Is this China’s New Aircraft Carrier? | China Hits Back on Trade | Meng Wanzhou Update!

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China may be buildilng a new aircraft carrier. Trade talks fail as Trump hits China with steep new tariffs. Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou will face extradition trials. And PUBG get’s a more patriotic replacement.

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is China building a new aircraft carrier the us-china trade war heats up and pub G gets shot in China that and more on this week's China News headlines this is China uncensored I'm Chris Chappell this week's China News headlines last year at the request of the US government Canada arrested bum Wong Joe the CFO of Huawei huawei's the Chinese telecom company the US has been warning everyone is the national security threat Hmong is accused of violating US sanctions on Iran and now after months of waiting we finally have an update mungs extradition trial is set to begin in January 2020 and it could go on for any length of time that's so unfair if only the Canadian legal system were more like the Chinese legal system where a foreigner can be sentenced to death after a quick trial satellite photos of a shipyard outside Shanghai show China is building a mysteriously large ship this photo was published by the washington-based think tank the Center for Strategic and International Studies or CSIS you know what I can look at satellite photos and comment about them too doesn't mean I give myself some fancy-pants name like the center for strategic looking at stuff here let me give it a go here's a photo from the Gobi Desert it's a bunch of lines which could be a secret thing fine here's one from the middle of Kazakhstan I know what it is it's a giant pentagram I have no idea what to make of it though okay this is harder than it looks according to CSIS parts of the ship's hull are over a hundred and thirty feet wide experts said while it was difficult to be sure the size and scale of the new vessel strongly suggested China's much-anticipated new aircraft carrier referred to as type zero zero two and Chinese state-run media has been hinting at it as well okay that's a bit more than a hint the Chinese Communist Party has been rapidly trying to build up its Navy according to US government reports in two years the People's Liberation army-navy added 32 ships hopefully China's new aircraft carrier will be better than its last one I'm just kidding hopefully the new one will be a piece of junk two more on the latest developments in the us-china trade war this Reuters report suggests China may not have been that serious about making reforms in each of the seven chapters of the draft trade deal China had deleted its commitments to change laws to resolve core complaints that caused the u.s. to launch a trade war theft of US intellectual property and trade secrets forced technology transfers competition policy access to financial services and currency manipulation I know we're all shocked try to breathe of course the Reuters report cites anonymous sources so we don't know if that's all true but there have been signs that maybe the trade negotiations aren't going as planned that's okay though because the Chinese economy is full of resilience according to state-run media yes the Chinese economy is just chock-full of resilience people are practically tripping over the resilience and that's good because as of Friday the Trump administration went ahead and increased tariffs on 200 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods it came after a pivotal round of trade talks in Washington on Thursday night failed to produce a trade agreement so what will the Chinese economy's party do now well obviously they're upset and they've vowed to take necessary countermeasures what exactly those countermeasures are is not clear hopefully it's deep introspection culminating in the realization that it's morally wrong to steal other people's intellectual property but I won't hold my breath there's one part of China that's getting a lot of love from the US government Taiwan I mean the Chinese gumbies party considers Taiwan a part of China so should be very happy about the new Pro Taiwan bill okay obviously the Chinese regime is freaking out in the past similar bills have brought the threat of war and I mean you know China's Gummy's party could have an entire fleet of three aircraft carriers some of which might even work properly so watch out but here's the real shocker to the story the bill supporting Taiwan was passed unanimously in the US House of Representatives as in 414 to 0 I didn't think that many Democrats and Republicans could ever agree on anything as I always like to say the Chinese Communist Party is really bringing America together but if this bill does spark a war be warned the People's Liberation Army fears nothing that's according to this recent video by state-run people's daily here they are heroically jumping neck deep into a hole filled with muddy water jumping into a hole filled with muddy water well at least they'll be ready for a career in politics do you like the Chinese style model of mass surveillance who doesn't certainly not the city of Darwin Australia they're bringing it home inspired by the Chinese model they'll be setting up poles fitted with speakers cameras and Wi-Fi this will allow the Darwin City Council to gain data on how many people walk on what footpaths and where they use certain websites and apps in the city it's what the residents there have always wanted a mass surveillance tool in the hands of the government and finally are you a fan of the South Korean made game player unknowns battlegrounds a gay pub gee I mean pretending to kill people what could be more fun but if you like pub G I hope you're not in China because it's been pulled in favor of a more patriotic game that more patriotic game is called elite force for peace or game for peace an expert speaking of Reuter says it's almost exactly the same the gameplay the background the graphic design and the characters they're almost the same almost the new game is apparently more socialist and focuses on China's Air Force fighting terrorists the important part is you're still running around killing people but you know elite force for peace when you shoot people they don't plead and the Dead get up and wave goodbye yeah that's what peace is all about and it just goes to show there's no foreign intellectual property Chinese companies won't rip off and make into a slightly stupider version this all happened because $0.10 the Chinese mega company that license pub ji did not get a license renewal from Chinese censors to continue to publish the game $0.10 got angry and tried shooting the censors but the censors just got back up and waved so what do you think leave your comments below and now it's time for me to answer a question from one of you a fan who supports China uncensored with the dollar or more per episode by contributing through patreon Pepe Christiansen asks Chris when can we expect to see you on the top 10 most wanted by the CCP or do you aim for top 3 oh my gosh that would be a dream come true unless of course the CCP really tries to go after me like arrest me in Hong Kong level kind of thing you know the more I think about this the more creeped out I am I mean if they're even using Chinese inspired surveillance in parts of Australia I might start to have some problems I think I'll stick to flying under the radar thanks for your question and thanks to everyone watching we couldn't make this show without your support whether it's on patreon we're just watching and sharing the show with your friends and family so thank you from me and everyone on the China uncensored team once again I'm Chris Chappell see you next time you

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  1. People are mostly stupid, when all their rights have been abused the say mg what happened by then its all to late. Tg 90% of the worlds population will be destroyed over the coming years, rich and poor theres no escape. Its not u its the sun.

  2. Australia's human rights including privacy and freedom of speech are in danger. The government frequently used network technologies for mass surveillance. For example, they were data mining browsing histories, analyzing decrypted packets, harassing online communities and stealing research and business plans.

  3. Wonder WHERE are the UN's battle tanks, personnel carriers, trucks, vehicles etc that gone to CA state and totally Disappeared into thin air, and whatever happened to the thousands of guns seized recently by local authorities, remembering the LA port is under a Chinese co. ???

  4. 잠프식 장점ㆍ단점이 존재하오니 ㅡ 수평식 항모의. 징점ㆍ단점을 보완하는 것이. 유사시에 효울적 전쟁수행능력이다 ㆍ점프식 수펑식 활주로. 힝모을 혼합 ㆍ제작하세요 ㆍ유사시에 점프식 항모의 결첨을 보완해야 하기. 때문이다

  5. 아메리카 시대가 국운이 기우는 것이 하늘의 설계도 이니라 ㆍ이를 이어갈 차이나는. 정치권력ㅡ파워/(총끝에서 나오는 군병정책이. 필수이다 ㆍok)ㅡ

  6. 항공모함5대까지 조기건조하세요ㆍ이것이 미국이 힘빠지면은 중국이 대을 이어야하너니라 ㅡ그래서 해군력증강이 바로 해양 패권주의가 세계지배권자의. 요람이니라ㆍ이것이 일대일로/(one. Road one. Belt. ) and. The. Great china xi jinping. Okay.

  7. USA unilaterally backed out from the Iran nuclear deal and sanctions Iran and countries that do business with Iran. Canada did not join the sanction. So if a company does business with Iran it has not violated Canadian law.
    It is illegal for Canada to arrest a foreign citizen, in Canada but has not violated Canadian rule of law.
    The mutual extradition agreement between USA and Canada only covers criminals that committ crimes in BOTH countries.
    So please correct me if I'm wrong.

  8. Oh yes USA can have 13 aircraft carriers, 3000 warplanes, 6000 nuclear warheads, and 400 + military places all over the road. China is not allowed to have two or three aircraft carriers. Lol!

  9. China knows ,that syrian migrants are about 10 million and EU HAS SPEND ALMOST 6 billion,because syria was full from terrorists and they killed and country economy is damaged and china never never help EU and also 3 ricchest country japan

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  11. It's good to get informed from different areas like here, about China mostly. It's much easier to understand what's really going on in China because on Mass media they just make people panic so they would keep watching the channel.
    7:40 lol that's definitely creepy

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