How to be a PILOT in INDIA

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Hello everyone!
This my second video on how to become a pilot in India. This video is meant to answer the question I get the most. And that is, how can I be a pilot. I discuss about the procedure to get you started with your first steps into aviation!
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Class 2 medical doctors –

Class 1 medical procedure –

Udaan website for computer number/exams –

42 thoughts on “How to be a PILOT in INDIA”

  1. hey brother , first of all let me start by saying your doing amazing job
    and second of all i need some advice on startup
    i just finished my medical school but my dream has always been to be a pilot
    i did an entire checkup on indigo fta cadet programme
    as i went through i had a basic idea and was about to go ahead but there are some mixed feelings about "class medicals " online . so do i aquire a computer number at first and book for class 2 medical or is it after class 2 medical and about enrolling dgca
    so it would me much helpfull if you could provide me someplace where i can either dm or talk to you either twitter or facebook or any appropriate contact methods

  2. It's been 3 years I am a jobless pilot!! Trust me pilot shortage is only a myth..I have 500 hours of flying hours…I am type rated on a320…I have applied 14 times and have got rejected 14 times. Airlines need experienced pilots with atleast 500 hours on type (ie 500 hours on a320 or whatever you are type rated on). Plus there are additional costs other than 60 lakhs u have to pay for your cpl and your type rating. To stay current u will need certain amount of flight hours after every 6months to renew your costs an additional 5 lakhs every year to renew your license. I have so far paid 70 lakhs in my training but I am.still jobless

  3. Hi Sir, I have a brother who is very much interested in pilot program.. But we come from a middle class background. I have seen about nda program but my brother is about 20 years old . Can you suggest a way he can go on into piloting without huge amount of money investment.

  4. Thank you so much! These videos are very informative! I plan on becoming a pilot soon (doing 11th now :)) It is my dream to fly one of these beasts and I'll work hard till I get there

  5. Bro I want to become a Commercial Pilot it as always been my dream job.But my parents want me to graduate from engineering (B.E mech) and then pursue pilot,should I drop out or complete my graduation,really in need of an advice!

  6. Hey uh said it needs 50 lakh for becoming pilot n get ur CPL so my question is that does this amount include only single fees for CPL or does it include both CPL & type rating ? @boeingboy
    Rply plz asap

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