Instrument Rating Airplane – Introduction – ASA (Aviation Supplies & Academics)

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Introductory section. Gain the information you need to be a safe, competent and confident pilot with an in-depth, comprehensive ground school. Brilliant animations, 3D graphics and special effects throughout along with expert instructors and terrific inflight footage make this a thoroughly entertaining and motivating learning experience.

Video program contents: General Introduction; Course Objective; Study Methods and Best Study Practices; Introductions to Instructors and Industry Experts featured throughout the course; Production Technologies; Lesson Titles. Total running time = 7 minutes.

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welcome to ASA's virtual test prep for the instrument pilot a Sten bought communications production I'm Matt dragon I'll be your host for this DVD ground school first off congratulations on your decision to earn your instrument rating aided with this home study course by a sa you'll be joining a special group of people who have committed the time and energy to accomplish this admirable feat training for the instrument rating you not only gained a new level of safety for all your flight operations whether VFR or IFR but you also expand your opportunities to include the full spectrum of the airspace system an instrument rating helps you maximize the utility of your pilot certificate and general aviation aircraft the primary objective of ASA's virtual test prep DVD ground school is to teach you everything you need to know to ace your FAA knowledge exam for the instrument rating each lesson includes a comprehensive discussion of the subject to include in-flight footage classroom instruction along with typical FAA questions complete with an explanation and the correct answer the course also features interviews with experienced aviators and notable subject experts who share their hard-earned lessons with you and provide a very entertaining perspective throughout the lessons this virtual test prep course is very flexible for example you can use this DVD ground school with the provided interactive software prep where or as a supplement to classroom instruction either way you can be confident you'll get an excellent score on your FAA knowledge exam and gain the information you need to be a safe and competent pilot the best way to study for the FAA knowledge exam is to just follow along through this course in a sequential order after reviewing the lesson complete the corresponding study session using the prep where software once you successfully answer all the questions for that subject move on to the next video lesson upon completion of all the lessons use the prep where software to take comprehensive practice tests you can submit two of these exams to us to receive your instructor sign off to take your final FAA knowledge exam that's all there is to it following this program you could be confident you'll get an excellent score on your FAA knowledge exam now I'd like to introduce you to the ground school instructors you'll be learning from throughout this course first off Natasha Steinbach Robert Bremer Josh kruczek Dave soleski and Roger Steinbach this course also takes advantage of advances in technology providing extensive 3d graphics animations and in-flight video clips you'll be placed in the pilot seat as well as see the faa air traffic controllers perspective or so you walk away with a very comprehensive understanding of the environment you'll be operating in as an instrument-rated pilot now unlike some other video courses we will not go over every possible FAA knowledge exam question that would be very grueling and frankly not very productive instead we'll cover each question type in depth and explain representative problems and questions this way you'll be able to solve and answer any of the FAA knowledge questions not just from rote memorization but from your understanding of the subject matter however the prep where software does contain all current and valid FAA questions using the software in conjunction with the DVD lessons will ensure the knowledge will stick with you long after you've taken the FAA knowledge exam the a-si instrument rating DVD ground school course is organized into lessons lesson number one whether you take a path along this direction parallel to those isobars at the surface the flow of lesson number two Weather Service's areas and various precipitation areas lesson three flight instruments the green arc represents the normal operating range lesson for navigation lesson 5 regulations and procedures or above flight level 240 using viewers for navigation lesson 6 departure it's for training thanks for a video shoot today that we're doing array of rounds of course lesson 7 in route tected for miles in either direction from the center line these airways are located at lesson 8 arrival and approach and finally test tips now on a final note we want to thank Jackie span 'it's and all the people at a SI the instructors experts and production crew who collaborated with Roger Steinbach of Steinbach communications incorporated who produced this course for a SI we're confident that you'll find this course with its exceptional combination of engaging on-screen instructors attention-grabbing animations and exciting location video to be the best in the industry and exceed your expectations okay let's join your instructor in the classroom and get started you

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