In other news, aviation student Inobubele Dube joins Bongiwe Zwane in studio.

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In other news, today we are joined by a young woman who hails from Gwanda, some 200km from Beitbridge in Zimbabwe. Inobubele Dube has been awarded a bursary to study aviation.

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well this next part of the show is where we sit back and unwind as the show draws to a close today we're joined by a young woman who hails from wander some two kilometers away or from baybridge in Zimbabwe in a mobile aduba has been awarded a bursary to study aviation and she now joins us in studio nice to see how are you good thank you thank you so much for cutting through why did you decide you want to be a pilot I think for my very first flying experience the first time I flew I mean before that I'd always wondered how do these big machines keep in the sky you know it's always been a fascination of mine so the first time I flew I was 10 I was I just knew that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life in yeah and I know you want to look at those big machines and what they do and you take us to our destinations and all of that but what about it fascinates you so much apart from this it being a big machine do you feel like as a woman you also want to go and make you know strides that are definitely I'd like to make a difference I mean this is a male-dominated industry that not that much said so I'd like to be one of those first women that are there to be able to inspire the ones that are behind us to be able to go forth and see that their dreams are within reach and and and one of the things that you know when we read about your story is the fact that you didn't even know how you were going to be able to achieve the stream because the fees are so exorbitant and do you know it's very difficult to get into that field how then did you manage to secure yourself dispersor you have to study how are the exams or what what what was the process night okay so initially I wanted to I want you to find out how I could get to being a pilot I tried to find out ways and back home in Zimbabwe and there were very limited ways of getting to the point so I decided to look for a school beside in South Africa and I then applied to the school that I go to and they went ahead and said okay you've got in the place and then they sent me the acceptance letter and I was I was excited I was overjoyed but then they send me the price list and then I was like oh okay that's the movement that's the more and for a while I was like I'm not sure how I'm gonna make this happen but then I kept the faith I pushed on up the resident ministers in Gwenda and I told him off the dilemmas and that I really needed a funds to pursue this and he knew just the person to call and he just made the call I met with mr. McCoy we had quite a lengthy talk and yeah he said he'll be more than willing to pay for my school fees and if when you look at you know this this particular field for you apart from it being you know male-dominated apart from it being about you know aviation and flying and all of that what else are you hoping to learn from this in order for you because you come from Zimbabwe it's a real place where you come from how are you hoping to inspire the girls that you know you I look up to you in that particular place where you come from how are you hoping to inspire them to dream big because you did not let it go when you saw that you don't have enough friends yeah well what I hope to achieve is I hope to show them that you know you can't do anything no nothing that anybody tells you you can't you can't do like it cannot limit you because when you come from a rural area like for me I come from your perspectives are very limited it's like you are you can only see what you can only see so I want to inspire them to see that look you can go further there's so much more the world is humongous and you can reach higher so that is exactly what I want to do I want them to see that if I can do it then definitely you can do it there's nothing stopping them from achieving their dreams hmm and also with with the study how long is it and and when do you hope to qualify okay so with this study it's literally completely up to you I can I hope to be able to be finished within two years which is next year how well we finished so yeah it's the gel option is literally like learning how to drive a car when do I come in how do I maneuver around this and yeah it's it's not it's a time sensitive thing because of course you'll forget if you take too long but then I hope to be finished in about two years and about two years and once you you then finish in about two years do you then start immediately flying or how does it all work do they have to take you through yet another training or will you be done after turn yes well the qualification I'm studying for right now is called a private pilot's license and that will allow me to fly um small planes I will might be allowed to be paid though for flying that so after I get this first license I'll then going into a commercial pilot's license which will then allow me to be paid and for me to go into the commercial industry and perhaps work for an airline or work for business we all be able to then fly but yeah after again my private pilot's as I can I can't fly around and are you hoping to only work in South Africa or do you want to expand your way in the country I would like I love to work abroad I mean it is flying so I didn't have the opportunity to be to go anyway that I want to go so yeah I'd love to see the world to travel through this as well so yeah that's that would be very much very much appreciated thank you so much in opener for coming through and that is of course aviation student they in Abu Bailey tuba who comes from Zimbabwe

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