruiser and for other light cruisers it's likely that we'll see a mu gummy class cruiser with its 15 centimeter cannons as that was the ship that actually inspired the berkland class and probably will be the only thing in game to stand up to it without power creeping speaking of power creeping also in the announcement blog there was a statement set in addition to the release of the Japanese fleet there's a brand new ship class coming to war thunder heavy cruisers now if my prediction that we're gonna get the Mogami class as a light cruiser it's very possible that we'll see its upgrade to a heavy cruiser with its 20 centimeter cannons and if we do get heavy cruisers then perhaps all those files that I've been talking about for quite some time now for the Deutschland class heavy cruiser will finally come to fruition and we will get that ship which will be very exciting because that is a massive ship with massive 28 centimeter cannons there's also a Q&A of the developers this week and it was kind of a letdown most of the questions were pretty weak and the ones that were strong got unfortunate answers the first two in fact were asking for the Bob simple tank as some sort of silly event vehicle and they said no and then there was another question asking for the oh I and they said no there was also a reminder that they panted too in Tiger 2:105 are going to be eventually removed as soon as they find proper replacements for them whenever that's gonna be only other questions I kind of cared about was that guys and confirmed the German g91 r3 with a 30 millimeter cannons however I think it was confirmed in a prior QA although more confirmations at the warthunder YouTube Cup is a very interesting event with the top prize being extremely abnormal a unique top-tier copy-paste of the youtubers choice essentially you could have to TA to use or to Leo to a fives and even gets a cool skin that somehow has something to do with you but that's not all you also get the choice of an is-7 or an e100 and a hundred thousand golden eagles now the ten thousand I think might be split among your team I'm not sure second place prize is NT 104 and is seven and fifty thousand golden eagles and third place prize is twenty five thousand eagles i and all those they get a special decal which is not the most interesting thing honestly fourth and fifth place get a much better I tried decal so to get into this tournament you of course had to be part of the partnership program but people who are part of the partnership program can request ten thousand Golden Eagles to premium vehicles and rent up to four vehicles per month at least that's what they let me do I bet fly daily could give a whole lot more so that big flashy hundred thousand Golden Eagles it doesn't really appeal to me too much I kind of do want to eat one hundred but I'm not in the tournament I didn't bother the signup other after seeing that I tried decal I can I wish I did but personally I'm actually going to be rooting for the green doom because I believe that if he wins this thing he could inflate his ego to the point where meat may actually be able to use it as an alternative energy source so good luck orangie boy got some after the fact news on the worth under youtuber tournament and it is unfortunately kind of foreseen a bit of a disaster the start off the first match the Russian team first G squad essentially the American tryhard team the Russian team was I don't want to be mean but being kind of stupid and screwed up on canceling out a certain type of game mode and ended up going with navel arcade instead of protesting in saying that there was a technical issue they went through and played the navel arcade and lost and won the matches of really close it just happened that G squad had one last boat that was high in the lay somewhere and so the Russian team demanded a rematch G squad did not want a rematch I think from what I've heard there's going to be a rematch or at least the Russian team is gonna be able to rematch a different team which is just stupid the giveaway code which is a single code that could be used by different people 5,000 times got leaked early and was used up much faster than most people intended the store broke so people couldn't enter the code when it finally was up it expect guides website to be able to withstand 5,000 visitors in fact there wasn't even 5,000 people watching this dream at the time that the code was officially announced so why don't always weird probably the worst thing that happened was all the weird technical issues that they had randomly in the middle of it the stream just went down and didn't go up for quite some time a fly said he'll be about 15 minutes and there was some long with 15 minutes in the end we had missed the majority of the second match although it was up for the Russians so I guess Russian bias the cherry on top of the terrible stream was the giveaway code and they said the first one was leaked but it was said there would be a second one so it would be a bit more fair never hit more stuff which people liked more stuff the end of the stream they said they put up a new code but it was the old code and then later some of the four mods stated that there was no second code it was only one code a lot of people got very frustrated and the stream was it was a mess so it seems the YouTuber tournament is the gift that keeps on giving I kind of like I guess the opposite of a gift gifts are typically positive but it was another update that's cancelled oh well it's canceled for now apparently in two to eight weeks they're gonna try it again all the team captains and the organisers including hand on the other devs all agree upon this and apparently there's a multitude of reasons why a little suggestions for the next time around I'd say maybe not have it fully focused around youtubers because I know there's a lot of people actually who do are part of the partnership program a lot of smaller ones and bigger ones and I didn't see like the majority of them in this I feel maybe we're all just two separates we don't care to join together besides the few groups that already exist like what you do is get some of the squadrons that typically participate in the tournaments have them assigned to a influencer and then so you have the aspect of the influencers there but it's not solely focused on them and the regular tournament participants will actually have a possibility of getting some cool prize not just a hundred Golden Eagles and I'm definitely not just saying that because I happen to know some people who are rather good the game and probably get some other people are also rather good the game and try harder way to victory but also the common folk the viewers they need to have something to do more so than just way around for a code in a stream honestly I thought that the way that the dog tag worked back in Thunder League many years ago was great because have you bought the dog tag just viewing this dream you has a possibility of getting things but you also could bet on a team that you thought was gonna win and if they want you also would get prizes so even if you didn't care who was playing you had investment on who was gonna win and here's the best part you don't actually need the develop any new vehicles for this he'd literally used the vehicles from the last dog tag during Thunder League because it's been so many years that nobody has theirs anymore and the people who do have them they get a sell on the marketplace and buy some other rare on the streaming side of things pretty simple fight at least pretty entertaining in my personal opinion but honestly I think he should be participating in the event as well Bruce is funny but he doesn't know a damn thing about word bender he's a voiceover guy he doesn't actually play the game you need to get somebody who knows the game well can talk a lot and is loud I guess if fly daily doesn't want to participate he could fit the role even when he was doing it didn't seem like it was a real good fit like when I think of a commentator for a tournament I always think to Starcraft 2 commentators back when Starcraft 2 was the big thing so even somebody who has never played Starcraft 2 before it could walk in and understand what was going on be entertained get hooked in want to see more of this type of stuff I guess that's not entirely necessary if you just need someone to fill the role of being a commentator not like one who specializes in it and I guess I should make a comment about the prize I don't need golden eagles like a hundred thousand Golden Eagles sounds cool but that's just like ten months of me asking for Golden Eagles and from the best part I don't have much to spend Golden Eagles on yeah sure there's a random premium Sega give it and I have it like a sire they get this premiums unless I'm gonna use them in a video or something or if they're like super ope and I want to do P now if you do allow regular tournament players in along with the youtubers like I was suggesting earlier then having the high amount of golden eagles as the prize would still be a good thing but if you're gonna keep it just youtubers you don't need to don't need that you don't need that eat 100 i7 this could be good for youtubers because they can make videos on it especially those top tier copy pastes vehicles those would definitely draw a lot of crowd to making it nice videos show off how it's different anyway especially if that's like a unique skin that's somehow relates to the youtuber best idea I could come up with actually is that have the top prize be a mystery tank and then when the tournament over you revealed the mystery tank is like something's really trashed like the Bob simple it would be the funniest joke it would be hilarious I unbalanced the lineups I think that's all I got on this topic and I doubt it's gonna develop any further so no blur the spontaneous updates on this on I promise no on to the real meat of this episode on a deviantART page belonging to a modeling company there was a large amount of aircraft models that were uploaded and then we're later taken down now this modeling company happens to make models for il-2 DCs and war thunder although apparently they don't make models for il-2 anymore and none of these aircraft seem to fit in with what dcs typically goes for modern fighter jets however I want to instill and everybody there is still a possibility that these models are not for were thunder maybe there's some other party that hired this company to make bizarre prototype world war 2 models for Japan and Russia however I'm rather confident that these are indeed for were thunder anyways let's get to these models there was a h8 k1 and a 8 8k for now the H a k4 is is simply a H a k3 with better engines but the H a k1 is a bit interesting as it's only a real difference to the a JK two and three is that it has radar in the nose but this is the current air radar that we have in game this is surface search radar which basically you think maybe we're gonna get some surface search radar for those World War two planes and maybe we're also going to see ship radar as they talked about that back when they first enabled radar there was the j5 and one in j5 and 2 which had upward facing guns in the back but besides that where you're pretty typical Japanese heavy fighter built to shoot down bombers there was a 74 which I believe was a prototype bomber I did a thousand kilogram payload which probably is just gonna result in one 800 bomb there was a key 88 was essentially a Japanese air Cobra that was never finished in fact it wasn't never finished as it got bombed by America it was never finished as they were building it they had a mock-up then they decided to calculate its top speed and realized it was only a little faster than the ki-61 which is already in production and then they cancelled it if they do add this thing then there's little reason not to add the 183 in fact the war boos have been asking for the table when he three much longer than I've been one in the key 88 game forgot to talk about this one the j6k this one is kind of in the same boat as the key 88 as it was never actually finished it only got to mock-up stages the papery factor of these aircrafts makes me kind of feel that maybe we won't see all of these leaked models in game but only time will tell after that was the key 64 which is technically another twin-engine Japanese fighter however this one has both engines the fuselage and just generally looks like an awesome plane probably won't perform well but I very much look forward to it after that we get into the Russian aircraft with the in ten which is just load to your attacker he might as well be playing the SU to the MDR six which is a flying boat that can be armed with bombs and rockets which is weird I don't think I've ever seen a flying boat armed with rockets before the V I 100 which is a Russian heavy fighter odd name not very interesting plane after that is a another heavy Russian fighter with a very bizarre name the TNC ma T is ma then there is the IL 20 which has to be one of the dumbest planes I've ever seen but it also happens to have 23 millimeter cannons that can point downward and I'm pretty sure this can be done in mid-flight if so it's possible they'll be looking to do this with other planes that could change their armor made of flight another plane I forgot to talk about was the di 6 which is a Russian biplane and it's not even like a Russian black flame with cannons sket 3 Michigan's two facing forward one in a gunner I see why I forgot about this thing after that is the tu 12 which I state would swear is literally just a tu 2 with jet engines Russia was pretty big into just slapping a jet engine on one of their regular planes so I guess that happens and then there's something that actually been won in the seeing game for quite some time to the eye 215 which was definitely not based off any foreign aircraft and it was solely a Russian design Russia would definitely never just copy a foreign aircraft and then claim it as their own they never do that especially not after world war ii where their idea of a jet was the strepa Junkers juno low for onto one of their prop planes then there was the yak 25 which seems to be some sort of heavy fighter jet and apparently could be armed with missiles of some sort and I believe had radar you'd probably see it in the tree after they flying cigar another claim that it seems no one else team to catch was a devious which looks a lot like the db3 be back to have little difference however the image on the deviantART page was removed along with all the other ones shortly after they were put up so I'm assuming maybe it is along with the leak and not actually along with the leak but a Russian client I want to keep it in there is the TV it's an ACN mod 1939 which is a prototype of the pep 8 however this image of it well has many differences than the in-game feb 8 was made in 2013 gaijin well I haven't given us another have 8 by now come on he'll make it an event plane but the real cherry on top of this but people are mostly care about is the FAA and FA efn Crusaders a quick glance over the Wikipedia page and I have to say if these things are indeed going to be added they will be the new top tier of Jets they have some pretty good performance almost hitting Mach 2 and highest speed but what makes it really stand apart from the rest is its armament not its guns those are simply just American 20s but they can carry m9 DS which are improved aimed on bees and m9 C's which are bees with radar guidance and don't tell me that they're just not gonna add the radar guided lens because that's 200 P a viewer of mine or he said he wasn't a viewer but who sent me information anyways spotted in the cdk that there are indeed files for the m9 C's so radar guided missiles are very much a possibility and that doesn't just stay to this one aircraft there are other radar guided missiles for example the R 3 R which is a Russian radar guided missile which I'm pretty sure already reported on but also there has been missile rails added for the f3 eat one which I believe could fire radar guided missiles as for unguided things 130 millimeter rocket pods for the mi-35 has also been found in the files however iron physique has not been the only one digging through the files I'm not sure who dug it at first but I first saw posted on the farms the type 90 anti-ship missile that is supposed to be on the back of the PT and over the years there's been a lot of other anti-ship missiles that have been developed so I got to say anti-ship missiles gadgets seriously looking into these and they are likely to be in the game I wouldn't be surprised if it was a year I wouldn't be surprised if it was less than a year that we actually saw these implanted and also apparently some people have been digging up the English Electric lightning and the Supermarine Swift however these are user made models now perhaps they're trying to present false information for perhaps they just forgot that they had installed these but they're not likely to come however there were some pylons for the Swift found in the files but you need more than a pile on the flightline there's also some 80 guns pulled up for Germany UK and Russia and these just aren't static objects like you see most achy guns and air battle maps these have full internals and HD models now I'm theorizing that these probably have to do with world war mode which by the way was said on Twitter to be launching this month over on the reddit macton D has been very busy finding all kinds of weird things first thing was the AMX 50 1950 which is some sort of weird prototype of the AMX 50 I'm not too into those early Cold War French tanks they look weird to me along with that was a Russian Second World War light machine gun and later Mike Tandy dug up the a mix of the SU blondie which has the longest barrel it is absurd and almost phallic apparently is a 8.0 gift tank and his arm with not only some sort of large French cannon but a mg 151 French had a lot of those a spare final thing that Mike was able to dig up was a H 75 a 2 with a finished camo now this plant has been interesting it's obviously a US designed but these were built in France and I guess sold or lent to Finland however for some weird reason this one is a gift plane for Germany at tier 1 now you're thinking well of course Finland was part of the axis technically and or so it would go in the orphan tree they said that excess excess vehicles would go in the Italian tree with also the IAR 316 B Val beam and Alouette a French helicopter was part of the Romanian army and by the logic they're using with this age 75 the Romanian Alouette should go on the Russian tree but they put that one in the nation that originally designed the helicopter France best part of all is they changed the Finnish swastika into a blue + science and now looks like it's covered in the positive magnetic charges and while we're on the subject of things found in the data files last week I brought up some buildings that were labeled to be in apparently some sort of Falklands map however perhaps I should have researched a bit more because those buildings are actually already in a mapping game a map called Hugo Island the real place it's based off of is called terra del hugo and it's nowhere near the Falklands well I guess again around the same spot of South America but there was a pretty big difference between the two a final story of something positive gaijin is actually attempting to help edita get his monetization back telling YouTube that he did and does have the rights to create worth under content and I hope it's not fruitless also on the same note of war thunder creators becoming monetized for whatever reason reuleaux 6000 also got hit with the no money for you stick I'm praying I'm not next final inconsequential story people who have their account connected to DM and receive some commander of decals to celebrate Japan's new era now these have nothing to do with anime so honestly don't see why the entire playerbase can have been offered these say win one game in Japan you get some free decals it'd be cool and I like Japan simple thingies whatever that's all the news of this big if you have any kind of experience or I've forgotten anything having that comes below or on my discord if you'd like to do his luck man he didn't like your doing it like my smarty that subscribe button I make forth on a weekly news videos every Sunday and make random videos throughout the week over streamed on Saturdays I want a stream on Twitch a bit more still working at unless to go to a bit harder than you think so hit that Bell icon to be notified the entire ugly thing thanks for watching our hope you have a great day otice news time so for some reason as of this recording the VE Day sale hasn't started yet however it has started for PlayStation players I don't know why they get a VE to say to sale day before we do whatever judging and it's not just like the tax in the steam store one of my friends who has seven legs in the arms found out that he's actually a spider from another dimension what am i doing

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  1. Yes I know about the devblogs that came out today and yesterday, I've been working on this videos since Sunday morning and it can't quickly added everything everything.
    Video Bookmarks
    0:14 Japanese Navy
    3:29 Other Japanese Ships we may see
    5:02 Heavy Cruisers
    5:44 Q&A
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    7:55 YouTube Cup's problems
    10:01 YouTube Cup canceled
    14:25 Leaked Aircraft Models
    19:36 F-8 Crusader
    20:34 Data mines
    24:09 Gaijin trying to help dita
    25:24 Bonus News

  2. the AMX 50 Surblindé was armed with the same 120mm cannon as the Surbassé, which in turn was inspired on the American 120mm gun used by the M103, there's nothing new about it and the MG.151 is likely a coaxial autocannon, like the prototype of the AMX 30

  3. The developer G&A's worst answer by far was their position on Ho-103: Japanese guns are both ahistorically nerfed (missing rounds that the US noted to be why the gun was so effective, i.e. Ma-102, as well as missing AP-T and instead using ahistorical T shells), and yet Gaijin believes players can't notice the difference in what would be a 20% increase in explosive power…

    I wish they would either return the API-T and AP to the Japanese belts if they don't care for historicity, or actually put the minimal effort to add in fuseless HEI and AP-T.

  4. They are just feeding the YouTubers so they spot talking shit about there broken ass game, and I like how there game is so broken they have to cancel the tournament at the 1st day 😂😂😂😂

  5. Cool channel and informative. I could not find the Youtuber event anywhere. Gaijin could do a much better job communicating in general but really left people hanging with where to go for it. Maybe put it on the Gaijin channel?

  6. I think Phly has the potential to be pretty good as a commentator if he had someone else to bounce off of that actually played the game (even if Phly seems kind of autistic many times). I just hope they don't put that cringey Shawn guy on. That guy does nothing but infuriate me with his general lack of knowledge of the game and his whole "Free Abroomz" thing.

    Also, participating in the trolling in Twitch chat was much more fun than the poorly run stream)))

  7. Actually, Ayanami is a sister ship from Fubuki-Class, and IJN ship got a lot of refit in their service life, so it can kinda confuse some people, and the CA that will be added probably Takao-Class ship

  8. And France would also get the Crusader. Also _Plant10d (lol) said, that the A-7 Corsair will come in the game. This is good, bcs the 2 are basically the same. Besides of the Engines and the Ugly nose.

    Btw, good Aim with the Rockets

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