Hovering Plane

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Unidentifiable “commercial” plane hovers over Los Angeles near LAX. Briefly catch 2nd plane hovering on same day (December 26, 2010.)

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  1. I live in VT and saw something similar (3 years ago in March 2016) except MUCH lower and was hovering over lake bomoseen…. I nearly drove off the road. there was absolutely no way it was an illusion due to me driving etc. this plane (looked to be military but not the type that can hover, more like a cargo plane) was maybe 50 ft above the water. I didn't stop to examine, though I wish I had, because when I got to my destination, my mom and sister said they had seen the same thing going on down the road (different town all together.) I'm still not sure what the hell was going on that day, but I can still see it to this day, it left that much of an impact on my brain. truly bizarre.

  2. This is a typical optical illusion with oncoming planes. There is a triple movement: the car, the airplane and the rotation of the camera, which must constantly adapt to the oncoming aircraft. The houses obscure the view and don’t allow a view to distant landscapes, which would allow the eye to assess the movement of the plane. It is difficult to assess the plane for the view is interrupted again and again by trees. But there is a fairly well structured background of clouds, so watch the clouds. Take a sheet of paper and try to cover the houses, you might adjust the paper sometimes, then you can see how the plane actually flies ahead. More about "hovering planes" at http://jenseitswelt.eu/type1

  3. she was heading East on 90th St and she said it looked like it was in between Van Ness and Western. She even stopped at a stop sign for a while to make sure she wasnt tripping out. Crazy that I found your video and it was damn near the exact place she said she saw it.

  4. This looks like your going down Imperial. The reason I looked this up is because my Mom said she saw a plane hovering by my house. I live in this area. Its a trip you recorded this right were she said she saw it. I didn't believe it at first. TF is going on? lol

  5. I saw this in the DC/Baltimore area a few days ago. I've been trying to figure out what it is. Nobody seems to know. I keep hearing optical illusion, but if you see it for yourself it doesn't seem possible. The airplane is completely horizontal and silent. Freakish.

  6. ive came to a stop and saw it sitting there, my building has no trees or anything surrounding it and the plane was super low, after i almost crashed my car i cam to a stop and my window was down, there was no noise and it sat there, just wait til u see it for urself

  7. I don't know.. I think it's an optical illusion. I personally have not seen this myself. But they approach very slowly, most airliner jets use slats flaps and air breaks. So there approach is slow. Or, second theory. Ever been moving in a car really fast on the highway and then go slow? Dosn't feel like your moving. Same idea. Or walking and stop and the ground looks like it's moving? Sometimes our brains play tricks with our preception.

  8. Oh, and if you're on the fence as to whether it's good or bad, it depends on your perspective.

    If you want things on the planet to stay exactly the way they are, it's bad. Because this is rock solid, irrefutable evidence that "things have changed."

    Do not fear the unknown. People's closely held beliefs can be a delicate thing. It's clear, though, that whoever is piloting these planes have defied the shrinking percentage that "believe" we're alone; or in gravity haha.

    It's a good thing!

  9. Holy shit! Way to go, enigmaticpro!!

    Right on! I'm Favoriting this video. Thank you for posting this.

    The way the light post, etc., passes in front of the plane in your video makes CGI more difficult. I know it's real, but it does help to have objects in the video that would make CGI harder…

    But great catch! How much of a mind f**k is that? haha

    Take it easy…Looking forward to seeing more…

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