How To Become a Pilot in Canada – The 3 Paths You Can Take [4K]

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Check out my video on How To Become a Pilot in Canada! I talk about the 3 paths that anyone can take.

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About this video:
In this video Yaro from Aviator Inspirations, talks about How To Become a Pilot. I cover the 3 paths anyone can take on how to be a pilot, and its another pilot life video in my pilot vlogs series. I also share with you flying between vancouver and victoria. If you are interested in becoming a pilot, takeoff or landing, then this video is for you.

30 thoughts on “How To Become a Pilot in Canada – The 3 Paths You Can Take [4K]”

  1. Hi , 😀 is the time building is counted in pilot experience.For example , If an hours job requirement is 3000 TT , does this mean that you need just 2000 hours as a pilot plus 1000 builded hours

  2. Hi I'm currently 25 right now and I'll be done with my bachelor's degree in criminology by next year…is it possible for me to start over again for flying college at the age of 26….or is it too late?
    Btw after 4 yrs of college, how long do I need to train or how many hours should I fly to be a commercial pilot…pls let me know

  3. Hi, after getting all pilot certificates and after building time as Flight Instructor , and by getting for myself an A320 or B737 type rating ,is it possible To get a first officer job in those aircafts directly?

  4. My path is #2. I study in South Korea. But I think the flight school in my country is pretty poor. So instructor job is not many. Once I graduate my aviation university I need to find a job in a flight school. So Canadian flight school can be an option. I heard that Canadian flight school provide the residence visa to foreign instructor pilots.

  5. Aviator Inspirations, thank you for these videos, I find them quite helpful and informative. I am currently looking at the Brampton Flight Center website, do you recommend taking the one year college program? My goal would be to become commercial and work for an airline one day if possible. I'll be 39 this summer so I don't want to waste too much time. Is the course helpful in gaining employment down the road? Also, there is a flight school in Brantford, Ont. which is closer than Brampton, but do you think it matters for hiring purposes as well down the road? I know Jazz and Air Georgian hire from Brampton through their pathway/mentor programs….any advice would be appreciated….thank you.

  6. Hello Aviator Inspirations, I want to get into an Airline and Flight Operation Program. One of the Pre-Requisites is having "related experience".Can you clarify what the program means by this and how I might be able to achieve it? Thank you.

  7. Hi
    I am a 29 years old Egyptian pharmacist have a long term goal to work for a major airline in the US (delta). so I decided to take the fast track 2 year program of ATP flight school. but my main concern is that I have a 5 year degree in pharmacy here in Egypt and it needs to be equalized first to the American one to work as a pharmacist in the US.I heard that I will not be able to wok for a major airline like delta without a minimum of 4 year university degree which I have but it is from cairo.So my main question is should I equalise this degree first to work as a commercial pilot for major airlines? .what worth noting is that the process of transforming this degree to the American one is a difficult and long process full of exams then I will not use the degee itself except for being hired by delta!!
    if any one just tell that they will accept the egyption one, I will be more than happy😊

  8. Hi there, i work for air Canada in Toronto ground handler for 6 years and I’m 36 years old. I really would love to be a pilot. Do you think I’m too old to go for it at this stage of my life?!

  9. Hi I really appreciate your videos. I was hoping you could answer my question. Will I be less likely to get a job as a pilot if I get my licenses from a flight school rather then a college aviation program. Also, is it worth it to get a unrelated degree from a university if I were to get the licenses from a flight school?

  10. Hi. I'm from India and want to do my pilot training in Canada I'm thinking to do my training from Ottawa aviation services How is the school?And can I work for the regional airlines of Canada if I'm an international student.Also is there any height requirements.Im only 5'1 (155cm).Will my height restrict me to become a pilot for an airline?

  11. Hello, I just recently stumbled across your videos. I am currently in 11th grade in Canada and want to peruse a career as a pilot. I had just recently made this decision so I’m am not sure if I have not taken any courses which will stop me from becoming one. I eventually want to become a airline pilot In BC Vancouver( though I am from Manitoba). I was hoping you could answer a few questions… What courses do I need to take in high school? What marks should
    I achieve In those courses. And since I am going to another province, how much should I be making a year to pay for my tuition and living? Thank you.

  12. So lets I take path #3. I get my ppl, Cpl, single and dual instrument rating, night rating and pass all my ground school tests with a good mark. Can I become an airline pilot then? And what are my chances of getting an airline pilot job. In some airline websites, they say we need like 2000 hours of 20 tons or greater MTOW. How is that achieved? If its ok with you, can you share what flight school you attended and what airline you work for now. And do you about Toronto Airways flight school, and have any idea of it being bad or good? btw, great video and keep it up.

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