How does A320 Full Flight Simulator work? – Baltic Aviation Academy

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This time Baltic Aviation Academy (Vilnius, Lithuania) invited engineer to explain how Full Flight Simulator works. What are the principles and opportunities of the equipment where professional pilots are conducting their training? In the first part engineer will explain external side of FFS in details.

hello my name is vadas I am engineer Baltic Aviation Academy today I'm going to show you how the hoop flight simulator works so behind me you can see Airbus a320 who flight simulator that is now working so we go on observe on the external equipment used in full flight simulator so do let's start from the first sight it looks like a huge box but from inside it's like a real plane before we dashboard the instruments so we this every equipment is placed on the stewards platform so we can come closer so the platform is made from a 60 drawling jet so it's called 6th direction of freedom platform that gives the opportunity for simulator to move in any direction and to simulate acceleration forces that can be filled by the pilot to improve the reality of the flight so these Israeli Jets are powered by hydraulics pumps that can be located in the HPU or hydraulic power unit and I'm gonna show you oh there is a lot of noise but here located with the hydraulic pumps so come and check it so these are the pump response powers they're the old simulator this is the piping that feeds the simulator with a boil so it's a noise so go out oh it's freezing here now we are in computing room and this is the host computer that controls every other computers like better Adar and south system so on the image generator that generated a visual so we can go out and check how the simulator loops from the top and see how a visual system is mounted on the top of the simulator so at this very busy schedule we have a great opportunity to look how it looks from inside

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  1. Baltic Aviation Academy is great. But this guy sucks. NO Safety Shoes, No ear defenders in HPU room, No hard hat/eyeglasses. What a terrible demonstration. If you love these machines you have to be keen on safety. What a joke this guy is.

  2. I'm not sure what all the negative fuss is about with the engineer's English accent, but I'm an American and I understood him clear and well. To the engineer in the video, good job explaining the basic functions of the flight simulator. I'm an engineering student myself, and I plan on working in the aviation industry once I graduate. Thanks!

  3. I always said to myself I'd buy a level-d sim if I won the lottery, with all that shit hiding underneath, I'm not so sure now. Would be less hassle to just buy the plane!

  4. Simulator motion system represents acceleration / deceleration feeling, but not an actual attitude or position of simulated airplane. So, in stall condition there are very little acceleration / deceleration feelings to represent and simulator stays pretty calm.

    However don’t go to turbulence or rough landing. That shakes all office desks around for sure…

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