Howard Hughes Plane Crash (1946)

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Courtesy: Universal Newsreels

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Howard Hughes famous flyer and sportsman was dragged out of this wreckage of an experimental plane he was testing he was seriously injured after ripping the corner from two homes in Beverly Hills California the plane finally plunged into this house the force of the impact virtually wrecked the building and caused the plane to catch fire the flyer said that the accident was due to motor failure shortly after his takeoff he failed to make a crash landing on a golf course dennis o'keefe film actor inspects damaged on the home of lieutenant colonel meyers chief interpreter at the Nuremberg war trials America's aviation trailblazers willingly paid the price in man's conquest of the air

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  5. @AmericanPlatinum It's obvious he had OCD and was also a germaphobiac, but also had opiate addictions because of his use of codeine to treat his pain from the crash. Even though it was to treat pain, he had an addiction none-the-less.

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