Iran plane crash – Ukrainian passenger plane crashed near Tehran airport killing all 176 on board

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A UKRAINIAN passenger plane has crashed near Iran’s Tehran airport – killing all 176 on board – as footage of the jet on fire before it hit the ground sparks fears it was shot down.

The Kiev-bound Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737 came down just hours after Iran launched more than a dozen missiles in an attack on two US military bases in Iraq.

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27 thoughts on “Iran plane crash – Ukrainian passenger plane crashed near Tehran airport killing all 176 on board”

  1. Disgusting to shoot down a commercial jet, a bloody phone app would have told them that this was not a fighter jet!
    How terrible for those poor souls on that plane.

  2. 5 students at my university came to my country to find better lives because of the risk of dying in their home countries. they went back to visit family and were met with exactly what they wanted to be free from: missles and war. and now they lost their lives because america and iran want to play tag. this could have been avoided in so many ways, but apparently 200 lives are less important than revenge.

  3. Iran says we will revenge the deadh of Sulemani.

    A few days later. Airplane got shot down.
    Iran cleans up the evidence right in the next morning.

    1:47 Canadian president:
    This may happened unintentionally.

    What an idiot

  4. If that was hit by a missile there would be nothing left before impact to the ground. It would have been blown and scattered all over Terhan, which wasn't the case.

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