Hiller Aviation Museum in California

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In San Carlos, just south of San Francisco, the Hiller Museum has a lot of aircraft that you are allowed to touch, and some you shouldn’t. They offer computer flight simulator sessions, and access to their restoration shop. There is an engine display area, containing a few jets, but many early radial piston engines.

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  1. That museum has some fairly exotic rotary-wing freaks parked in it for fans of the truly unusual. Highly recommended. I got to meet Sergey Sikorsky himself during a visit there. Outstanding museum. Just south of SFO.

  2. I live nearby and I love this place. For the last four years Brian Shul (of Sled Driver fame) has come to give his presentation on flying the SR-71. Saw it last month (Around new year 2017/2018) and will definitely be back again next year.

    Highly recommend.

  3. under the Fairchild 24 C8C is a generator powered by the airflow coming from the propeller, and not a gas turbine.. the other device hanging next to it, painted olive green, is used to create vacuum for the instruments in the dash..

  4. The Museum of Flight also has one of those R4360 cutaways. They were used for instructional purposes in the USAF and probably cost a bundle to make. There's also a few small gas turbine engines in that museum that Boeing built during the 1950's.

  5. load sharing in epicyclic gear arrangements… discuss! Christ, what a sad Specky bald geeky bastard I am. Grateful for my interests though, for my life is richer because of 'em.

  6. The J46 has a lot in common with the earlier J34 and its parent engine, the BMW 003. All used a multi-stage axial compressor and an annular combustor. These engines, even though they had relatively low thrust output compared to similarly sized engines of the 1940s era, were well ahead of their time technologically.

  7. Yeah, I find it entertaining trying to imagine all the actions happening for each noise. Sometimes when I can't identify a noise, I get nervous. So far, I've been lucky, though!
    I like the sound of the flaps extending on a Bambardier CRJ

  8. Another great video Jay and I have a question that might be odd but here it goes, you must have flown to Cali so when you are on the plane do you listen for all the different stages of the engine starting or do you just seperate yourself? I know that when I fly now, thanks to watching your videos I listen and know what's going on so thank you for teachine an old dog lots of new tricks.

  9. "She" is an aircraft inspector, and she decides whether or not you can fly. I build engines… she decides the fate of aircraft. So yeah, she is a special agent.

  10. My friend and coworker Paul Cobb was one of the pilots that flew that Cobra from Houston to the Hiller Museum for the Veterans gathering that week you were there. Thanks for showing it on the video.

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