HOW TO BE A PILOT New Website for 2016! Flying and Travel

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Did you achieve your dream of becoming a Pilot?

hello YouTube well it's great to see everyone again I've been away for about six years my first video how to become a pilot had about 280,000 views in the last few years which has just been phenomenal hundreds of comments from you all well I'm here to let you know that I'm back I'm launching a brand new website it's called flying and travel comm I'm all about inspiring and informing you guys and girls about flying and about travel and I'm on all the social networks Facebook Instagram Twitter snapchat follow the links right now I want you guys to follow me and share all my great content I want you to go to flying a travel calm right now and you're going to subscribe to my newsletter which is going to have absolutely great tips advice inspiration for you so I've written my how to become a pilot in six steps article it's on the website right now it's got my six step formula in their desire ability medical finance license and get hired all the information is on there I've updated it all for 2016 there's a whole load of new links and new websites for you to check out and most importantly under the finance and sponsorships section we've got all of the web links to all the current airline hiring sponsorship schemes that are available right now I'm here to serve everyone I want to provide people with the best information this is all about inspiring you guys if you want to be a pilot if you want to travel the world if you're a frequent flyer I've got all the information here for you get in contact with me send me an email if you've got questions send questions to me subscribe to my newsletter follow me on the social networks share all the great content and it's going to be an amazing journey over the next few years

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  1. Hello,
    I am making bit steps to pursuing in this big aviation dream of becoming an airline pilot. I have now got myself in a position where I will be going on a trial flying lesson at my local flying school. Although I got the news from a friend, that to join the Air Cadets is free? Will you be able to inform me on how to sign up, and maybe help me on the way to looking into my dreams deep on? Thank you.

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