i ate too much of an edible on my flight home…i wish this was clickbait | Chris Klemens

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I got a special little brownie to really knock me out and apparently it's potent so I figured I'd vlog it good night job yeah that was pretty good definitely potent super exciting I got this mini waffle iron at a white elephant party and it's the perfect size for a cinnamon roll so oh yeah that's what I'm doing oh sorry just me oh my god these are so you don't even need to put these on grease pans I really think it's fine guys oh my god it's happening oh my god here we go this is from Urban Outfitters I hope our apartment doesn't catch on fire I've got to hold it down guys this is gonna be no that isn't Mike come on it's just icing I am heading home for the holidays light is at 12:45 a.m. I am on a red-eye back home to Delaware since I am notorious for not being able to sleep on these flights they thought I would bring a little sleeping aid I got a special little brownie to really knock me out and apparently it's potent so I figured I'd vlog it y'all know what kind of brownie I'm talking about ready just realized that I have been walking through the airport with a plastic knife in my hand because I grabbed it to cut it into even pieces and I literally just got shoved by a guy who's clearly in a hurry had no idea the king was rolling through town good night job yeah that was pretty good definitely potent it just happened to eat that at eleven eleven Wow really getting lucky tonight may be the ugliest angle ever super ability I'll be proof one in who we all see the penguin right and the guy at the ticket podium said hi and I responded getting there I've been holding in a fart that could truly lift me off my seat but I'm here hello Delaware hello family I'm home hi Chris you're so unshaven you look awful ah but mom I forgot my razor and I don't want to go to the store because I never know which one to pick there's too many options and I can never tell the difference between them Dollar Shave Club it's what everyone uses it's awesome if you're like me and sick of the nonsense at the store now's the time to try out Dollar Shave Club for a limited time Dollar Shave Club is basically giving away their shower shade starter set to new members for only $5 this starter set features their executive razor and 3 trial size versions of their most popular products that help you stay fresh and clean oh yeah in your first box you will receive their shave butter body wash and one wipe Charlies butt wipes you will also receive their executive razor which includes their premium wavy handle and full cassette of cartridges once these cartridges run out for only a few bucks a month you will get set replacement cartridges thanks Dollar Shave Club this holiday season if you or a loved one has a goatee that everybody has been urging them to shave off this offer is exclusively available at dollarshaveclub.com slash Kris again that is dollarshaveclub.com slash Kris rest in peace to your goatee Lord Voldemort checking in just wanted to say that this video is sponsored by Dollar Shave Club thanks guys my face feels really nice and honestly I finally found a new razor that I enjoy alright got to go find Harry Potter to kill him my mom got our Christmas cards and she goes Chris look these aren't Christmas cards but looking at it and something seems a little off comfort and joy Merry Christmas from Angela Michael Chris and I love my family happy holidays for my snow globe and me to you and your snow globe is to install a good night

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  1. "Stho I got a spethull lil brownie in my front pocket on the airplane."

    "Oh my God these are stho hawt!"

    "Thus guy ath the ticket pendom jus said 'hi.'"

    J'adore cette video <3 mdr 😉

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