Is The Bose A20 Aviation Headset Too Expensive?

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Bose A20
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A comfortable headset is one of the most important equipment you would need as a pilot. Here is my review of the Bose A20 Aviation Headset.
This aviation headset is nicely made and doesn’t feel like a clamp on top of your head. Some of the cool features you will experience with the Bose A20 aviation headset are:

1. Soft padding: Unlike some of the other cheaper headset brands, the padding foam used in the Bose headset is soft to the ears even after a long flight

2. Spring holders: Another reason I went for the Bose A20 headset is because of the springs that are used to hold the headset in place rather than metal clamps. Much more comfortable and less headaches.

3. Noise reduction: The noise delete option in the bose headset is amazing. As you know flying a small airplane can be loud, there’s just no way around that. But when you have a Bose A20 on, you will definitely feel the difference in the noise volume in the cabin.

4. Bluetooth: I don’t use this feature much as I prefer to concentrate on just flying the airplane. But the bluetooth feature is great for paring to your mobile device, listening to music or making phone calls in flight.

18 thoughts on “Is The Bose A20 Aviation Headset Too Expensive?”

  1. On the statement of shutting your phone off. On my cross country flights, if you do not add extra time to your flight planning FSS is right on the ball and will call you. I have been on final, and had a call wondering if im closing my flight plan. Love the A20 as i have one myself. Great review!

  2. Here's a way to get an A20 for less than $130:

    Step 1: Purchase a Rugged Air A200 from eBay for $79.99
    Step 2: Purchase a Bose A20 Service Accessory Kit for $50.
    Step 3: Replace all the Rugged parts with the Bose.

  3. Bose charges the most , for the cheapest quality headset . That’s my argument. Bose used almost all plastic , while the Zulu 3 is almost all magnesium. The Zulu 3 has 20% larger ear cups , 7 year warranty vs 5 on the Bose. Kevlar cord vs rubber on the A20. Pro to the A20 ANR is better , not my much but yes it is. Reversible mic , wish my Zulu 3 had it , but not a deal breaker. TSO approved on the A20. I have tried both , owned both sold the A20. I use my Zulu 3 , once I started flying professionally is when I noticed the a20 to not be as comfortable on longer flights. That’s personal preference , but the larger ear cups I find to be more comfortable. My ear never rub in the Zulu 3.

  4. New student pilot here. Yes the headsets at the school are gross so I bought my own Bose A20. Just the the thought of the loaner headset mic touching my lips…. EEEEEEEEE no.

  5. Have owned Lightspeed Zulu and Bose. Keep them long enough and they begin to fall apart. Sending headsets to factory for repairs gets old and expensive. I went back to MADE IN USA David Clark H10-13S with noise canceling,,,,end of problems.

  6. As a student buy a basic David Clark pair. You do not know if you will be able to finish flight training, and the Bose is a major investment. As a reward for passing your checkride buy the Bose or Lightspeed.

  7. I have a very strong opinion on A-20s. They just aren't worth it once you consider the fact that you can get an equivilant lightspeed product for over $500 less. I sold headsets at the past 3 Airventures and I've got to say, lightspeed have been outselling Bose by far. The A-20 is an old design and really hasn't come down in price at all, whereas lightspeed have been updating and improving their designs constantly and are to the point where you can get their entry level headset (Sierra) for about half as much as a Bose, and I find it to be just as comfortable with equivilant noise canceling. Now that the Zulu 3 is out for still $300 cheaper than an A-20 I really can't make any justification for the Bose anymore. If you like the A-20, more power to you. Its not a bad headset by any stretch of the imagination,I just don't think it's a wise purchase at this point seeing as how much cheaper the equivalent competing product is.

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